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Update on Dudley Show

Please note the Box office number is 01384 812812

or for online tickets click on the link  

September 2009

The band are busy rehearsing for the Splash tour in October and spent yesterday doing radio interviews all day, more promotion is planned over the coming weeks. The tour merchandise is pretty much finalised and an exclusive preview of the front cover of the tour programe can be seen below (check out the new official logo!). For those who can't make the tour (hope there are not too many of you!!) the merchandise will eventually be available to buy on this site. There is a tour promo video on you tube...(below), It is a tweaked version of the G.A.Y show intro! I'll keep you posted on any TV promos as I get them. Also some exciting news from Dean Murphey regarding a new Bucks Fizz Release......

Hi Everybody.
I hope you all well. I have just got over Swine Flu, which is NOT nice!


A bit of exciting news for you!!

Sony Music and Fat Dog Productions are to release a very special 4 disc box set of Bucks Fizz Material. This is due to be released toward the end of the year, or the very start of 2010.

THIS IS DEFINITELY BEING RELEASED, as the album has been compiled, fully mastered, and a catalogue number issued.

It contains over 70 tracks, including tracks never available on CD before (not solo material), plus a few surprises!

Yes-it does contain the tracks from the first four studio albums, but not in order, and unlike the original 2004 releases, they are FULLY REMASTERED, by Fat Dog Productions and sound fantastic!

The box set is part of a series of releases for exclusive purchase in Tesco’s stores.

The album is called ‘Bucks Fizz-Platinum’.

Artwork is being done as we speak, with a few surprises included; however, this is where you all come in to help me!!

I am after good quality photographs of the group, both line ups- with Shelley and with Jay. We have used all the photos available in Sony and what I have, so we need new unseen ones to be included throughout the 4 CDs.

If any of you can supply them to me, and you don’t mind them being used, I will scan them and send them STRAIGHT back to you recorded delivery.

We need to move on this now, so if you can get them to me as soon as possible that would be fantastic.

Also if people can supply me ‘facts’ about the group during their career so far, that I might not know, and that we can use (!!) I would be grateful too.

Something to look forward too isn’t it!

The Extended Album and Spanish Album are still due around Eurovision 2010 too.

Also, Please do not contact Sony direct on this album, as it is not Neil Martin dealing with it. Please contact me. I mean this in the nicest possible way!

I will update you more when I have further details. Keep an eye on the Early Years and Original Bucks Fizz site for updates.

Take care,
Dean and Kevin



June 2009 October Tour dates are here. Dates are subject to change so check back for have them first so bookings may not yet be possible at some venues.

May 2009 Fizz TV is Launched with the G.A.Y show including backstage interview and live clips.

May 2009 The show at G.A.Y on the 16th was a massive success and a great launch for the all new Original Bucks Fizz.

They did plenty of TV and Radio in the run up to Eurovision, here's a couple of highlights 

 May 2009 Jay has done an interview at gaydarnation. Follow the link below to read it.

April 2009 Jay Aston joins The Original Bucks Fizz

April 2009 The Original Bucks Fizz Official Site is launched along with their first official facebook page and brand new myspace page (go to links for direct access and to be updated personally about future breaking news)