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about author About the AuthorBorn Tracey Lynn Livermore, the author of Getting Wild Sex is a pro-erotic entrepreneur who is better known by her stage name, Brandi Love.

She is the only living granddaughter of Wall Street legend Jesse Lauriston Livermore. Love grew up in Dearborn, Michigan and attended Central Michigan University, where she met and married her husband, Chris Potoski.

She is the owner and Chief Financial Officer of No Rivals Media, a multimedia, adult-entertainment company. She continues as the featured personality of her popular adult website and has created, the only philanthropic organization dedicated to parents working in the adult industry.

Brandi is also the CFO of WhyZoom Media a growing, mainstream, multimedia company. WhyZoom Media was developed from her desire to explore the relationship and effect between social networking sites, standard, content rich web properties and organic search engine strategies.

She has made appearances on The Tyra Banks Show [1], The Keith Ablow Show [2], and The Howard Stern Show [3] [4] as well as being featured on the Penn & Teller: Bullshit! episode on The War on Porn [5].

Excerpt From The Book:

Many would consider me to be the prototype conservative, Midwestern wife and mother. Born and raised in the metro Detroit area, I am the granddaughter of the famed Jesse Lauriston Livermore. A distinction, which necessitated a truly proper upbringing.

The cornerstone of my families belief system centered around the ultra conservative Baptist faith, which is to say fear and guilt attempted to reshape who I was born to be.

The path I took from the time I met my husband in college to this day resembles a rollercoaster rather than a tranquil path. It’s a path however that I feel lucky to have taken.

Today my husband, daughter and I live an abundant life splitting our time between our homes in North Carolina and the Midwest. It is a life filled with laughter, love, faith and best of all freedom.

My husband and I own three companies, each successful in their own right. This entrepreneurial spirit, which I like to believe was passed to me by my grandfather, was not the only trait I inherited. Like my grandfather I also possess an innate desire, an unquenchable thirst for adventure, taking risk and for living life to the fullest.

Ask those who know us as parents and they will tell you we are dedicated, loving parents raising a well adjusted, happy little girl who simply lights up a room. Ask those who know us as a couple and they will tell you we are best friends, passionate lovers and two people who truly honor one another.

Ask those who know us best and they will tell you the truth. We are fiscal conservatives, dedicated parents and a loving couple that just happen to own two successful adult companies and are the featured personalities in one of the webs premiere swinger communities.

That’s right. I may be conservative, I may be socially responsible but I am also 100% wild.

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