Michael Gaynor column
Michael J. Gaynor, born in New York in 1949, has been practicing law in New York for more than thirty years. A member of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, he is now a solo practitioner and admitted to practice in the New York State courts, the United States District Court for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

In 1969 Gaynor graduated magna cum laude, with honors in Social Science, from Hofstra University's innovative New College, then a three-year program supported by the Ford Foundation.

In 1972 Gaynor received his doctorate of jurisprudence degree from St. John's University School of Law, where he was in the top 10% of his class. He won the American Jurisprudence Award in Evidence and served as an editor of the Law Review and the St. Thomas More Institute for Legal Research. He wrote an article on the Pentagon Papers case for the Law Review and two articles on obscenity law for The Catholic Lawyer, in addition to overseeing the Law Review's commentary on significant developments in New York law, then called "The Quarterly Survey of New York Practice."

The day after graduating from St. John's Law School, Gaynor joined Fulton, Walter & Duncombe, a Manhattan law firm with offices at Rockefeller Center. Gaynor worked with that firm, first as an associate and then as a partner, through 1996. He engaged in general practice, involving corporate law, federal and state litigation, mergers and acquisitions, trusts and estates law, tax law, and other areas of law, on behalf of the firm's clients, including International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., Carvel Corporation, Tenneco Inc., UniWorld Group, Inc., and Palisades Geophysical Institute, Inc., as well as substantial charitable organizations, other corporations and individuals.

In 1997 Gaynor and Emily Bass formed the law firm of Gaynor & Bass. For more than five years, Gaynor & Bass conducted a general legal practice, emphasizing litigation, and represented corporations, individuals and a New York City labor union. Notably, Gaynor & Bass prevailed upon appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in a seminal copyright infringement case, Tasini v. New York Times, against newspaper and magazine publishers and Lexis-Nexis. The United States Supreme Court affirmed, 7 to 2, holding that the copyrights of freelance writers had been infringed when their work was put online without permission or compensation. Bass, as a solo practioner, had filed the case on behalf of a group of freelance writers, and the United States District Court had granted the defendants' motion for summary judgment on liability.

Gaynor has written articles and letters on political, legal and religious issues for The National Law Journal, Legal Times, The New York Law Journal, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, Newsday, The Washington Times, Long Island Catholic, National Journal, and Time. He is a regular columnist at www.MichNews.com, www.renewamerica.com, www.webcommentary,com and www.postchronicle.com and has contributed to www.catholiconline.com, www.capitolhillcoffeehouse.com, www.catholiccitizens.org, www.yourcatholicvoice.com, www.intellectualconservative.com, www.starrjournal.com, www.therant.us, www.peoplepolitical.com and www.salon.com.

In 2005, Gaynor appeared as a guest on "Your World With Cavuto" (FOX Cable) to promote the eBay boycott that he initiated (see www.boycottebay.org/reports.html) and "The World Over With Raymond Arroyo" (EWTN) to discuss the legal implications of the tragic Terri Schiavo case. He can be contacted at GaynorMike@aol.com.

Why is Fox News still promoting Marcel Reid and her ACORN 8?
Michael Gaynor
October 9, 2009

Doesn't Fox News know that the leaders of the ACORN 8 (Ms. Reid and Karen Inman) were complicit in the decision not to pursue legal action against ACORN founder . . .

ACORN 8 defender rants about Michelle Malkin, Anita Moncrief, and me
Michael Gaynor
October 7, 2009

Thesubpoena just issued by the Louisiana Attorney General stated that "the exact account of the embezzlement was....recently acknowledged in a board of . . .

The rest of the story about the Kingsley Report on ACORN
Michael Gaynor
October 2, 2009

Part of a page of the Kingsley Report that Ms. MonCrief was shown by Ms. Reid was covered, however, and now page 14 is missing. That should set off alarm bells, . . .

Anita MonCrief & BigGovernment.com team up. Obama & ACORN, beware!
Michael Gaynor
September 28, 2009

God DID bless America: Ms. MonCrief has been telling the truth we need to know. Thanks to the sting, more and more people are likely to pay careful attention!  . . .

The facts about ACORN/Obama/NYT Steny Hoyer needs to know
Michael Gaynor
September 23, 2009

Ms. MonCrief, an observant, computer savvy, young black single mother who was inside "the belly of the beast," turned to the light and chose to do what's right, . . .

Expose the WHOLE Obama/ACORN relationship
Michael Gaynor
September 18, 2009

Americans need (1) to pursue the whole truth about corrupt, criminal ACORN until they fully understand it and Obama and (2) to prevent the implementation of the . . .

The decline and fall of ACORN (and Obama too)?
Michael Gaynor
September 15, 2009

With ACORN criminality having been recently exposed in videos, Fox News and especially Beck are being urged to present Ms. MonCrief to explain ACORN's political . . .

President Obama, outwardly respectful but reprehensibly radical; Congressman Wilson, rude but right
Michael Gaynor
September 12, 2009

Like the child who said that the Emperor was not wearing any clothes, Congressman Wilson was correct. God bless The Pray in Jesus Name Project for succinctly . . .

