Gene Hackman

Gene HackmanEugene Allen “Gene” Hackman (born January 30, 1930) is an American actor. He came to fame in 1967, after his performance as Buck Barrow in Bonnie and Clyde earned him his first Oscar nomination; he went on to appear in Hollywood films playing major roles, including Popeye Doyle in The French Connection, Harry Caul in The Conversation, Norman Dale in Hoosiers, Agent Rupert Anderson in Mississippi Burning, Little Bill Daggett in Unforgiven, Lex Luthor in Superman (plus two of its sequels), Edward “Brill” Lyle in Enemy of the State, Captain Frank Ramsey in Crimson Tide, Joe Moore in Heist and Admiral Leslie McMahon Eugene Allen "Gene" HackmanReigart in Behind Enemy Lines.
At 26 years old, Hackman decided to become an actor, and joined the Pasadena Playhouse in California. It was there that he forged a friendship with another aspiring actor, Dustin Hoffman. Already seen as outsiders by their classmates, Hackman and Hoffman were later voted “The Least Likely To Succeed.” Determined to prove them wrong, Hackman hopped on a bus bound for New York City. A 2004 article in Vanity Fair described how Hackman, Hoffman and Robert Duvall were all struggling actors and close friends while living in New York City in the 1960s. Hackman was working as a doorman when he ran into an instructor whom he had despised at the Pasadena Gene Hackman oldPlayhouse. Reinforcing “The Least Likely To Succeed” vote, the man had said “See Hackman, I told you you wouldn’t amount to anything.” Hackman began performing in several off-Broadway plays. Finally, in 1964, he had an offer to co-star in the play Any Wednesday with actress Sandy Dennis. This opened the door to film work. His first role was in Lilith, with Warren Beatty in the leading role. Another supporting role, Buck Barrow in 1967’s Bonnie and Clyde, earned him an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor. In 1969 he played a ski coach in Downhill Racer, and an astronaut in Marooned. Also In 1969 he played the role of a member of a barnstorming Skydiving team, that entertained mostly at county fairs. The Gypsy Moths is consider by hard core Skydivers & BASE jumpers to be the best movie to date on the Extreme Skydiving lifestyle.
Hackman’s first wife was Faye Maltese. They had three children, Christopher Allen, Elizabeth Jean, and Leslie Anne, but the couple divorced in 1986 after 30 years of marriage. In 1991, Hackman married Betsy Arakawa. They live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Betsy is co-owner of an upscale retail home-furnishing store in Santa Fe, called Pandora’s, Inc.
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