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Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) Beret - View
A ribbon bar with the General Service Medal 1962, the Vietnam Medal, the National Medal and the RVN Campaign Medal - View
Infantry Combat Badge - View


Austria and Austria-Hungary 











Order of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, First Class
Sash Badge, Obverse - Sash Badge, Reverse - Breast Star, Obverse - Breast Star, Reverse




Cross of War 1939 - Obverse - Reverse
Commemorative Medal for the Second National Uprising - Obverse - Reverse
Czechoslovakian Revolutionary Medal - Obverse - Reverse
Medal for Bravery Before the Enemy - Obverse - Reverse
Commemorative Medal for the Czechoslovakian Volunteers, 1918-19 - Obverse - Reverse




Order of the Dannebrog, Christian X, Commander - Obverse - Reverse
Order of the Dannebrog, Christian X, Officer - Obverse - Reverse
Three medals: 1864 War Participation Medal, 16-Year Long Service Cross, and Garderforeningen Medal - Obverse - Reverse















German States before 1918 



World War Two Military Decorations and Awards 



Federal Republic of Germany


Iron Cross, 1st Class, model 1957 - Obverse - Reverse
Iron Cross, 2nd Class, model 1957 - Obverse - Reverse
Panzer Battle Badge in Bronze, model 1957 - Obverse - Reverse


Great Britain


Commander of the Order of the British Empire - Obverse - Reverse

A five medal bar, consisting of the Queen's South Africa Medal with Bars "Johannesburg", "Orange Free State" and "Cape Colony", named to Corporal E.W. Tabb, 2nd Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry; 1914-15 Star trio (Star, British War Medal, World War I Victory Medal) named to Serjeant E.W. Tabb, D.C.L.I.; and the Defence Medal.

A three medal bar, consisting of the Member of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division), British War Medal and World War I Victory Medal. - Reverse

A four medal bar, consisting of the General Service Medal 1962 with Bar "Northern Ireland", named; United Nations Cyprus Medal; the Gulf medal, with bar "6 Jan to 28 Feb 1991", named; and the NATO Medal for the Former Yugoslavia.

King's South Africa Medal with bars "South Africa 1901" and "South Africa 1902" - Obverse - Reverse

India General Service Medal 1908-1935, named to Sepoy Mela Singh, 2nd Battalion, 11th Sikh Regiment - Obverse - Reverse



Order of the Phoenix, Commander - Obverse - Reverse
Order of George I, Officer - Obverse - Reverse







Various airborne insignia from pre-revolutionary Iran - View




Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy, Knight - Obverse - Reverse
Italian-Turkish War Medal, with date bars - Obverse - Reverse




Order of the Rising Sun (Kyokujitsu-sho), 4th Class - Obverse - Reverse




 Medal of War (Médaille de Guerre) - Obverse - Reverse




Order of the Oak Crown - Obverse - Reverse




 Order of Ouissam Alaouite, Commander - Obverse - Reverse


The Netherlands

 Order of Orange-Nassau (Orde van Oranje-Nassau) - Obverse
 Expeditionary Cross (Expeditiekruis) - Obverse
 World War I Mobilization Cross (Mobilisatiekruis 1914-1918)- Obverse
 World War II Mobilization War Cross Mobilisatie-Oorlogskruis) - Obverse
 War Commemorative Cross (Oorlogsherinneringskruis) - Obverse
 New Guinea Commemorative Cross (Nieuw-Guinea Herinneringskruis) - Obverse
 Cross for Right and Freedom (Kruis voor Recht en Vrijheid) - Obverse



A selection of Norwegian medals and insignia - View


Ottoman Empire


Order of Mejidi (Mejidi Nishani) - Obverse - Reverse
Order of Osmania (Nishan-i Osmani) - Obverse - Reverse
Turkish War Medal (Harp Madalyasi) - Obverse - Reverse




 Order of Merit, Commander's Cross - Obverse - Reverse




 Peruvian Cross of Military Merit - Obverse - Reverse








Russia and the USSR


Order of the Red Banner - Obverse
Order of the Red Star - Obverse - Reverse


Serbia, Montenegro and Yugoslavia


Serbia - Order of Takovo, Commander's Cross - Obverse - Reverse
Serbia - Order of St. Sava, Knight - Obverse - Reverse
Serbia - 1st Balkan War Medal - Obverse - Reverse
Montenegro - Order of Danilo, Commander's Cross - Obverse - Reverse
Montenegro - 50th Anniversary Medal - Obverse - Reverse
Yugoslavia - Commemorative Cross 1914-18 - Obverse - Reverse




Order of the Sword, War Cross - Obverse


United States of America 




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