Devon Sawa

Devon Edward SawaDevon Edward Sawa was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on September 7 1978. Being born in early September would make his astrological sign virgo. He was born to the proud parents of Joyce and Edward Sawa, soon to be joined by a younger brother and sister (Brandon, Stephanie). Devon is a blonde hair, blue-eyed cutie who currently is 6′ tall and weighs 170lbs.
Some of you may not know this, but Devon started out as a model. What a fine one at that! He began his spectacular career by landing the part of real-life Casper in the movie Casper. His next movies were Little Giants, Now and Then, Night of the Twisters, and The Boys Club. Devon soon landed a cover shot on thousands of teen magazines.Devon Sawa Girls were going wild over the humble Canadian cutie. Ahhh… some things never change!
In 1997, Devon starred opposite Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Scott Bairstow in Wild America. The movie that would soon land Devon in pure spotlight. Feeling overwhelmed by the almost over-night success, Devon decided he needed a much needed break. He was virtually unseen for a year and a half before filming Around the Fire, Idle Hands, and The Guilty. With all three movies, Devon gave jaw-dropping performances proving once and for all he was more than a pin-up boy.
Two years later, Devon jumped back into acting, giving terrific performances in Final Destination, Slackers and a year later, the action film Extreme Ops. With a pattern to peculiar fans, Devon seems to be nowhere scene as of now, but his upcoming movie, Extreme Dating will be sure to shatter Devon’s abscence sooner or later!
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