Despite liberal mainstream media, ACORN and Obama are being exposed
Michael Gaynor
September 10, 2009

Bottom line: Since its creation, ACORN has been a subversive organization that has served for years as an unofficial arm of the Democrat Party and President . . .

Honduras supports rule of law, infuriating the Obama administration
Michael Gaynor
September 8, 2009

Judge Obama by his actions, not by his rhetoric, and beware! Don't be misled on what happened in Honduras: the Honduran military did NOT arbitrarily take . . .

The lesson about the liberal media establishment from the Van Jones resignation
Michael Gaynor
September 6, 2009

Let's uncover and spread the whole truth about Obama, not just his appointees! Vile "Green Jobs" "Czar" Anthony "Van" Jones dutifully resigned over the Labor . . .

Obama conned voters, Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett are "his people"
Michael Gaynor
September 4, 2009

The exposure of Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett is exciting, but don't let it distract from the main problem Obama's radicalism by disgusting detail about . . .

Raymond Arroyo exposes the Ted Kennedy-as-devout-Catholic myth
Michael Gaynor
September 1, 2009

People who watched Senator Kennedy's wake, funeral Mass and burial were deliberately led to believe that Senator Kennedy was a devout Catholic, not a Catholic . . .

Glenn Beck boldly battles Team Obama-inspired sponsor boycott with facts and questions
Michael Gaynor
August 25, 2009

Presenting information about Obama's "czars" will be a valuable public service, but more is needed to thwart the Obama administration's plan to transform center . . .

Reality: America's still center-right while Obama and Pelosi are far left
Michael Gaynor
August 20, 2009

The plan for Obama to transform America to suit those Marxist professors he favored is not being rubberstamped by the American . . .

The upcoming Fox News specials on ACORN
Michael Gaynor
August 17, 2009

"ACORN is eligible for untold millions more in taxpayer funds from the trillion-dollar stimulus package that President Obama signed into law in February 2009 . . .

The problem is Obama, not "Obamaphobia"
Michael Gaynor
August 14, 2009

Obama is the problem, not the solution, and he's President due to ACORN and liberal media pollution. "The Rising Stakes of Obamaphobia," by John L. Jackson . . .

Obama, Subverter-in-Chief: from American exceptionalism to immoral, mediocre America?
Michael Gaynor
August 10, 2009

The liberal media establish shamelessly sold Obama instead of scrupulously scrutinizing him. Abraham Lincoln closed his Gettysburg Address with the hope . . .

Michelle Malkin and Culture of Corruption can't be discredited
Michael Gaynor
August 6, 2009

It's an awesome book, because it combines substance and style and sets forth what the liberal media establishment does not report that Americans need to know.  . . .

Why President Obama tells you to look ahead hopefully, not back or closely
Michael Gaynor
August 2, 2009

President Obama apparently finds consistency less foolish than hypocrisy, secrecy and actual transparency. Chris Matthews of NBC and MSNBC astonishingly . . .

Michelle Malkin exposes Obama's culture of corruption, extols ACORN whistleblower Anita Moncrief
Michael Gaynor
July 29, 2009

In the book's acknowledgements, Ms. Malkin gave "special thanks to Anita MonCrief for her enormous courage and vigilance on ACORN corruption . . .

Wise Wendy Long & Stuart Taylor v. "wise Latina" Sonia Sotomayor
Michael Gaynor
July 22, 2009

Judge Sotomayor is eminent, and her confirmation seems imminent, but will America's best interests be served by elevating a Latina who even as a federal judge . . .

"MsPlaced Democrat" misplaced her trust and misreported on ACORN scandal
Michael Gaynor
July 20, 2009

Don't confuse ACORN "troops" with United States Marines or Marcel Reid with Rosa Parks or demand perfection from a penitent person who eventually found the . . .

Judge Sotomayor's lucky Ann Coulter isn't on the Senate Judiciary Committee
Michael Gaynor
July 15, 2009

Judge Sotomayor's comedy routine about judges making policy but not admitting it refers to judicial activism disguised as judicial determination, not appellate . . .

Judge Sotomayor's record should be scrutinized, not whitewashed or ignored
Michael Gaynor
July 12, 2009

Is Judge Sotomayor a wise impartial judge dedicated to the rule of law or a passionate, partisan Latina who will use instead of follow the law when the . . .

Obama apologist Douglas Kmiec is no longer pro-life
Michael Gaynor
July 6, 2009

Professor Kmiec's political effectiveness is dependent upon his continued insistence that he IS still pro-life. That way he confers a bit of respectability and . . .

Why "Publius" authored the Federalist Papers
Michael Gaynor
June 28, 2009

It should be noted, I believe, that (1) Alexander Hamilton probably originated the successful "Publius strategy" for urging the ratification of the Constitution . . .

ACORN 8 played Glenn Beck very deftly
Michael Gaynor
June 23, 2009

Sharing the whole truth with and being fully transparent to and accountable to the public are NOT on the ACORN 8 agenda. It's a good thing that Glenn . . .

