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    The IL-76TF aircraft is now under development based on the IL-76MF version. The aircraft will be equipped with the up-to-date PS-90A-76 low fuel consumption engines. The airplane cargo compartment volume is 400m3. This compartment makes provisions to carry various loads of the total weight of up to 60 tons.

    Currently the Open Joint Stock Company «IL» develops the modernized cabin and intends to equip it with new avionics and the "glass" crew cabin that will allow to reduce the aircrew number to 3-4 persons.

    The IL-76TF will operate based on its technical conditions. This will decrease the labor consumption by 30-40% in case of keeping the current IL-76 maintenance support infrastructure due to the elimination of scheduled overhauls and increase of frequency periodic maintenance checks.

    The IL-76TF will be able to provide the commercial transportation of cargo using the standard pallets and containers, as well as the transportation of special cargo. The winches and telphers available in the cargo compartment ensure the complete cargo loading-unloading autonomy.

    Dimensions (external)
    wing span (m)50,5
    length (overall) (m)53,194
    height (overall) (m)14,306
    wing area (m2)300
    sweepback angle at 1/4-chord line (degree)25
    fuselage diameter (m)4,8

    engine typePS-90A-76 by-pass turbojet engine
    number of engines (pcs)4
    max take-off thrust (International Standard Atmosphere, Í=0) (kg)4 ő 16000
    bypass ratio4,4
    ICAO standards complianceApp.16, Ch.3

    Weights and Volumes
    max take-off weight (t)210
    max payload (t)60
    max fuel tanks capacity (liter)109500

    cruise speed (km/h)830-850
    range with payload (km)of 60t – 4000
    of 40t – 6300
    flight altitude (m)9000-12000
    take-off run (m)1800
    landing run (m)990

    flight crew5

    Dimensions (cargo compartment)
    length including the ramp (m)31,14
    width (m)3,45
    height (m)3,4
    volume (m3)400

    Service Life
    calendar30 years
    flight hours30000

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