NEWARK, N.J. – Out of the ominous fury of the Devil’s Playground, destiny struck with a vengeance. After colliding with World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk in the demented Hell in a Cell structure at the pay-per-view of the same name, The Undertaker emerged victorious, claiming his seventh World Championship amid a grueling mixture of aggression, mayhem and unforgiving steel.  Match photos

Hell in a Cell has often been regarded by many in the WWE Universe as The Deadman’s personal realm of horror. And in an epic battle of mutual mass destruction, the legendary Superstar ultimately reigned supreme, unleashing his wrath of darkness upon the war torn Punk. From the opening bell, the entire Prudential Center was glued the edge of their seats as each moment of the monumental clash proved more intense than the brutality that had come before it. Then, just when it looked like neither warrior could take anymore, The Straightedge Champion’s optimistic hopes of triumph quickly turned to nightmares as The Phenom suddenly blasted him with an earth-shattering Tombstone, putting the final nail in the coffin of Punk's reign. For the first time, The World Heavyweight Championship has changed hands inside the Cell. It's only fitting that such a precedent would be set by The Demon of Death Valley with his most devastating weapon.

Just weeks earlier at WWE Breaking Point, the two Superstars stood at the center of one of the most shocking controversies in the history of the World Title. Just when it looked like The Undertaker had dethroned CM Punk by utilizing the much-feared submission maneuver Hell's Gate, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long came forth to instruct referee Scott Armstrong to restart the match, calling the hold illegal. Punk soon locked The Undertaker in the Anaconda Vise. Although The Phenom clearly did not tap out, Armstrong quickly called for the bell, signaling The Undertaker had indeed submitted. The decision stunned not only The Deadman, but sent shockwaves through the entire WWE.

Five days later on SmackDown, Long admitted to a “pre-planned conspiracy” involving himself, Armstrong and Punk to prevent The Undertaker from becoming World Champion.

Earlier that night, Mr. McMahon had instructed Teddy on what to say regarding the controversy, and what might happen if he doesn’t say the “right” thing. But, The Chairman wasn’t the only one who wanted to have a word with Teddy. Before the night ended, The Deadman would take Teddy on a limo ride to hell.

It wasn’t until the following week’s SmackDown that Long was heard from again – when he was found bound and gagged in a coffin! After being freed by CM Punk, Long revealed that Punk would face The Undertaker at Hell in a Cell – and that Hell’s Gate would now be legal. Punk found a way to escape The Deadman’s wrath by defeating him by count-out in a match later that same night. However, he would soon discover that there would be nowhere to hide once he was trapped inside the 20-foot high, five ton, steel structure  at WWE’s newest pay-per-view, Hell in a Cell.

The Undertaker secured his retribution in a structure as legendary as the championship gold he now carries. And despite a championship showing, CM Punk walked out of Newark without his title, suffering the full-force of The Deadman’s rage. Will the self-proclaimed "Second City Saint" ever be the same again?