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District 9 director already thinking about a sequel

\<i\>District 9\<\/i\> director already thinking about a sequel

Neill Blomkamp, the South African writer-director of the upcoming sci-fi drama District 9, has yet to find out whether his movie will catch on with wider audiences the same way it did with folks who saw footage from it at last week's San Diego Comic-Con.

But the filmmaker said that he would be happy to return to the film's universe if it became a box-office smash. "If this film is successful, if audiences want another, whatever, District 10, I would love to do it," Blomkamp said in an exclusive interview this week in Los Angeles. "It's a very personal film, and it's a universe and a place that I find incredibly creative. I'd love to go back to that universe."

The movie deals with the arrival of a million insectoid aliens, derisively called "Prawns," in a massive ship over Johannesburg, South Africa, and the uneasy coexistence 28 years later between humans and aliens who live in the grinding poverty and violence of a township-like camp. The action is set in motion by a low-level bureaucrat, played by newcomer Sharlto Copley, who heads an armed force that enters the slum, District 9, to make way for a forced relocation of the aliens. When things take an unexpected turn, Copley's Wikus van der Merwe finds his life turned upside down, and he is forced to question his assumptions and forge an uneasy alliance with an alien and his young son.

Blomkamp said that if audiences wanted something different from him, he was working on something else that would no doubt appeal to the same audience, even if the project went in a slightly different direction.

"I have another science fiction film now that I want to write for the rest of the year," Blomkamp said. "That, I think, may be the next one, and I'm incredibly into [it]. It's quite different, and it's a unique idea, but I'm very into it."

Describing the tone, he said it would feature a similar combination of grand ideas and great action set pieces: "It's similar," he said coyly. "I mean, it's a very different film, but it's a very similar genre, I suppose."

As for a follow up to District 9, there's an obvious sequel idea. (Major spoilers ahead!)

The obvious thing would be for Christopher to return to Earth in three years to help Wikus, as promised. Is that a possible story?

"I do have ideas rattling around in my head, and weirdly enough they're not to do with what you just said," Blomkamp said. "They're different. But, who knows? First, the population has to like [District 9]; otherwise, the whole thing is just moot, I suppose. But I would love to go back there."

District 9 opens Aug. 14.

(Ian Spelling contributed to this story)

(38) Comments

A sequel please - but don't rush it! Things change, ideas change, for Pet's sake the world changes. Leave it at l...More »


By gundam11122002 at 10:56 PM ON 07/31/09

I'm looking forward to the movie, looks very interesting but please, no more sequels. Keep it original.

By ugur akgoz at 1:26 AM ON 08/01/09

i was looking for a tech TV station in Eng or Ger. greetings from Ankara

By Tywall at 1:45 AM ON 08/01/09

This movie was great. Saw a pre-screening and i thought it was phenomenal. I just hope mainstream America can appreciate it too. Kinda Spoiler, the ending does set up a sequel, and I'd love to see where he would go with it.

By Rick at 9:48 AM ON 08/01/09

Anybody know if there will be a novelization?

By Boomer at 1:32 AM ON 08/03/09

im with Rick.
novel please.

By arikira at 5:03 PM ON 08/11/09

The population LOVES Distrct 9. We're begging for a District 10!!!

By cuzican25 at 3:00 AM ON 08/14/09

Just seen the movie. It was totally awesome. Need to make District 10.

By Jason Steele at 5:17 PM ON 08/14/09

Really, really good movie!

By Shayne at 12:18 AM ON 08/15/09

I think you gottta do a sequel and you have to at least include the story line from this film. I would be disappointing if he took it in another direction

By nico123 at 2:21 AM ON 08/15/09

this movie rocks you have to see it!!!!!!!!! It feels completely different from al the other bullshit sci fi movies aout there!!!! I loved it!!!! PLEASE I NEED A SEQUEL!!!!! PLEASS

By Austin at 2:43 AM ON 08/15/09

If the sequel to this movie isn't based on the storyline from district 9.. that'll be very upsetting. That's what leaves people with the urge to want a sequel to district 9.

By xtoughguyx at 5:25 AM ON 08/15/09

how would you know you don't want to see a sequel if you have never even watched it before?

I just saw it, would not mind a sequel.

By Charlie at 4:29 PM ON 08/15/09

A sequel is a must! Original movies like this are rare, so we need to have more of it!

By MateoB at 7:52 PM ON 08/15/09

Loved it. Best movie of the summer, hands down.

By JessicaRuth at 11:00 PM ON 08/15/09

This movie was absolutely stunning, intense, and overall incredible. The MOMENT it ended, only one thing ran through my mind. and that was "sequel." . Please come out with one.

