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Beeston, St. John's Grove

A historical background on the conservation area of St. John's Grove, Beeston.

Following the enclosure of the land surrounding Beeston in 1809 the area of St. John's Grove was allotted to the vicar of the parish church of St. John the Baptist. In 1878 the land was acquired by the Beeston Land Society, a group of leading citizens who divided the land out into 28 plots varying in size from about three-quarters to one acre and set out the wide straight streets which remain today.

The majority of the houses in the area are of Edwardian and late Victorian origin, having been constructed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Land Society set out a number of conditions for the original developers of the plots including strict building lines which ensured that properties were set back a consistent distance from the road. The resulting spacious character can be appreciated today and has been complemented by extensive mature landscaping within gardens and in the street. The special character of the area is also derived from the majority of properties being substantially enclosed by a combination of wall, fence, railings and mature hedging.

The spacious, mature character of St. John's Grove and the quality of the architecture, is considered to be special and worthy of retention for future generations. This led Broxtowe Borough Council to designate this part of Beeston as a Conservation Area in April 1993.

(Last Updated: 03/04/2009)

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