Sean Hannity: Heed Hannity Forum posters at last, interview ACORN whistleblower Anita Moncrief fast
Michael Gaynor
June 15, 2009

There's no dispute that Sean Hannity ardently argued that Obama was radical and unfit to be President of the United States and wisely warned voters against . . .

Lindsay v. APFA: a case of tremendous importance to the rule of law
Michael Gaynor
June 11, 2009

American Airlines and the union leadership in the Lindsay case spent nearly six years fighting the employees' attempts to claim the benefit of the rule of . . .

"The fierce urgency of now" leads to decisions based on ignorance, not full awareness
Michael Gaynor
June 8, 2009

Since a United States Supreme Court Justice is NOT term-limited, the United States Senate should NOT allow President Obama to obtain a hasty rubberstamping of . . .

Obama fiction antidote: ACORN whistleblower Anita Moncrief telling the whole truth
Michael Gaynor
June 4, 2009

To Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and anyone else with an important platform: interview at length Ms. MonCrief, or else Americans will . . .

NYT Public Editor Clark Hoyt can't kill the ACORN/Obama/NYT story
Michael Gaynor
May 31, 2009

"The Factor" got a detail wrong, but the essential story right. What matters is the truth. The entire voicemail confirms that The Times DID 'kill[] a story." Ms . . .

Stand up for constitutional fidelity, stop Judge Sotomayor
Michael Gaynor
May 27, 2009

The only issue is whether Judge Sotomayor would interpret the law and the Constitution instead of making up the law and depriving "We the people" of the right . . .

The war between the New York Times and Bill O'Reilly and the truth
Michael Gaynor
May 19, 2009

If Ms. Strom had been allowed to go to Washington, D.C. to meet with Ms. MonCrief and to obtain documents, and then been allowed to write the truth about the . . .

The empath-in-chief versus the Bible on judges
Michael Gaynor
May 14, 2009

President Obama is rejecting the Judeo-Christian tradition on the role of judges. Deuteronomy 1:17 says, "Do not show partiality in judging; hear both small . . .

Glenn Beck's supporting the ACORN 8
Michael Gaynor
May 12, 2009

ACORN was out for power from the start and not concerned about legalities, much less niceties. Glenn Beck is focusing on the scandal that is ACORN in a big . . .

The truth about ACORN will prevail SOON
Michael Gaynor
May 7, 2009

This coming Mother's Day should be especially memorable. ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) has been riding high with its . . .

Stop Obama and Sotomayor from rewriting instead of respecting law
Michael Gaynor
May 4, 2009

The winning strategy is making the truth about Obama, ACORN and The New York Times generally known. The truth is that (1) President Obama is NOT the moderate . . .

ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief's blog
Michael Gaynor
April 27, 2009

Ms. MonCrief has truth to tell that ACORN, the liberal media establishment led by The New York Times and, yes, President Obama and his successful presidential . . .

Will ACORN's favorite president socialize America?
Michael Gaynor
April 23, 2009

On September 12, 2008, New York Times national correspondent Stephanie Strom emailed ACORN whistleblower (and then confidential Strom source) Anita MonCrief: ". . . .

Times public editor seeking facts about Times killing ACORN-Obama expose before 2008 election from ACORN whistleblower Anita Moncrief
Michael Gaynor
April 21, 2009

Is Mr. Hoyt surreptitiously pursuing discovery for Times lawyers instead of seeking the answer to the question, "Did Times editors tell Ms. Strom to 'stand down . . .

The First Amendment affords conscience protection to religious persons as well as atheists
Michael Gaynor
April 16, 2009

American health care professionals who, because of religious scruples, are unwilling to participate in abortion deserve at least as much consideration as alien . . .

God and "Christian America" will survive Newsweek editor Jon Meacham too
Michael Gaynor
April 14, 2009

America's Constitution prescribes no religious test for office, but the institutional separation of church and state established by America's Founders means . . .

Times reporter Stephanie Strom's dilemma
Michael Gaynor
April 7, 2009

The reported killing of the story that might have been "a game changer" caused Ms. MonCrief to permit me to identify her. Ms. MonCrief had long wanted the truth . . .

Missing seconds from the explosive audiotape played on "The O'Reilly Factor"
Michael Gaynor
April 3, 2009

Expect the whole audio to be available online by Monday, April 6, thanks to Ms. MonCrief. When it comes to exposing bias and blatant news management, I'm . . .

Bill O'Reilly exposes New York Times ACORN news management during 2008 presidential campaign
Michael Gaynor
April 1, 2009

Tragically, due to the bias of the liberal media establishment in general and The New York Times in particular, not nearly enough voters knew what they needed . . .

What New York Times did NOT report about ACORN, Obama, and itself
Michael Gaynor
March 20, 2009

What ARE very newsworthy, but not yet much known, are the pre-Election Day 2008 relationship between Ms. MonCrief and The New York Times and the shameless, but . . .

New York Times malicious news management in the Duke case
Michael Gaynor
March 16, 2009

The truth eventually prevailed in the Duke case, notwithstanding The New York Times, and in time, more truth about New York Times news management will . . .

