About Us - Overview

What is PCYC?

PCYC is about young people.Kids need things to do, and a safe place to do them.PCYC gives young people a range of choices - to relax, hang out with friends, get involved in a team sport or any of the activities we run.

Getting Young People Active.

With 59 clubs in NSW, there's a great range of activities to get involved in, from sports like basketball, futsal, wrestling, martial arts, or badminton to activities like dancing, band nights, music, digital photography, and more. Our Clubs also there to just "drop in", with areas free to use and full of video games, TV, lounge, and pool tables. Somewhere safe, and somewhere to be with friends and have fun.

Developing Young Leaders.

Young people learn to be leaders. A wide range of sport options, music programs, life-skills, self-development projects, homework clubs and more give kids the chance to become leaders, and feel good about themselves. Many Clubs now have young people active our Blue-Star youth development program, and on the Club Management Committee. Every year, two young people are elected from our Blue-Star program and appointed to serve on the PCYC Board.

Protecting Young People.

PCYC is a leading agency in the reduction & prevention of crime, by and against young people. When it comes to violence, young people are much more often a victim of crime than the offender. So teaching self-protection and building personal values & respect is so important.

Reducing crime is something we all care about. In PCYC, our Police Youth Programmers stay in touch with the needs of local young people. Often, they'll start new sports & activities at the Club to attract young people. Our popular breakdancing nights at PCYC Parramatta are one example.



We get young people active in life;

We work with young people to develop their skills, character and leadership; and

We prevent and reduce crime by and against young people


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PCYC is a Charity registered in NSW.

Charitable Fundraising Number CFN11892

Donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible. 

 Email: stateoffice@pcycnsw.org.au