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  1. Bing @ The 2009 Semantic Technology Conference

    Bing @ The 2009 Semantic Technology Conference

    06/23/09 by Powerset | 2 Replies |

    A group of semantic technology enthusiasts descended on San Jose for the Semantic Technology Conference last week, and the Powerset division at Bing was there to show off Bing and take part in the semantic technology discussion. There was a crew of people from team Powerset in attendance: Scott Prevost (general manager), Mark Johnson (senior program manager), Ron Kaplan (chief scientist), Stuart Robinson (research engineer), Savas Parastatidis (Microsoft research) and Katie Conry (product/marketing). Dr. Ron Kaplan participated in a panel discussion entitled, “Semantic Search Beyond RDF” along with Riza Berkan from Hakia, Christian Hempelmann from RiverGlass, and Wen Ruan from TextWise...

  2. Powerset & Bing

    Powerset & Bing

    06/03/09 by Powerset | 3 Replies |

    Bing is here! As of today, everyone can begin to Bing . Many have already been using Bing since the June 1st preview, and the feedback has been rolling in . So we wanted to join in the conversation with some details on some of the more visible Powerset features that are now available in Bing. The Powerset division has contributed to Bing in both subtle and more conspicuous ways. While the subtle contributions are important, they are much harder to showcase. This post will focus on how the features that our users have come to love on have evolved and have been integrated into Bing . There now is a Wikipedia “Reference” vertical that can be accessed through Bing. Certain...

  3. New Community Site: Welcome!

    New Community Site: Welcome!

    06/01/09 by Betsy | 1 Replies |

    Welcome to the new community site, the new home of the Powerset blog. As of today, June 1, all of our blog posts will redirect to the Powerset Bing Blog . The Bing community site is a collection of blogs, forums and event information – your go-to location for all things Bing, including webmaster content , travel , developer info and, of course, the Powerset blog . This community site will serve as a space for feedback and communication with Bing users and we look forward to being a part of the conversation! Katie Conry, Powerset division of Bing

  4. Bing!


    05/28/09 by Powerset | 3 Replies |

    Today, Steve Ballmer announced the launch of Microsoft’s new search product, Bing, at the D conference . Bing is a new kind of search engine, designed to do more than find search results. Bing is a Decision Engine created to help you cut through Internet clutter to help you make faster, more informed decisions. For more information on Bing, please check out the main search blog . Though Powerset only joined Microsoft in August 2008 , we are very proud of the contributions we’ve been able to make in that time. We’d also like to note that, long before the acquisition of Powerset, Microsoft’s search team was hard at work building the infrastructure and technology to make...

  5. Powerset/Microsoft returning to Web 3.0

    Powerset/Microsoft returning to Web 3.0

    05/18/09 by Powerset | 0 Replies |

    Powerset is excited to be returning to the Web 3.0 conference, May 19 to 20th 2009 in New York. Last year Powerset's general manager keynoted at the conference . This year Senior Program Manager Mark Johnson will be speaking on a smarter searching panel at 10am on Wednesday May 20th along with Genacast Ventures,, Hakia and FT Search. If you are interested in attending you can still register on-site. If you can't make it, Powerset and Live Search will be at the Semantic Technology Conference in San Jose in mid June. Check back soon for additional details!

  6. First Installment in the Powercast Series: Dave Fayram on the Future of the Semantic Web

    First Installment in the Powercast Series: Dave Fayram on the Future of the Semantic Web

    05/10/09 by Powerset | 0 Replies |

    Want to know what’s been going on inside the walls of Powerset lately? Check out our first video podcast: Powercast! The many lunch room conversations we have around the office inspired us to launch a podcasting series to share the thoughts, ideas, and technology of our team with the rest of the tech community. Since Powerset is considered part of the “Semantic Web,” we often debate exactly what that means. This week, Mark Johnson sat down with Dave Fayram , a software engineer working on Powerset’s semantic search infrastructure, to get his views on the subject. Mark and Dave discussed a definition of the Semantic Web and Powerset’s role in the space. Dave gives...

  7. Epic PAWS Meetup: Presenters announced!

    Epic PAWS Meetup: Presenters announced!

    04/03/09 by Powerset | 0 Replies |

    We are thrilled to announce the lineup for the next Palo Alto Semantic Web (PAWS) Meetup sponsored by Microsoft on April 14 from 6:30 p.m.-9 p.m. in our Mountain View offices. RSVP today and bring a friend! The Semantic Demo session will highlight semantic technology in mobile, consumer and enterprise applications, and showcase some applications from cutting-edge technology companies that have never before been demoed for the public. Presenters include: Zemanta Semantic Blogging ZAgile Semanti Wiki Cogito Answers Semantic Mobile Noovo Semantic Search and Share Uptake Semantic Travel Plus: Metaweb/Freebase Microsoft We hope to see you there!

  8. Call for Presenters: Epic PAWS Meetup

    Call for Presenters: Epic PAWS Meetup

    03/19/09 by Powerset | 0 Replies |

    The next Palo Alto Semantic Web (PAWS) Meetup will be hosted by Microsoft. The format will be many short demos of semantically inclined products and technologies. Got a unique product based on semantic technology? Do you have a geeky demo that, even though it’s demoed from the command line, will knock the socks off people? Spread the word, because we’re looking for companies and people to show off cool products. Please email kconry at microsoft dot com if you are interested, or if you’d like to suggest a company that is doing something different in semantics. Each presenter will get five minutes for their demonstration and five minutes for questions from the audience. This is...

