Edward Woodward

Edward WoodwardEdward Albert Arthur Woodward OBE (born 1 June 1930, Croydon) is an English actor and singer.
Originally a Shakespearian stage actor, he is best known for his role in the 1960s-1970s spy series, Callan, for the 1973 film The Wicker Man and the 1980 Australian biographical film drama Breaker Morant, and his lead role in the 1980s American television series The Equalizer.
Woodward made his film debut in the 1955 screen adaptation of R. F. Delderfield’s play, Where There’s a Will.
He then made occasional appearances, until taking the role of the repressed, Edward Woodward olddevout Christian Police Sergeant Neil Howie in the chilling occult thriller The Wicker Man in 1973. Many critics have cited the final scene in The Wicker Man as one of the greatest visual shots in cinema history. Woodward was offered a cameo role in the 2005 remake, but declined, even though he said he thought the script was very well written.
He also appeared in the 1982 film Who Dares Wins, a.k.a. “The Final Option” as Commander Powell.
Woodward played the title role in the 1980 Australian biographical film drama Breaker Morant, which was highly acclaimed and his presence brought the film to global notability.
Edward Woodward Woodward also had a supporting role in the 2007 action comedy, Hot Fuzz.
Woodward has been twice married, first to Venetia Mary Collett (actress Venetia Barrett) (1952-1987). They had two sons: Tim Woodward (born 1953) and Peter Woodward (born 1956), both of whom became successful actors, as well as a Tony Award-nominated actress daughter, Sarah Woodward (born 1963). His second marriage was to actress Michele Dotrice, the daughter of his contemporary Roy Dotrice, in 1987. They have one daughter, Emily Beth.
Always an active actor, Woodward underwent triple bypass surgery in 1996 and quit smoking after two heart attacks. In February 2003 it was announced that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His hobbies have included sword collecting, acting, and gem polishing.