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The Simpson Family

A biography of Maggie Simpson

By Nancy Basile,

Maggie Simpson

Maggie Simpson

Maggie Simpson's full name is Margaret Simpson. She is 1 year old, and according to the local grocery store, costs $847.63. Her first spoken word was "Daddy."

For being only 1 year old, Maggie Simpson has lived a full life. She shot Mr. Burns. She won a Cutest Baby contest. And she already has a nemesis -- Gerald, the baby with one eyebrow.

Substitute Pacifiers
Maggie is seen usually sucking on a pacifier. But when she's had to, she has found comfort sucking on other items.

  • Fried shrimp.
  • Krusty pacifier.
  • Bart's severed finger.
  • Flash card.
  • Chess piece.
  • Seatbelt.
  • Bart doll.
  • Herb's nose.
  • A cigarette.
  • A dreidel.
  • A giant tooth.
  • Diamond-studded pacifier.
  • Drink umbrella.
  • Christmas cookie.
Passing on the Pacifier
Maggie is generous with her pacifier, as well. She has given it to other folks to suck on.
  • Bart
  • Lisa
  • A bear
  • Homer
  • Lisa's pony
  • A snake
  • Mr. Burns
Maggie Shows Her Smarts
It's also possible that Maggie is a genius disguised in baby form. In some episodes, it is obvious she is more intelligent than she seems.
  • Knows what a VCR remote is used for.
  • Spelled out "E=MC sq" with toy blocks.
  • Communicated with bears.
  • Shows Lisa an "Aztec" flashcard after seeing the Olmec head.
  • Drove Homer's car.
  • Spelled "redrum" on blocks.
  • Saved Bart and Lisa from Willie.
  • Used fire extinguisher to put out curtains.

Download Pictures of Maggie Simpson.
Check out Pick's Tribute to "The Simpsons" for a great picture gallery of Maggie.

Favorite Maggie Scenes
Maggie is a baby full of personality. My favorite scenes of Maggie show her acting more like an adult than a 1-year old.

"Sweet Seymour Skinner's Badasssss Song"
This episode shows Maggie's nemesis, the one-eyebrowed baby, for the first time. She scowls at him as he goes by in a buggy.

"Lady Bouvier's Lover"
Again we see Maggie scowling at the one-eyebrowed baby (who is later named Gerald) when Lisa explains there are no babies invited to Maggie's birthday party because she doesn't get along with them.

"Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie"
Bart is supposed to babysit Maggie, but she escapes and takes Homer's car for a spin. While driving, she cuts off another driver who makes an obscene gesture. Maggie returns the compliment.

Whether watching "The Happy Elves" or falling down, Maggie is the cutest baby in the Simpson family.

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