Vilifying Ann Coulter is wrong way to seek "Mr. Far Right," Meghan McCain
Michael Gaynor
March 13, 2009

Having voted for John Kerry in 2004 and switched her registration from independent to Republican as a birthday present for her then presidential hopeful father . . .

Obama would transform recession into depression
Michael Gaynor
March 10, 2009

Tragically, many have been fooled by Obama's rhetoric and manner and erroneously assumed that he was moderate because his rhetoric and manner contrasted so . . .

Fate of foreign journalists in Iran
Michael Gaynor
March 5, 2009

Please demand that Ms. Saberi be immediately allowed to leave Iran safely, like Ms. Raddatz, and pray that Ms. Saberi is not another raped fatality like Ms. . . .

The education of ACORN whistleblower Anita Moncrief
Michael Gaynor
March 3, 2009

There's nothing more dangerous to the liberal Democrat leaders than an intelligent African-American man who thinks for himself, except an intelligent young . . .

We need the WHOLE truth about ACORN, Obama, and NYT
Michael Gaynor
March 1, 2009

The financially challenged New York Times, leader of the liberal media establishment, desperately needed Obama to win, so it not only ran a phony scandal story . . .

Decision time for United States bishops on pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians
Michael Gaynor
February 23, 2009

The gauntlet has been thrown, and it was thrown by Speaker Pelosi. Speaker Pelosi is continuing to choose to obstinately (and publicly) persist in manifest . . .

Pope gives Pelosi pre-excommunication warning
Michael Gaynor
February 20, 2009

By visiting Pope Benedict and then issuing the public statement she issued after the meeting, Pelosi has made it imperative for her bishop to begin . . .

Alas, ACORN 8 can't have it all
Michael Gaynor
February 17, 2009

In the last of the 2008 presidential debates then candidate Obama conveniently lied about his relationship with ACORN and the liberal media establishment . . .

From ACORN-generated financial crisis to ACORN-generated depression?
Michael Gaynor
February 13, 2009

The American people as a whole, Democrats included, won't insist that matters be set right unless and until the whole story of ACORN's relationship to now . . .

Obama's promoting socialism and judicial activism
Michael Gaynor
February 12, 2009

The secret of President Obama's success is combining audacity, a pleasant demeanor, a talent for subterfuge, a willingness to pander shamelessly and the . . .

Obama "stimulus" plan fails Reagan "trust, but verify" test
Michael Gaynor
February 4, 2009

Will New York's senior Senator, Chuck Schumer, tell President Obama that the United States Senate was designed to be "a cooling saucer" and remind him that he . . .

President Obama and the activist judge threat: beware
Michael Gaynor
February 3, 2009

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. President Obama took an oath to uphold the United States Constitution when he was inaugurated as the 44th . . .

ACORN 8's dilemma
Michael Gaynor
February 1, 2009

Unless the public discovers the whole truth, ACORN will not become "the most incredible, honorable, respected organization it can be" and those who cover up the . . .

The best path for the GOP
Michael Gaynor
January 30, 2009

The Republican Party needs to teach history to all of the American people as well as never forget it, because the liberal media establishment has not been . . .

The ACORN 8: In the nick of time or too late?
Michael Gaynor
January 29, 2009

ACORN needs reform, truth and transparency...and its political and media allies should be exposed and inspected, not encouraged and protected. The ACORN 8 . . .

Federal billions for ACORN's insidious campaign to socialize America?
Michael Gaynor
January 28, 2009

The whole story of ACORN, its political machinations and its allies in both government and the media has not yet been told. The sooner it is told, the better.  . . .

Obama didn't "turn a corner," Father Groeschel
Michael Gaynor
January 26, 2009

Catholic clerics, including bishops, need to obey canon law. That means refusing Communion to Speaker Pelosi, Vice President Biden, Senators Kerry and Kennedy . . .

Pray for change of Obama's attitude toward torturing the unborn
Michael Gaynor
January 23, 2009

If terrorists should not be tortured, surely the unborn should not be tortured. It is undisputed that President Obama campaigned on hope and called for . . .

"Take this" taunting
Michael Gaynor
January 22, 2009

If the former President should not have publicly challenged terrorists to "bring it on," surely Mr. Brokaw and Ms. Brezezinski should not make the job of the . . .

Beware Duke case revisionist history and political correctness spin
Michael Gaynor
January 21, 2009

Alas, political correctness run amok has contaminated America's education system at all levels Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitiz recently chose . . .

America's Declaration deserves devotion, not revision, Mr. President
Michael Gaynor
January 19, 2009

There is no doubt that the Declaration of Independence contemplated the creation of an independent nation "under God," not a secular extremist society.  . . .

Rest in peace, Father Richard John Neuhaus
Michael Gaynor
January 11, 2009

Wikipedia: "Richard John Neuhaus (May 14, 1936 January 8, 2009) was a prominent American churchman (first a Lutheran pastor, later a Roman Catholic priest) . . .

Laura Ingraham v. Michael Newdow on public God reference
Michael Gaynor
January 7, 2009

The First Amendment means that an atheist or agnostic cannot be compelled to say "So help me God" or "under God." It does NOT mean that "So help me God" must be . . .

