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    Breed Profile: Persian - Solid Color Division

    Pictured: Best of Breed GC, BW, NW KUORII SANTOS OF CUZZOE, Black Persian - Solid Division Male
    Photo: © Chanan

    In the Solid Division, only the pristine whites come in three different eye colors. Some have brilliant copper or deep blue eyes, others the surprising combination of one blue and one copper eye of equal intensity. The other solid colors have brilliant copper eyes. The coat color for all solids should be sound to the roots and free from markings or shadings. Blues, once the apex of the breed, have been interbred with other colors to produce a more uniform type. Their pale silver-blue coats are most beautiful when viewed in natural lighting. Blacks have glossy patent finishes that glisten with intensity. Pale milk-colored creams are the dilute of the deep vibrant glowing reds. Chocolates and lilacs, introduced through the combination of Persian and Himalayan, are rarely seen. The chocolate demonstrates a warm chocolate-brown color while the lilac is a warm lavender with a pinkish tone.

    Pricing on Persians usually depends on type, applicable markings and bloodlines distinguished by Grand Champion (GC), National or Regional winning parentage (NW or RW) or of Distinguished Merit parentage (DM). The DM title is achieved by the dam (mother) having produced five CFA grand champion/premier (alter) or DM offspring, or sire (father) having produced fifteen CFA grand champion/premier or DM offspring. Usually breeders make kittens available between twelve and sixteen weeks of age. After twelve weeks, kittens have had their basic inoculations and developed the physical and social stability needed for a new environment, showing, or being transported by air. Keeping such a rare treasure indoors, neutering or spaying and providing acceptable surfaces (e.g. scratching posts) for the natural behavior of scratching (CFA disapproves of declawing or tendonectomy surgery) are essential elements for maintaining a healthy, long and joyful life.

    Pictured: Second Best of Breed GC, NW LOX-NOTT RUSTY, Red Persian - Solid Division Male
    Photo: © Chanan
    Pictured: Third Best of Breed GC, NW CACAO MUY SEXY, Black Persian - Solid Division Male
    Photo: © Larry Johnson

    There are CFA clubs devoted to the promotion, protection and preservation of the Persian breed. For more information, please send inquiries to CFA, PO Box 1005, Manasquan NJ 08736-0805.

    Text: Jeanie McPhee
    Last Updated: Sunday, June 14, 2009

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