  9. Try our new Ubiquity commands for Powerset and Live Search

    Try our new Ubiquity commands for Powerset and Live Search

    02/24/09 by Powerset | 6 Replies |

    Ubiquity is a research project from Mozilla Labs that has a lot in common with Powerset: the goal of the project is to reinvent the user interface through natural language. Ubiquity uses a command-line interface to allow you to get tasks done quicker by typing in exactly what you want. If you’re a Firefox user, you can download Ubiquity here and try it out. Powerset is excited to have written a few Ubiquity commands that you might find useful. To install the commands, you'll need to first have installed Ubiquity and then go to and install the command using the install toolbar at the top of your browser. Once you have the commands installed, you can just type in “powerset...

  10. New Highlighting Feature

    New Highlighting Feature

    10/28/08 by Powerset | 0 Replies |

    Like many features at Powerset , our highlighting feature came about through the ingenuity of one of our engineers. Ian was having a discussion about circular polarized filters for camera lenses with his brother. He copied and pasted some text from Wikipedia into an IM chat, but his brother was dubious: “Where did that come from?” After Ian tried, unsuccessfully, to navigate his brother to the right passage in the Wikipedia article, he thought, “There must be a better way!” Hence, a new feature was born. User Highlighting allows you to highlight sentences on a Powerset page. The highlighted passage persists when you bookmark or share the URL. To use, just click the highlighter...

  11. Powerset at Internet Librarian 2008

    Powerset at Internet Librarian 2008

    10/20/08 by Powerset | 0 Replies |

    From October 20-22 Powerset will be attending the Internet Librarian Conference in Monterey, CA. This year’s theme is “Beyond 2.0: User-Focused Tools & Practices,” and Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land will be making a Keynote Presentation “Search Engine Land: What’s Happening Out There?” We’re excited to be able to speak to so many internet-savvy librarians, to show off how Powerset is a cutting-edge research tool and to gather feedback about how to make Powerset even better. Powerset is sponsoring the Internet Café. If you’re attending, stop by to check your e-mail, learn about Powerset, and get some nifty schwag!

  12. Powerset at Web 3.0 next week

    Powerset at Web 3.0 next week

    10/08/08 by Powerset | 0 Replies |

    Powerset is excited to be participating in Web 3.0 , held in Santa Clara from October 16-17, 2008. Scott Prevost, Powerset’s general manager, will be keynoting in the morning on Friday, where he’ll describe The Road to Semantic Search . Also, Mark Johnson, a Powerset Program Manager, will be hosting a roundtable discussion on Thursday afternoon called Semantic Startup 101 – Successes, challenges, and strategic decisions , featuring Alitora, Cerebra, Metaweb, and Evri. If you’re interested in attending , you can get a full conference pass or just come to the Expo Hall and keynotes for only $50. We hope to see you there!

  13. Powerset's First Live Search Projects

    Powerset's First Live Search Projects

    09/17/08 by Powerset | 5 Replies |

    Powerset officially became a part of Microsoft a little over a month ago and we’ve already completed our first few integration projects: Freebase Answers, improved captions for Wikipedia results, and new related searches using our Factz engine . These projects were meant to be achievable in 30 days and act as a first collaboration between the Live Search and Powerset teams. We have plans for deeper integration in the future, but these projects gave us an opportunity to get to know our colleagues up in Redmond and drive greater understanding of our respective technologies. All of these projects are currently being “flighted” on Live Search, which means that they are being shown...

  14. Powerset/Microsoft Lunch 2.0 Recap

    Powerset/Microsoft Lunch 2.0 Recap

    09/05/08 by Powerset | 0 Replies |

    Powerset+Microsoft hosted another Lunch 2.0 this year. We seved delicious food , including sliders and cupcakes . There were lots of people from many different companies present and we all celebrated the Microsoft acquisition of Powerset with our commerative shot glasses . Andrew Mager of ZD Net did a great writeup of the event (and he tooks some rockin' pictures ). Terry Chay was there with his huge camera and took a gorgeous set of pics with his fancy camera. In the photo is Marie Williams of SHIFT, Linda Chan of Powerset, and me . Expect Powerset+Microsoft Live Search to be hosting more events like this in the future, so subscribe to our blog or check our Twitter feed for details. In fact...

  15. Survey: College students love Wikipedia (profs not so happy)

    Survey: College students love Wikipedia (profs not so happy)

    09/03/08 by Powerset | 5 Replies |

    Powerset has always suspected that college students love Powerset because it's such a great way to search and browse Wikipedia content. However, the only evidence we had was from Powerset parents and glowing feedback e-mails from .edu domains. Last week, we conducted a study of 200 college students through Peanut Labs , which confirmed our suspicion: college students are huge fans of Wikipedia. Here are some of the highlights of the study. Though 90% of students have used Wikipedia to complete an assignment , a surprising 73% of students have been explicitly told by their professor not to use Wikipedia . Also, about a quarter of students always use Wikipedia when they're completing an assignment...


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