God belongs at presidential inaugural ceremonies
Michael Gaynor
January 4, 2009

In what Gwen Ifill calls "the Age of Obama," will Newdow's sinister efforts fare better? Once against, atheist Michael Newdow is asserting that his atheist . . .

Will a United States Senate seat be stolen with ACORN help?
Michael Gaynor
December 20, 2008

"Then one heavily Democratic town miraculously discovered 100 missing ballots. And, in another marvel, they were all for Al Franken! It was like a completely . . .

REALLY expose ACORN, Anita MonCrief!
Michael Gaynor
December 18, 2008

What is needed, Ms. MonCrief, is an expose of what The New York Times knew, when it knew it and what it did (and did not do) with what it knew. It's . . .

Whistleblower Anita MonCrief's warning to New Yorkers
Michael Gaynor
December 11, 2008

Anita MonCrief: "Watch out New York! ACORN has been operating as a de facto arm of the Democratic Party for years, and while I am a ardent democrat, I believe . . .

Jefferson would NOT ignore constitutionally prescribed presidential qualifications
Michael Gaynor
December 9, 2008

If the Presidency is being hijacked by a usurper, pretending that all is well is the first step on the road to hell. Warner Todd Huston's latest article,  . . .

Individual bishops are NOT above canon law
Michael Gaynor
December 8, 2008

Ironically, it is Bishop Malooly (and those like him) who are "politiciz[ing] the Eucharist," permitting sacrilege and public confusion and sowing confusion . . .

Will the President-elect nominate radicals for the bench?
Michael Gaynor
December 3, 2008

Mr. Taylor's considered judgment: "Barack Obama and his advisers should now reflect on scary things that the judges demanded by his liberal base might do . . .

"Same-sex marriage": corrupting AND oxymoronic
Michael Gaynor
December 2, 2008

"There are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God's plan for marriage and family. . . .

Mr. President-elect, don't fool with the law on terror
Michael Gaynor
November 30, 2008

If the Obama administration arrogantly disregards the implications of the Mumbai attack and foolishly fails to heed the advice of the Attorney General and Mrs. . . .

Is the President-Elect blackmail-able over his birth certificate?
Michael Gaynor
November 26, 2008

It IS cause for concern that the President-Elect is hiding his birth certificate and the logical questions presenting themselves are, why is the President-Elect . . .

Pernicious Planned Parenthood proving principled Father Neuhaus right
Michael Gaynor
November 23, 2008

I am NOT sure that now President-Elect Obama really shares the same hope for a "pluralistic and free society" of Father Neuhaus, but I am sure that the . . .

How Cardinal Egan helped president-elect Obama win
Michael Gaynor
November 11, 2008

Cardinal Egan helped the President-Elect pass the acceptability test and the result was that the President-Elect did what the baptized Catholic 2004 Democrat . . .

Obama win does not excuse ACORN sin
Michael Gaynor
November 9, 2008

"A forensic audit and the investigations will aid in proving my allegations. I also have documents to back up my claims. I have put myself out there in order to . . .

America is still center-right, Mr. President-elect
Michael Gaynor
November 6, 2008

Obama is virtually certain to put judicial activists on the United States Supreme Court if the opportunity is presented and to put many of them federal . . .

Why Obama won and McCain lost
Michael Gaynor
November 5, 2008

ACORN succeeded in making their man, Obama, president, because not enough voters learned what ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief knew, that ACORN is "a corrupt . . .

Will ACORN steal the presidency for its man, Obama?
Michael Gaynor
November 4, 2008

Voter, Obama is "the Senator from ACORN" and he's been lying to you about his ties to it. That should be all you need to know. Whistleblower Anita MonCrief's . . .

Anita MonCrief: Obama supporter and exposer, ACORN whistleblower and blogger
Michael Gaynor
November 2, 2008

Are you really surprised that "the Senator from ACORN" lied? Idealistic Anita MonCrief wants ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) to . . .

Ann Coulter's right, Stuart Taylor
Michael Gaynor
November 1, 2008

There's plenty that is worrisome about unscrutinized and media-protected Obama. Ayers' wife and Obama's wife were at the same big Chicago law firm together . . .

Save America's Constitution, stop Obama
Michael Gaynor
October 30, 2008

The Soviet Union lost the Cold War to the United States and collapsed, but its allies in America's educational institutions have been teaching our children what . . .

Why Obama and ACORN fear Anita MonCrief
Michael Gaynor
October 28, 2008

Bottom line: ACORN has been improperly coordinating with and operating as an arm of the Obama campaign, and "the Senator from ACORN"'s involvement with ACORN . . .

John Fund: Do the expose BEFORE the election this year. Please
Michael Gaynor
October 27, 2008

It's 2008 and Election Day is nearly upon us. So it's time for Mr. Fund to report what's really been going on this year, while it is helpful to those voters who . . .

"Margy the Teacher" appreciated the ACORN threat
Michael Gaynor
October 24, 2008

Obama has ACORN's endorsement...and he deserves it. But Obama is not fit to be President of the United States. "Margy the Teacher" knew what ACORN  . . .

