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September 16, 2009

Sexual Compassion
by Gary Thomas
Jesus' truth is two-sided: love, acceptance, understanding, and compassion on one side, and calling people to faithful obedience on the other.

Spilling the Cup o' Drama

    It's exhausting. And harms relationships and wastes valuable time and energy that could be devoted to more worthy pursuits.

I Can't Leave Him

    I am a not-so-perfect Christian in that I started having sex when I was 22, I've had an abortion and I'm still pining for this guy who is not a believer.

A Balanced View on Singleness

    Trying to discuss the blessings of singleness vis-a-vis marriage feels like trying to pass between Scylla and Charybdis.

Cosmic Cleaning: Starting at Ground Zero

    The work my friends did at Ground Zero was certainly more dramatic than the simple tasks that fill my days, but the simpler tasks participate in a reality that is no less profound.

Heart at Leisure

    If I could sum up what Sabbath means to me, it would take just three words: He says stop.

The Wisdom Grid

    To move there? How to pay for it? What about insurance? Should I date her? What's my ministry? Ah, we need a little help here.

Men: Lust-Driven Beasts

    Men are lustful brutes and women are pure. Men want sex and women desire love. Ah, what's a marriage-minded man to do with these ugly cliches?

Office Hours: Are All Sins Equal? Part 2

    No. They're not.

Christianity and Non-Empirical Knowledge

    The senses are wonderful guides for providing us with empirical knowledge, but they are inadequate as guides for non-empirical knowledge

What is Knowledge?

    In order to know if Christians possess knowledge about reality, we need to understand exactly what knowledge is.

I Kept Looking

    And three other things I did "wrong" to find a mate.

Disobey Your Parents

    You've got to honor your parents. But there comes a time, say, when they tell you to live with your fiancé, when you've got to disobey them.

Drinking Blood, Part 2

    In drinking His blood, I'm only finishing the work I started with my sin.

Drinking Blood, Part 1

    Most of us would agree that a torturer is even worse than a murderer. We simply don't want to admit that the torturer is us.

Mentoring Myths

    There are some misunderstandings out there about mentoring. Let's clear them up.

Losing Their Grip

    How did church leaders come to endorse gay clergy? It didn't happen overnight. It started when they began letting go of the Scriptures.

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