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Community Renewal in Vincent

Community Renewal began in Vincent in March 2001. Vincent, together with households in adjacent areas, form the Townsville West renewal zone. Renewal activities will occur across the Townsville West zone until 30 June 2009.


Some of the many Community Renewal projects delivered in Vincent include:

What’s happening now

The Queensland Government extended Community Renewal in Vincent for a further five years from 1 July 2004. Residents, government, community and business are working together to develop a Renewal Zone Plan, which will be a blueprint for Community Renewal activities in the Townsville West zone.

Get involved

Participation is the key to Community Renewal’s success. Residents can participate in Community Renewal by contacting their local Community Renewal office. Alternatively, email us at Email address

About Vincent

Townsville is rich in Indigenous history, with the Wulgurukaba, Bindal and Girrugubba tribes being the most significant tribal groups. Vincent is conveniently close to the centre of Townsville, located in the city’s western suburbs and adjacent to Garbutt, Heatley, Aitkenvale and Gulliver. Like other areas of Townsville, Vincent has been shaped by a strong military tradition. Vincent was named after William Slade Vincent, a prominent business operator in Townsville in the 1880s, who was also an officer in the Australian Defence Force.

Australian Bureau of Statistics 2001 Census figures show the Vincent renewal area has a population of 2,642 with 708 families. About one third (32.8 percent) are aged under 15 and 9.4 percent were born overseas. About six percent speak languages other than English and the Indigenous population is 9.2 percent.

For more information

Contact us at the Vincent office for more information.

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