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New Moldovan govt has no plans to unite with Romania, quit CIS

16.09.2009, 13.17

CHISINAU, September 16 (ITAR-TASS) - The new Moldovan authorities have no plans to unite with Romania, quit the Commonwealth of Independent States or join NATO, the speaker of the republic's parliament and acting president Mihai Ghimpu said in an interview with the Romanian television channel Pro TV.

"The dilemma whom to side with - NATO or the CIS - is not the main task of the new ruling coalition "Alliance for European Integration," said Ghimpu.

"If our country, by some quirk of fate, found itself in the CIS, we cannot cut off this fact ‘with scissors’," the speaker said.

The Moldovan leadership is making every effort to hold the CIS summit in Chisinau at top level in October.

Speaking about integration in NATO, Ghimpu told reporters "NATO is not on the first floor of the parliament building" and it is not expecting Moldova to join.

He made it clear, the alliance is not inviting Moldova, given its problem with territorial integrity.

Ghimpu rejected the statements accusing him of the intention to unite Moldova with Romania.

"One has to accept the idea that although we're brothers, these are two separate countries, and it is up to the leadership of each to decide what it should do for the good of the citizens.

"I'd wish my country to attain a better standard of living, in order to get into the European Union alongside with Romania," he noted.

He underlined, the main task the new authorities are facing will be not joining NATO or withdrawing from the CIS, but eliminating poverty.

"We should gradually bring our legislation in conformity with European standards, in order to be able to join the European Union," Ghimpu added.

He said one of his first decrees as acting president will cancel the visa regime with Romania, introduced by the previous government.

"This decision contradicts the parliamentary resolution under which visas are opened for all EU citizens, and Romania is a EU member," Ghimpu said, adding that he was confident, the ethnic groups in Moldova would be happy with the decision to annul visas.


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