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Diablo Cody didn't do the same-sex kiss in "Jennifer's Body" for publicity

In an exclusive interview with The Frisky today, writer Diablo Cody talks about her upcoming horror film, Jennifer's Body, feminism, and the overly-hyped onscreen kiss between the film's stars Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried.

First, let's watch the clip of aforementioned kiss:

Of the kiss, Cody told The Frisky that she doesn't consider the moment gratuitous and never meant for it to be used as publicity for the film:

All right, if the two protagonists of the film were a guy and a girl and in a particularly tense moment, they shared a kiss, no one would say it was gratuitous. But the fact that they’re women means it’s some kind of stunt. It was intended to be something profound and meaningful to me and to Karyn [Kusama, the director].

Obviously we knew people were going to totally sensationalize it. They’re beautiful girls, the scene is hot — I’m not afraid to say that. There is a sexual energy between the girls which is kind of authentic, because I know when I was a teen-aged girl, the friendships that I had with other girls were almost romantic, they were so intense. I wanted to sleep at my friend’s house every night, I wanted to wear her clothes, we would talk on the phone until our ears ached. I wanted to capture that heightened feeling you get as an adolescent that you don’t really feel as a grownup. (laughs) You like you’re friends when you’re a grownup but you don’t need to sleep in the same bed with them and talk to them on the phone until 5 a.m. every night.

While Cody makes a good point that many of us will likely identify with (I mean, who here doesn't still want to sleep in their friends' beds?), I found something else she said to be somewhat contradictory.

On discussing what a big role her feminism plays in her work, she told the interviewer:

I think representation is obviously the first step to equality, so if women aren’t being represented in a diverse way in movies, they’re going to remain marginalized.

Yet, this highly-publicized "lesbian" kiss in her film isn't exactly representing women in a diverse way. Even if her rationale behind the scene makes perfect sense, and is much better than some dude-fest film with drunk sorority girls making out just to get male attention, most people in the theaters or reading the articles promoting the film don't know that. To them, it's all the same: Two hot girls kiss in a movie, people talk, go see movie.

But, then again, since the film stars Megan Fox, people would talk and go (or not go) see the film, anyway, as she does a fine job on her own stirring up controversy and attention.

Cody says of Fox:

Even having worked with her to this extent, I don’t know her very well because she’s very private and mysterious. But I’ve [heard] these things come out of her mouth. I’ve been present for some of these interviews and she is totally fearless. What she is saying is completely genuine. It is not a front. I think people think she’s trying to create some kind of image for herself that she’s not, but she’s a really, truly eccentric person.

If you're going to see Jennifer's Body, what's your reason? Is it for the kiss? Is it for feminism? Or is it for Megan Fox?

degrassiholicfox's picture

my reasons...

well at first it was because I heard Diablo Cody did it, and then the cast caught my eye, Megan and Amanda are some of my faves, THEN the trailer came out and I've been counting the days ever since. it is going to be amazing. I'm going opening night :)
pancreas's picture

Pretty much the same feeling

I'm very excited about this movie.

Silly Alex's picture


Everyone who knows me well, knows I LOATH scarry to the point I ran screaming out of the theaters while The Ring was playing....I can't even bare to look down a well now (go figure)

However the Sexiness that is Megan Fox is too strong....I just want to eat her up! *yum* haha

~I couldn't let boys have all the fun ;)

Model through it's picture

Diablo Cody

And maybe Amanda Seyfried.

"There is homophobia in every corner and pocket of this world, but at the core ... you just love someone and want to make mixedtapes for them" -Sara Quin

Em's picture

It's to stare at Megan Fox.

It's to stare at Megan Fox. and for the kiss... lol i know she has said some crazy things, but i kind of like that she's makes her more interesting.
Fiaaa's picture


megan, the kiss, the trailer, the fact that its horror, everything realllllly
Erica's picture

all around

i'm seeing it for all those reasons!  it looks like a good movie - and the fact that there's sexual tension between girl friends makes it that much better!
Way2Gay's picture

I'm Seeing This For the Same Reason I Saw "Twilight"

1. Directed by a woman.

2. Written by a woman.

3. Women are the central characters.

Also, I do trust Cody to capture the essence of teenage friendships. And to do it in the scary movie format is really unique.