ACORN whistleblower: Obama's third strike?
Michael Gaynor
October 22, 2008

To the list of Obama's "A" problems (Alinsky, Ayers, ACORN), add Anita. It's been an exciting presidential campaign. A rookie United States Senator with . . .

Biden rightly warns of crisis if Obama wins
Michael Gaynor
October 21, 2008

Obama is ACORN's man, a fellow who avoided military and Peace Corps service and instead became a community organizer, an associate attorney with Miner, Barnhill . . .

Does NYT know MORE about Obama/ACORN?
Michael Gaynor
October 20, 2008

It's time for a whistleblower to blow the whistle on ACORN and Obama. Would The New York Times NOT report some things voters should know and instead spin for . . .

Voters: scrutinize instead of swallow Obama lies
Michael Gaynor
October 19, 2008

Voters need to scrutinize instead of to swallow all those Obama lies. Hawaiian emailer: "I'm a Catholic too, and utterly frustrated by the nuns at the school . . .

Time for October Surprise to expose Obama lies
Michael Gaynor
October 18, 2008

Obama's statement "My only involvement I've had with ACORN was I represented them alongside the U.S. Justice Department in making Illinois implement a motor . . .

Obama used New York Archdiocese, Archdiocese let him
Michael Gaynor
October 17, 2008

I was concerned when I learned that the New York Archdiocese has instructed parish priests not to permit distribution of the Priests for Life voters guide on . . .

The rise and fall of the Obama campaign
Michael Gaynor
October 15, 2008

If you believe Obama's protestations of ignorance about Ayers' terrorist background, you've been brainwashed. The Obamas are not oblivious. Will Obama win, . . .

A fearless, frank father preaching to his flock
Michael Gaynor
October 14, 2008

Facts that don't fit within the forms of appetites of the media get ignored. Rev. Msgr. Ellsworth R. Walden, pastor of St.Patrick's Church in Smithtown, New . . .

The race must (and will) be won for McCain
Michael Gaynor
October 13, 2008

The upcoming presidential election is much too important for us to indulge McCain. Election Day 2008 is three weeks away. Then America's voters will have . . .

Obama's ACORN: A Corrupt Organization of Revolutionary Nuts
Michael Gaynor
October 9, 2008

Bowing to ACORN's political power and thuggish tactics resulted in many of the bad loans that resulted in the current financial crisis and Congressional . . .

McCain still can win, by exposing Obama and ACORN
Michael Gaynor
October 8, 2008

It would be the height of irony for Obama. "the Senator from ACORN," to benefit from the financial crisis that his kind of thinking created with his personal . . .

Senator McCain, stop being too civil
Michael Gaynor
October 7, 2008

When it came to scrutiny of Obama, the mainstream media was largely AWOL and their pro-Obama bias has been persuasive as well as palpable. So if you want to . . .

Will the biased media brainwash you about Palin?
Michael Gaynor
October 6, 2008

Who is dangerous the woman who eventually replaced an insubordinate subordinate who had not fired her state trooper ex-brother-in-law for misconduct...or a . . .

Obama Democrats caused and prolonged the financial crisis
Michael Gaynor
October 5, 2008

Voter ignorance is the biggest advantage for Obama and the Democrats, much bigger than voter fraud. When a detective wants to find who committed a crime, . . .

Michelle Malkin was right about ACORN, of course
Michael Gaynor
October 3, 2008

ACORN, a key culprit in the current economic mess, made Obama a local, statewide and national political success, but awareness of what ACORN really is and how . . .

Voters: Remember, the president nominates federal judges
Michael Gaynor
October 2, 2008

Voters, YOU are responsible for picking the person who will nominate justices and judges. Do you want United States Supreme Court Justices who will strike  . . .

ACORN should be Obama's undoing
Michael Gaynor
October 1, 2008

Why not vote for Obama? Obama is Far Left extremist ACORN's guy! That's a huge reason why! We will never know exactly how many fraudulent votes ACORN will be . . .

Beware Obama, "the senator from ACORN"
Michael Gaynor
September 30, 2008

To disorganize is "to destroy or interrupt orderly structure or function." Obviously the orderly function of the credit and financial markets has been . . .

Elections and media double standards and duplicity
Michael Gaynor
September 29, 2008

Like McCain and UNlike Obama, Powell had put in a career of service to his country before pursuing a political career and thereby earned trust from the American . . .

Blame Obama's ACORN for the financial crisis
Michael Gaynor
September 28, 2008

Prior to law school, Barack Obama worked as an organizer for their affiliates in New York and Chicago. He always has been an ACORN person meeting and working . . .

Stuart Taylor wants an honest newspaper!
Michael Gaynor
September 24, 2008

The Times should change its slogan from "All the news that's fit to print" to "All that fits our agenda." Like Diogenes looking for an honest man, Stuart . . .

Professor Kmiec can't make Obama voteworthy
Michael Gaynor
September 22, 2008

Faithful Catholics will NOT vote for Obama, unless they are deceived or confused. Pepperdine Professor Douglas W. Kmiec is the author of "Can a Catholic . . .

