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LAST RACE - 30th August

Grand Prix of Belgium

Fisichella retains Ferrari 'dream'

Thursday 27th August 2009

Giancarlo Fisichella admitted on Thursday it would be "a dream come true" for him if he could race for Ferrari in next month's Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

The 36-year-old Force India driver has been heavily tipped to replace fellow-Italian veteran Luca Badoer in the Ferrari team at Monza following the 38-year-old test driver's ignominious struggles at last weekend's European Grand Prix.

Speaking on the eve of this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix, Fisichella said, however, that he has not received any contacts from Ferrari or any indirect approaches for him to switch teams.

"For sure, it's a dream for all the drivers - especially Italians. I am the same," said Fisichella.

"Especially for me, as an Italian driver, let's say at the end of my career, so it's a very good opportunity. It would be nice - like a dream coming true.

"I have 220 Grands Prix so far and it would be very good pressure for me. It's not a big problem! It would be a good opportunity, but I can't say anymore.

"I think there is a lot of rumours now --and I have seen my name on the top of the list everywhere. But Ferrari didn't call me so for me it's nothing.

"If they had called me I could say something more, but I have not contacted them. I'm a Force India driver, it's as simple as that."

The luckless Badoer stepped back into F1 racing as replacement for injured Brazilian driver Felipe Massa, who crashed at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Of Badoer's struggles to find the pace in Valencia, Fisichella said: "I thought Luca was able to do much better than that, even though he didn't drive in the last few months, and he didn't race since 1997.

"But he was struggling quite a lot. Obviously there was a lot of pressure for him with the new circuit and everything and I think that it is likely it is going to be better for him here in Beglium.

"But, he needs to do a big improvement compared to the last race. If not, it could be that Ferrari are on the phone again next week," he added.

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"I'd much rather see Fisi in a Ferrari than Anthony Davidson. "


"He can do better then Badoer in prancing horse, that's for sure! Namely, it is for every Italian a dream come true to seat at least for 1 lap in Ferrari F1 vehicle.

Badoer play was hilarious!"


"Force India is a bt to say Fisi Good bye next season so fisi knows dis fact so he is just shouting loud so some of the team may hear his cry."


"When you have been for 1 year with the best car and your team mate wins the title you ask questions when you have been 2 years in a row with best car and your team mate wins the title you know it's time to go"

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