Jared Leto

Jared LetoJared Leto (born December 26, 1971) is an American actor and musician. His first major acting performance was as Jordan Catalano in the television series My So-Called Life. This led to a film career, including a critically acclaimed portrayal of a drug addict in Requiem for a Dream. Additionally, Leto is the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter of the rock band 30 Seconds to Mars.
Aside from his film career, Jared Leto is the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and sole songwriter of the band 30 Seconds to Mars along with his brother, Shannon Leto, on drums. They started the band in 1998 and have released two albums: their eponymous debut 30 Seconds to Mars and 2005’s A Beautiful Lie. They began opening for other bands and started their first ever headlining tour, Forever Night Never Day, in March of 2006. In May 2007, they started touring Europe, as the opening act for Linkin Park. In August 2008, Virgin Records filed a Jared Leto nude$30 million lawsuit against Jared and 30 Seconds To Mars, claiming the band refused to deliver three albums as required by its contract. According to the lawsuit, the band “repudiated” a 1999 contract in July. In late April 2009 the lawsuit with EMI was annulled and 30 Seconds To Mars decided to re-sign with Virgin Records. They have also promised to have their third album This Is War out sometime in 2009.
Leto is a vegetarian and especially mentions this in interviews where he talked about his increase of weight for the film Chapter 27 (alongside Lindsay Lohan) in which he plays John Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman. He gained more than 60 pounds for this role.
He is set to star in the film Mr Nobody playing the role of the eponymous Nemo Nobody. The film is set to be released in May of 2009.
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