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The OpenSolaris community is fortunate to have a number of distributions available for all to enjoy. We are always looking for new distribution projects! If you know about an OpenSolaris-based distribution project, that is not listed here, please email <mailto:distribution-discuss AT opensolaris DOT org> and let us know!

Community Distributions

These distribution projects showcase some of the excellent talent and ideas of our members. We are proud to have them be part of our community!

  • AuroraUX
    • AuroraUX is an OpenSolaris distribution with a focus on High Integrity Scientific Computing. The core of the project are its utilities written in Ada.
  • BeleniX
    • BeleniX is a *NIX distribution that is built using the OpenSolaris source base. It is currently a LiveCD distribution but is intended to grow into a complete distribution that can be installed to hard disk.
  • EON
    • EON (Embedded ON) NAS (Network Attached Storage) is an OpenSolaris distribution focused on turning commodity hardware into an NAS appliance.
  • Jaris
    • Jaris is a distribution based on OpenSolaris that boots from LiveDVD and LiveUSB. The name "Jaris" means "Japanese Solaris." Many well-known applications for Microsoft® Windows™ run under an original software application named Madoris that is based on Wine.
  • Korona
    • Korona is a KDE-focused OpenSolaris distribution that provides all of the same content as normal OpenSolaris releases, but uses KDE instead.
  • MartUX mBE
    • MartUX BlastwaRe Edition is the first non-SXCR OpenSolaris distribution that is available both for SPARC and for x64/x86. It is currently available as LiveDVD, co-bundled with tons of useful CommunitySoftWare packages in /opt/csw.
  • MilaX
    • MilaX is a small size Live CD distribution which runs completely off a CD or a USB pendrive. It is based on Solaris Nevada and includes its basic features. What originally started as an experiment to see how much Solaris software could fit in miniCD eventually became a full-fledged OpenSolaris distribution. It can be installed on storage media with small capacities, like bootable business cards, USB flash drives, various memory cards, and Zip drives. MilaX is free to use, modify and distribute.
  • NexentaOS
    • NexentaOS is a complete Debian-based free and open source operating system built on top of the OpenSolaris kernel and runtime. NexentaOS integrates OpenSolaris (SunOS kernel) and Open Source Software (OSS) applications; aiming to create a foundation that combines the best of both worlds.
    • OSUNIX is an OpenSolaris technology based operating system that is entirely community driven, committed to building an entirely free and open source distribution and push innovation to the edge while still being stable and secure. Our community is small but fast growing with a core group of dedicated developers that slowly encompass all aspects of the operating system.
  • PulsarOS
    • PulsarOS is a OpenSolaris based Network-Attached Storage (NAS)/Homeserver distribution. The goal? To create a distribution like FreeNAS or Openfiler for OpenSolaris for home use. The philosophy? PulsarOS is kept simple. No need for thousands of configuration options. I addition, PulsarOS is focused on minimal storage and system requirements. PulsarOS is the perfect distribution for Intel's Atom or VIA's mini-itx processors. Combined with an IDE-CF adapter or small flash module it's silent and "green".
  • SchilliX
    • SchilliX is an OpenSolaris based UNIX Live CD and distribution for the x86, x64 and EM64T architectures. It was also the first community distribution to be released.
  • StormOS
    • StormOS is the first desktop distribution based on Nexenta Core Platform which combines the power of the Solaris kernel with the ease of use of Ubuntu. It aims to be a lightweight OS with everything the average user would want out-of-the-box.

Sun Distributions

These distributions are produced and maintained by Sun Microsystems, Inc. in coordination with the OpenSolaris community:

  • OpenSolaris 2009.06
    • The OpenSolaris Operating System is a binary distribution with a regular six-month release cycle offering the latest features for next generation Solaris. It includes features like a new network based package management system (IPS), new LiveCD installer, and new innovations such as network virtualization with Project Crossbow. OpenSolaris is available for x86/x64 and SPARC. See Getting Started wth OpenSolaris 2009.06 for more details, and visit to learn how this release can benefit you.
  • Solaris Express Community Edition
    • Bi-weekly developer builds of the entire code base that is the current development release of the Solaris OS. This is Sun's unsupported binary release of OpenSolaris. Developers can build the OpenSolaris source by using this release as the base system. The release is also known as O/N Nevada it's updated every two weeks, and it's available as a free download. Refer to Solaris Express Documents for detailed information about this SVR4 release delivered every two weeks.