Though, I don't know what kind of diversity Cody is talking about. I've seen "Juno" and "United States of Tara," and taking "Jennifer's Body" into account, the "feminism" on the screen seems to be white, white, white. Quelle surprise.

All in all, the kiss was written to essentialize the intensity of youthful relationships and it's being exploited to market the film. Unfortunate. But maybe those who go for the girl-on-girl will actually see something meaningful in the process. Here's hoping!

Stephanie's picture

I'm not completely shallow...

I'm not going to lie, I was originally going to go for Megan, but the movie actually looks pretty good! So I guess the kiss, and tension is an added bonus!
thadarkslayer's picture

Is it...

Is it strange that I recognized you from tvmb? LoL
Becca's picture

lol I'm not a big fan of

lol I'm not a big fan of scary movies since I get scared superrr easily but I was going to watch this movie just for megan xD Amanda is cool to though

Don't argue with my superior wisdom, okay? -Dana Fairbanks <3

Kortney's picture


Megan Fox was my original reason for wanting to see this movie, but now that I've read/watched so much stuff about it, I'm also going to see it because I think it will be a really good film. And because of Diablo Cody, of course. But yeah, Megan Fox is the main reason I was even interested to begin with.

electricbixxh's picture

can't wait

I'm seeing the film cause it looks like good, feminist horror and is kind of reminding me of my favorite Canadian horror film, Ginger Snaps. Also love Diablo Cody - haven't been disappointed by her yet. Toronto International Film Festival premiere, here I come!


"When you stop talking, you start communicating." - Joss Whedon

Rockstar's picture


oh i'm totally going for her.. to drool all over the screen hell yea!!

plus horror movie!! come on, irresistible... 2x1


Amy's picture

I'm going

because Diablo Cody is a genius. End!
Captain Jax Havok's picture

here here!

her brilliance is unparalleled :] plus megan and amanda are gorgeous ;D
akiraj's picture

I'm seeing this because

A) Diablo Cody wrote it

B) Amanda Seyfried is hot &

C) It actually looks pretty good! 


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Copperboom's picture

Only need one reason...



*Kiki*'s picture

I'll see this because...

Juno is one of my favorite movies, and when I heard that Diablo Cody wrote and directed Jennifer's Body, I said to myself, "This is definitly a must see."

...And of course...who are we kidding, Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried are another good reason to head to the movies. One word 'HOT'


"Vivono nella speranza"

34660188448's picture


I'm definitely going to see this one

I need romance like I need an ass hole on my elbow.

pinpin's picture

i won't lie...

for me, it's all about megan fox...*sigh*

diablo cody is a bonus though!

Penny Winterr's picture


I'll see it because Cody wrote it, but that's about it.  I'm happy to wait until it hits DVD.
Juzzie's picture

The whole combination of

The whole combination of because it is a horror movie (me loveee a good horror movie), and I was interested when I heard that Amanda Seyfried and Megen Fox were in it and what it was about. Ok you got me, the kiss is something I'm definitely looking forward to seeing. Megan is hot. Interested that Diablo Cody wrote it. Juno was quirky which I appreciate and enjoyed.
Lucy 12/21's picture

u know

well   u know  megan had said alot of dumb stuff but  she's hot  .... i mean who hasn't dream about her ....  and i love diablo cody scripts and amanda  ... so i'm totally seeing this film ...  


stephanie b's picture

I'll probably see it DESPITE Megan Fox.

I'm interested to see if Diablo Cody really can pull this off as a feminist flick given that the title already reduces a female character to simply her body.
strict machine's picture

agree with the despite megan fox

but i just think the title was used because its the name of a hole song
electricbixxh's picture


!!an amazing Hole song "found pieces of Jennifer's body...."


"When you stop talking, you start communicating." - Joss Whedon

boudicca13's picture

Going to have to admit...

