MONTREAL – ECW Champion Christian put his title on the line again against William Regal, but Sunday at WWE Breaking Point, The British Brawler didn’t have his associates at his side to help his cause. Captain Charisma retained the ECW gold with a win over Regal, who was clearly at a disadvantage without Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson at ringside. (PHOTOS)

Moments before the ECW Championship match, ECW ring announcer Tony Chimel declared that by order of ECW General Manager Tiffany, no one was allowed at ringside. While no Superstars stood in Christian’s corner, Kozlov & Jackson were in Regal’s. The devious duo were ordered to the locker room area by the WWE official and reluctantly retreated as an irate Regal watched.

While Christian defeated Regal to retain the Extreme gold in a record-breaking eight seconds at SummerSlam, their clash at WWE Breaking Point was a hard-fought brawl of endurance. Without Kozlov & Ezekiel at ringside to intimidate and distract Christian, Regal was on his own to try to stay one step ahead of the ECW Champion. After several repeated attempts, Christian finally hit the Killswitch on his sinister opponent to earn the Extreme victory. Regal’s minions were nowhere in sight, and finally, Captain Charisma could celebrate his win without interruption.

Christian once again secured his spot as the king of the Land of the Extreme, but is this truly the end of the rivalry between him and Regal? Tune in to ECW on Syfy Tuesday nights at 10/9 CT to watch all of the Extreme action and excitement unfold.