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Posted: Sept. 21, 2009

Local news: Dangerous dogs on agenda in Royal Oak


ROYAL OAK: Dangerous dogs on agenda

The City Commission is expected to discuss vicious dogs and their impact in the community during its meeting tonight.


Commissioner Terry Drinkwine requested the discussion and City Manager Don Johnson provided a report on the 5,311 licensed dogs in Royal Oak.

"Pit bulls account for only 1.7% of licensed dogs in Royal Oak but were responsible for about 35% of reported dog bite incidents this year," Johnson's report says. "It appears we have a very real and growing problem with this breed."

Johnson noted, however, that pit bulls aren't a recognized breed and said the term refers to several kinds of terriers.

The report, with input from City Attorney David Gillam, suggests that the city's best approach to pit bulls may be to stiffen its existing ordinance "in regards to all vicious animals" rather than regulating one or more troublesome breeds.

The Eastpointe City Council is expected to introduce a revised animal control ordinance Tuesday that would put restrictions on vicious dogs without being breed-specific. And Mt. Clemens' ordinance on dangerous animals went into effect Aug. 13.

The council is to meet at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall, 211 Williams St.

BIRMINGHAM: Bicycle ordinance may be repealed

City Commissioners are expected tonight to repeal the community's 1963 bicycle ordinance -- including its 25-cents-a-day charge to impound a bike.

Police Chief Richard Patterson, in a Sept. 11 memorandum to City Manager Tom Markus, pointed out that the ordinance was antiquated.

Birmingham police will continue providing free bike licenses to residents, the chief said in his memo. But he'd like the city to scrap the ordinance, which includes having cops charge 25 cents a day for impounding a bike if the owner lacks a license or is otherwise not in compliance with a litany of outdated bike rules.

What's important? Cyclists still must abide by the traffic code, the chief's memo said.

The meeting is at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall, 151 Martin.

MONROE: Store clerk held on embezzlement charge

A New Mexico convenience store clerk who disappeared after working his shift last month has been arrested in Michigan and is being held on an embezzlement charge.

Clovis Police Chief Steve Sanders said Doyle (Eddy) Windham, 41, was picked up in Monroe on Friday. Windham's family reported him missing Aug. 10.

A version of this story appears on page 4A of the Monday, Sept. 21, 2009, print edition of the Detroit Free Press.

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