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Woman, Dog Attacked By Two Pit Bulls

Posted: 5:08 pm PDT July 20, 2008Updated: 6:52 pm PDT July 20, 2008

A woman and her Labrador were attacked by two pit bulls as they were on a walk in Tacoma.

Jorgann Simonsen and her dog Gallagher were out for a walk Friday along Norpoint Way in northeast Tacoma.

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Jorgann said she saw two dogs dash over from across the street and next thing she knew her and Gallagher were in trouble.

"The dogs went up to my dog Gallagher and started sniffing her, and then they started circling both of us. They were two pit bulls. And within a second, (the dogs) snapped and they attacked," Simonsen said.

She said both pit bulls bit Gallagher and wouldn't let go. As Simonsen tried to stop the attack one turned on her, biting through a bone in her hand.

Simonsen’s husband, Lind, was out on a bike ride and came upon the attack. He said he tried to put his bike between Gallagher and the pit bulls.

Lind said he punched the dogs’ snouts, chasing them off, but fracturing his hand in the process. Jorgann also suffered a fracture to her left hand. Gallagher has 37 stitches because the dog's shoulder and neck were torn open.

The couple wants anyone with information to call police.

"Anybody that saw anything, those two dogs moving, any place they saw them, it's important for animal control," Lind said.

Jorgann said the attack was so frightening that she doesn't think she'll go out for a walk in a very long time.