George Sanders

George Henry SandersGeorge Henry Sanders (3 July 1906 – 25 April 1972) was an Academy Award-winning English film and television actor.
On 27 October, 1940 Sanders married Susan Larson. They divorced in 1949. From later that year until 1954 Sanders was married to Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor (with whom he starred in the 1956 film Death of a Scoundrel after their divorce). On 10 February 1959 Sanders married actress Benita Hume, widow of actor Ronald Colman. She died in 1967.
His autobiography Memoirs of a Professional Cad was published in 1960 and gathered critical praise for its wit. Sanders suggested the title A Dreadful Man George Henry Sandersfor his biography, which was later written by Sanders’ friend Brian Aherne and published in 1979.
Sanders’ last marriage was on 4 December 1970 to Magda Gabor, the older sister of his second wife. This marriage lasted only six weeks, after which he began drinking heavily.
In his later years Sanders suffered from bewilderment and bouts of anger, worsened by waning health. He can be seen teetering in his last films, owing to a loss of balance. According to the biography written by Aherne he also had a minor stroke, which is likely why Sanders’ speech sounds impaired in the low-budget horror film Psychomania, his last film performance. Sanders couldn’t bear the notion of losing his health or needing help from someone else and he became deeply saddened. At about this time Sanders found he could no longer play his grand piano, which he dragged outside and smashed with an ax. His last girlfriend, who was Mexican and much younger than him, asked Sanders to sell his beloved house in Majorca, Spain and he felt bitter regrets after having done so. From then on he drifted.
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