Palazzi Pontifici - I

The Sistine Hall of the Vatican Library - 71K

The Sistine Hall - Left view - 314K

The Sistine Hall : The ceiling - 330K

The Sistine Hall : Right view - 333K

The Sistine Hall : Detail - 305K

The Gallery of Maps - 307K

The Gallery of Maps - Small image - 51K

Sala Ducale - 250K

Guard review in Sala Ducale - 39K

Pope John Paul II - 223K

Swiss Guard in Sala Ducale - 331K

Sala Ducale : Detail - 229K

Sala Ducale : Detail - Small image - 18K

Sala Ducale - Small image - 20K

The Court of Saint Damasus - 34K

The Court of Saint Damasus : Left view - 227K

The Court of Saint Damasus : Right view - 239K

View of the Loggias on the Court of St. Damasus - 82K

One of Bramante's Loggias in the Court of Saint Damasus - 174K

Loggia built by Bramante - Small image - 11K

The Loggia decorated by Giovanni Da Udine - 268K

The Loggia decorated by Giovanni Da Udine - Small image - 23K

The Audience Hall - 250K

The Audience Hall - Small image - 42K

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