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A Free Star Wars Mini-Adventure for the Rebellion Era

"Hunger" is a Star Wars Roleplaying Game mini-adventure for four player characters of 10th to 12th level, though it can be adjusted for heroes of higher or lower levels, too. It's set in the Rebellion Era, but it can be modified to work in any game era.

Pinett is a small mining moon in the Elrood sector that has so far managed to escape the interest of the Empire. It sees moderate traffic, due to its proximity to several spice routes that run across the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim, and its two spaceports generally remain filled to capacity with various freighters that stop to refuel.

Recently, two factions on the planet -- economic factions, both of which claim loyalty to the Empire but pay it as little mind as anyone on the edge of the Outer Rim -- have begun vying for control of the spaceports. The Corsignis Property Alliance (headed by Deniv Corsignis) and the Jon-Tow Economic Development Group (a consortium of mid-level smugglers and ne'er-do-wells from around the system) have traded blows in an economic power struggle that resulted in both organizations setting up a blockade above Pinett. Each group's goal is to block the other's ability to control trade through the ports. This mutual embargo is doing neither faction any good, but neither is willing to back down.

The net effect is that traffic into Pinett is painfully slow, and people who live on the planet and rely on the spaceports for their livelihood are beginning to suffer. This has led to protests, civil disobedience, hunger strikes, and impending violence. And it's all coming to a head just as the heroes arrive . . .

Download "Hunger" (210k .zip)

You will need Adobe Acrobat® Reader® 5.1 to view this file. Download it here.

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