By alex at 12:52 AM ON 08/16/09

i would love to see a sequel to this where christopher comes back with like a million aliens and there is just an all out war on earth and their planet

By GooseHarris at 2:57 PM ON 08/16/09

To Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson : I would like to say thank you for making and bringing this movie to us here in Tennessee! It is a masterpiece, and I have really enjoyed it.

By etnies at 11:40 PM ON 08/16/09

The BEST movie I have seen in a while. I would easily put it in my top 5 favorites of all-time. I'm dieing for a sequel. There's just no comparison to any other movie made this year. None at all.

By indyenna at 3:51 AM ON 08/17/09

I think that there should be a sequel to D-9.
Christopher should come back to help Wikus and rescue his fellow aliens.

By TL at 3:33 PM ON 08/18/09

I know people say that there will not be a sequel but i cant take it i want a sequel because then ending left me wanting to see what will happen!!!!


By District10 at 5:52 PM ON 08/19/09

I love District 9 you have to make a sequel!!!
dont listen to gundam11122002

By Kinny at 10:59 PM ON 08/19/09

I just saw District 9 and everyone in the theature clapped at the end, you left a total cliff hanger and if you do produce novels i will buy one. but Distict 10 is a must have. The movie was excellent, and By far the only movie i really got inot this year. DISTRICT 10 FOR THE WIN!!!!!

By MTrunning at 4:49 PM ON 08/20/09

Awesome movie. Sequel please. gundam11122002 you shouldn't make statements like that before watching the movie.

By sideshow at 5:47 PM ON 08/20/09

District 9 ended with too many questions!
you definitely need to make district 10!!!!

By Sman at 6:22 PM ON 08/20/09

This movie was EPIC. Its like the rolled ID4 in with Transformers in with G.I.Joe and Defiance. The alien guns were amazing, the story was better then most modern movies, the effects killed. You actually felt emotions for the pathetic prawns. They definatly ended it perfect for a sequel, and reading the directors quotes it would lead you to believe that Christopher may return not to help his race, but to destroy the human race. The real question is whether or not Christopher was lieing about his intentions and promise throughout the movie.

By Attila at 4:10 AM ON 08/21/09

Just saw the movie, and I have to say, it is incredibly good. And I don't usually like sci-fi. But this one left me speechless.

I am begging for a sequel, you must do it.

By Prawn at 12:12 AM ON 08/22/09


District 10 dammit!!!

By tallula at 10:12 PM ON 08/22/09

I just saw the movie and loved it. Only I was left with many questions! Who are these aliens? Why are they here? Why couldn't they stand up for themselves? Why was the ship out of commission? Why did it take so long for one individual to emerge in a leadership role? Why did he decide to return to save 'his people' only after seeing the lab? Hmmmm Yes there MUST be a follow up and it must answer the questions!!

By moviebuff at 10:32 PM ON 08/22/09

The movie to me was pointless. If there is a sequel I hope it's better than the first. It definitely is a great sci-fi flick, but just boring and pointless.

By prawndude at 7:23 PM ON 08/23/09

It's not for everyone, but those of it's fore want more.

By Ariana at 3:31 AM ON 08/25/09

i loved the movie it was suspenseful and made me wanna cry and it was just amazing it definitely needs a sequel

By raj at 7:53 AM ON 08/26/09

its was the most awsome movie ever!!!!! there has tp be a sequal pls

By Caleb Withers at 3:06 AM ON 08/27/09

I'm thinking the best way to go would be the aliens against MNU, with mainstream humanity caught up in the middle. You couldn't have the aliens as the enemies. Or, somehow humans end up in a refugee situation themselves and need their help. Hmm.

By kel at 9:00 AM ON 09/06/09

Please Please. Sequel. I just watched it today and i truly love it! Hope it can have a sequel!!!!!

By Omid at 5:45 AM ON 09/08/09

WE NEED District 10 !!

It's really awesome movie!!!

I can say "Keep up the good work"

Make a District 10


By josh at 9:53 PM ON 09/08/09

I really enjoyed District 9! I just couldnt understand why if the aliens were the only ones to fire these powerful weapons, why didn't they rebel. I say make a sequel having christopher coming back for vengeance by destroy the human race

By gabi at 4:06 PM ON 09/09/09

come on when will the sequel be out?

By Arpo at 8:14 AM ON 09/10/09

A sequel please - but don't rush it! Things change, ideas change, for Pet's sake the world changes. Leave it at least three years.

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