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Head Trip

A Free Mini-Adventure Companion to the Living Force Campaign Guide

Living Force Campaign Guide

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It is a hive of scum and villainy. In the floating city of Tolea Biqua, everyone has a price and everything is for sale. The information vendor and scavenger Ginder the Bimm has a particularly juicy item available for sale, and an increasing desire to unload it. A number of factions of the Cularin system are interested in the item, but not all of them want to pay the price . . .

Head Trip is an adventure for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game designed for four to six 5th-level characters. The heroes are offered an item that several other groups want as well -- groups that won't take "no" for an answer. Head Trip is set on Genarius, a gas giant in the Cularin system, in the Rise of the Empire era. With slight modifications, it may be adapted easily for other locations and eras. The Living Force Campaign Guide will enhance your enjoyment of the adventure but is not required for play.

Note that while Head Trip takes place in the setting established in the Living Force Campaign Guide, the events, places, and individuals in this adventure don't come from the RPGA's ongoing Living Force Campaign. The Cularin system holds a wealth of possibilities for exciting adventures, and Gamemasters shouldn't feel constrained by the Living Force Campaign when designing their own home games. Head Trip is an example of how to put your own spin on the setting.

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