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Scene Index: Links to scenes, with short summaries of the scenes. The text has both notes and line numbers.
Search: Search for any word or combination of words in Romeo and Juliet.
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Notable Quotes, with brief explanations and links to the text.
Detailed Scene Summaries: Includes many links to the text.
Character Reviews: Annotated links to all appearances of every character and all mentions of that character by other characters.
Themes and Motifs: Annotated links to passages particularly relevant to significant themes and motifs.
Chronology: Annotated links to passages which show the timeline of events in Romeo and Juliet.
Sonnets and Rhymes: Background on the Shakespearean sonnet. A chart of the proportion of rhyme in each scene of Romeo and Juliet.
The Picture Page: Links to pictures of characters and things mentioned in Romeo and Juliet.
Romeus and Juliet: The complete text of Shakespeare's source for Romeo and Juliet.
Selected Bibliography: Critical commentary -- some good, some bad, some ugly. Includes reviews of all articles and books about Romeo and Juliet recommended in The Riverside Shakespeare and The Norton Shakespeare.
Online Resources: Online study guides, electronic scholarship, movie sites. Every item is reviewed.
Online Lesson Plans, Etc.: Especially for teachers.

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