Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: September 8, 2009 (Eviction 9)

With Kevin and Michele facing eviction, the stage was set for the final power of veto competition. Almost as important as who would win that final veto (and, by extension, cast the sole vote to evict) is who each player decides can or can't be trusted at this late stage in the game. So, who would emerge victorious from the veto battle? And who would be heading to the jury house after 66 days in the game? Let's find out.

We are at that stage in the game where everyone makes a deal with everyone, but unlike the last two seasons where Final 2 deals were pretty much locked in, everyone seems a little suspicious. Jordan and Michele are both suspicious that Natalie's speech about getting Kevin out is a ruse, and even though it is, Kevin isn't dead-set on taking Nat to the finals. Jordan and Michele also seem to have each others' back, but at this point, they really don't know how it will shake out.

Jordan gets a deeper peek into Natalie's game when she tells Jordan that if Kevin comes off the block, Michele will go home. Maybe that's why she blundered the veto competition so badly. (Well, that and because it was a thinking competition.)

The game required the players to correctly identify 20 clues about their fellow houseguests. Catch was, the blocks they had to stack had 4 sides, so they had to find the exact block, or their whole stack would have to be redone. Since Natalie sat this one out, thanks to her Pandora's Box engagement, it was really between Michele and Kevin, and Michele actually was so close to winning at one point (only 1 wrong!). Ultimately, Kevin came out on top, and he was quite emotional after realizing he was going to the Final 3.

Natalie then showed her hand completely by celebrating with Kevin after his victory with a toast of Mike's Hard Lemonade. Michele instantly realizes she's been duped, and sets out to sway Kevin to keep her. She first reminds him that Natalie has too many friends in the jury house. Then she flat out threatens him: She promises him her vote in the jury house if she goes out later, but warns that if he evicts her now, he can kiss that vote goodbye.

When you mess with the devil, you get the horns. That was Michele's message during her final plea speech after Kevin, as expected, removed himself from the block. From Jordan's speech, Michele knew she was a goner, but she did her best to make Kevin see that her threat was real: I can be a devil for you in the house, or against you in the jury house. Even so, Kevin sends Michele, red horns and all, out to talk to Julie.

Here's where I praise Kevin for stepping up and winning. Granted, he floated for much of the game, but he won when he needed to, and has taken out two very strong players, which will continue to help him win. The thought of Natalie going to the finals makes me sick to my stomach, but I honestly think Kevin knows he could very well lose to her, despite his strong moves of late. Then again, if he lets her go, she might sway others against him. It's a tough call, but I am pulling for Kevin to win HOH (because I don't think Jordan will), and I hope he uses his brain.

Speaking of HOH, it kicked off with the endurance leg of the three-part contest. It's par for the course for final HOH competitions, forcing the houseguests to walk on a rotating log while holding on to their keys. And of course, wind and rain will buffet them all night. We'll see who wins, and have the final eviction Thursday

So, who do you want to win HOH? Are you happy or sad to see Michele go? Who will be this season's big winner? Share your thoughts below and check back to see who makes the Final 2.

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