Bill Williams

18405-17828Bill Williams (May 21, 1915 – September 21, 1992) was an American television and film actor. His son, William Katt (The Greatest American Hero), is also a successful actor.
Born William H. Katt in Brooklyn, New York, Williams’ most notable role was in the successful early 1950s western television series, The Adventures of Kit Carson, which ran for a total of 104 episodes over 4 seasons in syndication (1951–55). He also played Federal Agent Martin Flaharty in The Scarface Mob (1959), the pilot film for the hit crime series The Untouchables. In the series, his role was taken over by Jerry Paris.
In 1960, He played Bill Greer, an ex-frogman in bill_williamsAssignment: Underwater, which ran for one season in syndication. He also appeared in an assortment of roles in the Perry Mason TV series, which his wife co-starred with Raymond Burr, as well as appearances in other TV shows and films through the 1980’s.
He was married to Barbara Hale from 1946.
For his contribution to the television industry, Bill Williams has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame located at 6161 Hollywood Blvd.
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