Will there be a reverse Bradley effect?
Michael Gaynor
September 19, 2008

Team Obama's excuse for losing, or not winning bigger, as the case may be, will be white racism, of course. Wikipedia: "The term Bradley effect... refers . . .

God's country or Obama country?
Michael Gaynor
September 18, 2008

Washington not only used the phrase 'under God,' but gave us one of the earliest known references to the rights of the 'unborn.' That's right! George Washington . . .

Sarah Palin IS a woman and a good mom!
Michael Gaynor
September 17, 2008

Unfortunately, if Professor Doniger is typical, "liberal" education at the University of Chicago is ugly indoctrination by those who lament "our own shameful . . .

Stuart Taylor's moderation doesn't suit abortion
Michael Gaynor
September 16, 2008

When it comes to continuing to pretend that there is supposed to be a constitutional right abortion, however, Mr. Taylor recently took a "moderate" approach and . . .

McCain, not Obama, would bring critically important change
Michael Gaynor
September 14, 2008

Tragically, Obama's years at Harvard Law School apparently taught him that judges are robed politicians empowered to implement their personal political . . .

Law profs promoting lecturer Obama
Michael Gaynor
September 12, 2008

In fact, Obama has never been a constitutional law professor. (He's been a lecturer and law professors know the difference.) Unfortunately, big media bias in . . .

Obama campaign self-destructing
Michael Gaynor
September 11, 2008

If Michelle Obama had been a hockey mom who used lipstick and used Palin's "lipstick" line at the Democrat National Convention and then McCain had remarked that . . .

Save America's judiciary from judicial activists
Michael Gaynor
September 10, 2008

Because the next President is likely to choose Justices that will determine the outcome of important cases for the next generation, the stakes for the Supreme . . .

Unapologetic Sally Quinn's Holy Communion abuse
Michael Gaynor
September 8, 2008

It does not appear that Ms. Quinn treated the Russert funeral Mass as a photo op, but it does appear that she should have known that her reception of Communion . . .

Barack didn't plan on McCain's "barracuda"
Michael Gaynor
September 4, 2008

To those determined to force "Sarah Barracuda" off the Republican ticket: LIKE THE ELECTION OF OBAMA AS PRESIDENT, IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Rookie United . . .

Pro-abortion politicians are not above church law
Michael Gaynor
September 3, 2008

Now Speaker Pelosi has become more powerful and more brazen. Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver: "Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a gifted public . . .

VP selections made, make it McCain/Palin
Michael Gaynor
September 2, 2008

Veteran naval officer and veteran United States Senator John Sidney McCain has a huge advantage over Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., a rookie United States Senator . . .

Have the Katrina lessons been learned?
Michael Gaynor
August 27, 2008

Hopefully, the City of New Orleans, the State of Louisiana and the United States Government are all much better prepared for a hurricane now than they were then . . .

Dems dissing faithful Catholics again
Michael Gaynor
August 25, 2008

"Fidelis warned late last month that a pro-abortion Catholic choice as a vice presidential candidate would offend many Catholics who have struggled with the . . .

Obama, do the Laura Ingraham Show
Michael Gaynor
August 19, 2008

Since Obama had the audacity to diss Justice Thomas' fitness as a United States Supreme Court Justice, I suggest he man up and debate the subject with Laura . . .

Saddleback Forum exposes Obama as unfit hypocrite
Michael Gaynor
August 18, 2008

Tellingly, Obama slipped and showed his hypocrisy when talking about United States Supreme Court Justices during the Saddleback Forum. Have you been . . .

The Duke case, truth, and politics
Michael Gaynor
August 15, 2008

The Duke case was a Democrat scandal, but the Republican Party did not race to the rescue as it should have done. LieStoppers' cartoonist extraordinaire  . . .

Obama's "guilty" associations
Michael Gaynor
August 14, 2008

Just as the Edwards family was trying to fool the voters about John Edwards' real character, the Obama campaign was trying to fool the voters into believing . . .

Obama's notorious North Carolina supporters
Michael Gaynor
August 12, 2008

One of the important lessons that should have been learned from the Duke case is that voters should NOT reward politicians who play the race card and/or pander . . .

Presumptuousness versus preparation
Michael Gaynor
August 7, 2008

Perhaps someone will point out at the start of the upcoming Democrat National Convention that while Obama meets the constitutional qualifications for President, . . .

Obama's preparing to lose this time
Michael Gaynor
August 3, 2008

The bigger problem is not that voters will not vote for Obama because he's black, but that voters will vote for Obama simply because he IS partly black. An . . .

Rookie Obama's reprehensible race card playing
Michael Gaynor
August 1, 2008

Obama favored death for babies born alive as a result of botched abortions. Obama isn't an airhead (or blonde, or female, or , yes, 100% white). But he's not . . .

Obama's reparations policy
Michael Gaynor
July 30, 2008

Obama on "Meet the Press," July 27, 2008: "The biggest problem that we have in terms of race relations, I think, is dealing with the legacy of past . . .

