Confusion is Sex

My favorite Sonic Youth album. The album that caused my physical research which resulted in the Moodswinger. KimÕs version of Wanna be Your Dog crosses every cover IÕve heard of the song. My favorite track to put on at parties. Inhuman is the track of the album I like the most. As far as I know no effect pedals are used on this album, if you might have thought that. Perhaps a distortion pedal, but no delays, flangers or reverbs are causing the weird aura the album exposes. All is fixed with prepared guitars  and alternate tuned guitars and thatÕs for me the secret and truth within the beauty of the album.

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I found a site dedicated to it, so no need for me to repeat that. In this external link you can find almost all information available about the album, except for some in depth research of the 3rd Bridge screwdriver technique Sonic Youth heavily used on this record. As far as I know there is no literature about it, so not so strange. The World Looks Red, Lee is Free and Protect Me You are played with that technique, if you are curious. Especially the inverse sound of The World Looks Red is easy to catch on my instrument.


There is a live bootleg from the same period, recorded in Venlo, Holland. I havenÕt got this one, so if anyone has it for sale, please mail me. (email in the pricelist section) IÕm very interested. I have it from Limewire, so I know about the sound quality and IÕm fond of lo-fi. ItÕs a cool record.





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