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  1. Don't have a library card? No? Well get one! Today! Find out more at
  2. Berkeley County Library System received $13,450 Google Grant from the Google Charitable Giving Fund at Tides Fdn
  3. Join us next week (Thursday noon-1pm) for a free author talk! Visit for more info.
  4. @scartscomm School Design Summit will be in Greenville, Sept. 29 & 30. visit http://www.scschooldesign.b... for more info.
  5. I uploaded a YouTube video -- Letters About Literature
  6. Just made a video on Animoto called "Letters About Literature": Check it out!
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  8. Join us Thursday the 24th for Stephen G. Hoffius, author to discuss his book, Northern Money, Southern Land. FREE noon-1pm
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  10. - Kathryn Van Aernum presenting about photography at the SC Arts conference.
  11. - Woops! It is Cerelle, not Celeste- sorry :-)
  12. - Celeste Centeno of Mad Monkey presenting at the arts conference
  13. - Arts Conference
  14. -
  15. We'll be at the Statewide Arts Conference tomorrow! Will you? http://www.southcarolinaart...
  16. Listen to the latest SC library news from our web site or iTunes. Check it out!
  17. Enjoy Old South history? Come to the next Speaker @ the Center--Stephen G. Hoffius, Thurs Sept 24 noon-1pm. it's FREE!
  18. RT @SCArchives: Have you met our new director?
  19. Need detailed info and resources about 9/11? Check out Wikipedia's entry and scroll to bottom for additional resources.
  20. SCLA Annual Conference is October 28-30! Come to Columbia and hear some great speakers! Register online with PayPal!