Watching the trailer, I was immediately drawn in because of Megan Fox. Then there was the "sleepover" scene in the trailer, so I'm sure my face looked something like: O_o at that point. Then Megan Fox starts killing people. At that point I decided it actually looked like my kind of cheesy "horror" movie and that I would have to go see it.


P.S. The trailer helped my relationship along... the girl I was with when I saw the trailer thought it sounded like a good idea for us to see Jennifer's Body together. See? Megan Fox movies are capable of doing good... 

MilanBarcagal's picture

I think I will pass...

me and scary movies are a no-no. I actually find Amanda sexier than Megan Fox...(sacriledge I know...:).... and even SHE could not drive me to watch it...:)

persephone's picture

I want to see it, because a)

I want to see it, because a) Diablo Cody's directing it, b) when I heard about it, I got excited since the title of the movie is also the title of a Hole song, c) Amanda Seyfried is hot and she's kissing Megan Fox.  I keep on hearing things about it that I like.... but then there's the fact that it's a horror movie, and the only way I could see if is if there were no truly scary parts (like if someone edited them out for the wimps like me who still wanted to see the rest of the movie... but I feel like they're kind of the point of a horror movie).
Penny Winterr's picture

Karyn Kusama is directing

not Diablo (who is writing).
molas's picture

Ode to the Megan

I will see this because it looks like a good film.  Directed/written by and starring women. 

As for Megan Fox, I actually find her appealing because she doesn't seem to let what other people think stop her from being herself.  She's got a fearlessness that's rare in Hollywood (or anywhere in this American culture of ours, really). The fact that she owns what she says is refreshing.  Even if some of the stuff that she says is a bit cringeworthy, I can't claim to have been the most enlightened person in my early twenties.  There are plenty of things I regret saying in those days.  The fact that Megan goes forth, takes risks and follows a path she has carved out for herself makes her sexy in my eyes.  Sure, she's beautiful but that's not what makes her sexy.  It's her 'tude and full-on approach to the world that not only makes her attractive but makes me wonder why I can't be that fearless in my own life.

Penny Winterr's picture


Not to knock who you find sexy, but I think there's a difference between being courageous (which I think Megan is not) and being batshit crazy (which I think she is).

If you're courageous, then you're doing it despite being scared.  That's cool.

If you're batshit crazy, then you have no fear because, well, you're batshit crazy.

Be courageous, not fearless.  Recognize the fear and take action any way!

molas's picture

Fair enough

Your point is fair.  I can't claim to know Megan enough to say she's crazy, batshit or otherwise, or sane or what.  I do know she is more successful in he career than a lot of other people.  Lucky maybe?  Maybe.  But more often than not, it's not luck that gets you far.  It's your own doing.  I think you have to have some sense to be able to do that.  I suppose we shall see how far she makes it in her career and how wise her career choices are.  If she is successful beyond the current times, I frankly don't care if she's a little insane.  As long as she does her job well and enjoys it.
aem's picture

count me in

Amanda Seyfried kissing a girl? While wearing glasses? Yes please!
katemc39's picture

Diablo Cody

I really enjoyed Juno.  I thought it was punchy and well-constructed.  I'm really pulling for Diablo that she can put out a great sophomore effort and kill all the naysayers that want to make it a fluke whenever a woman puts out a good film.

Let's go ladies!  

Lacey's picture

Alison Janney

Yup, she looks like ALison Janney in the first pic.


Join for Raimy:

You know you want to.
Autumn's picture

Megan fox kissing another

Megan fox kissing another lady.

I am going to die and go to heaven. omg

Strawbs's picture


All three

Kiss, feminism, megan fox.

Biocation Gurl's picture




 ---Verbotene Liebe---

Molly WHOREvat's picture

let's just be honest...

megan fox=ridiculousness

that's a whole lotta hotness to fit into a film 

and diablo cody is quite possibly one of the most original writer's i've ever witnessed, even with all the bullshit trendy hype that surrounds her

Paris Nicole Noseda Martinez. :]'s picture


Megannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Foxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)


slow downnnnnnnnnnn casanova :)