Sunday, September 13, 2009
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Calibration Services

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) is pleased to announce that its Calibration Centre will open its services to all Government departments and private sectors commencing 01 June 2009.

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Recruitment Form

Recruitment Form

RB AirForce History


Royal Brunei Air Force was established in 1965. It was first tasked to fly doctors to rural area with two aircrafts Sikorsky S-55, which was operated by pilots from the Worldwide Helicopter Company.

In 1966, 3 British pilots from the Royal Air Force took over the tasks with three aircrafts namely the 'Whirl Wind'.

In 1967, this unit was known as the Helicopter Platoon. Helicopter Platun received the helicopter Jet Ranger Bell 206. The Air Technical Training School was established in 1980. In 1981, the No 2 Squadron was established and equipped with helicopter Bolkow BO 105. The No 3 Squadron was establish in 1982 and equipped with SIAI Marchetti SF260W. The workforce and the aircrafts steadily increased and later known as Air Wing. It was on 01st October 1991, with the consent of His Majesty The Sultan the Air Wing was officially changed to the Royal Brunei Air Force.

In 1997, Royal Brunei Air Force underwent further development in its organisation structure with establishment of few unit such as the No 4 Squadron which was equipped with helicopter Blackhawk S-70A, the No 5 Squadron which was equipped with CN-235 and the Base Defence Squdron. In the same year, the No 3 Squadron received the aircraft Pilatus Mark II. The No 38 Squadron was established in 1999 and equipped with Mistral.