Presidential requirement: statesmanship, not showmanship
Michael Gaynor
July 29, 2008

Opting for a work out in a top hotel over a private visit with American heroes in a military hospital is A ROOKIE MISTAKE, not a vote getter in America.  . . .

20ish Marie Jon': NOT hypnotized by Obama
Michael Gaynor
July 28, 2008

Marie: "Many people have been awestruck by Barack's suave manners and good looks. However, he does not have the stature of a wise and knowing candidate. With a . . .

Apologies to Martha J. Raddatz & ABC News
Michael Gaynor
July 22, 2008

To critics of pro-Obama media bias, I say: there's more than enough evidence of real bias without making up stuff. Martha J. Raddatz is ABC News' Chief White . . .

Obamas as the Black JFK and Jackie?
Michael Gaynor
July 21, 2008

Do today's American voters know about Barack all that they should? NBC, the Obama network, is shamelessly prompting the Michelle Robinson Obama as the Black . . .

Reject Obama as "change" candidate
Michael Gaynor
July 17, 2008

What America needs is NOT another white president, or a black-and-white president, or a "rock star" president, or a rhetorician president, or a skilled . . .

Jackson-Obama: the rest of the story
Michael Gaynor
July 14, 2008

Jackson did not use the word "castrate," but that was what he was talking about (and he did not indicate that he would use anesthesia or a proper surgical . . .

Blame Dems for the economy not being better
Michael Gaynor
July 11, 2008

The big problem is that the Democrats figured that they needed a recession in order to retake the White House and so they went about trying to create one. On . . .

Time's trying to fool Catholics
Michael Gaynor
July 10, 2008

What a despicable way for Time to refer to consecrated Communion hosts that Catholics believe to have literally been transformed into the Body of Christ and . . .

Obama's enemies: time and truth
Michael Gaynor
July 9, 2008

Team Obama beware: Liberal media bias has not changed, but neither has Stuart Taylor. Ironically, it is Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., the young presumptive 2008 . . .

America's Declaration, religion, and Obama
Michael Gaynor
July 7, 2008

July 4th should have called to mind that America separated from Britain, not God and God's Commandments. Political reality: America is still a religious . . .

Thoughts on the presidential race
Michael Gaynor
July 2, 2008

The media (even Fox) often refers to Obama as a former constitutional law professor, but he was a lecturer, not a professor, and his extreme views on . . .

"Liberal" justices are the judicial law-makers
Michael Gaynor
June 26, 2008

Note to Senator John McCain: The key to winning the United States presidency and taking up White House residency is pledging and promoting constitutional . . .

"I Believe" license plates are constitutional
Michael Gaynor
June 24, 2008

Offering choice is NOT establishing a national religion. Raymond Arroyo, EWTN News Director, host of "The World Over With Raymond Arroyo" and biographer of . . .

No Muslim attire near Obama, please
Michael Gaynor
June 22, 2008

No Muslim women wearing head scarves need apply! These days rookie United States Senator and presumptive 2008 Democrat presidential nominee Barack Hussein . . .

"Whitewashing" Michelle Obama
Michael Gaynor
June 19, 2008

The Obama campaign is trying hard to put criticism of First Lady wannabe Michelle Obama out of bounds, even as she continues to campaign, and to convince the . . .

Bring back Laura Ingraham!
Michael Gaynor
June 18, 2008

Laura Ingraham has been blocked from being on her radio show. There's a great new website dedicated to doing what is right: www.bringbacklaura.com. Its . . .

Great news on the Laura Ingraham front
Michael Gaynor
June 17, 2008

Locking out Laura is bad for (1) Laura, (2) Laura's audience, (3) TRN and (4) America (not in order of importance). Laura Ingraham isn't the only awesome . . .

Habeas rights for Gitmo detainees boost McCain
Michael Gaynor
June 16, 2008

Voting for Obama would be insane. For the sake of America, "one Nation, under God," and constitutional fidelity, it must be McCain! The 5-4 United States . . .

TRN will rue "kicking" Laura Ingraham
Michael Gaynor
June 14, 2008

TRN owes Laura an apology and should hasten to make amends to her. It smells like a management cover up. Quote of the Day at www.lauraingraham.com: "All . . .

Woman of year Laura Ingraham: lady and champ
Michael Gaynor
June 12, 2008

Laura is going through another "trial" that she "never wished upon" herself and foolish TRN management is forcing upon her. Latest message posted at Locked . . .

The people are rallying for Laura Ingraham
Michael Gaynor
June 11, 2008

My call for support for Laura Ingraham to be put back on the air has been answered enthusiastically. Emailers are reporting that they have been letting Talk . . .

Support Laura Ingraham NOW!
Michael Gaynor
June 10, 2008

Let's tell Talk Radio Network's management that we want Laura back on the air NOW People: Laura Ingraham deserves your support. At her website (www . . .

VP drama for McCain and Obama
Michael Gaynor
June 6, 2008

In 2000, the critical state was Florida. In 2004, it was Ohio. In 2008, it will be Michigan. The question of the moment is whether presumptive 2008 Democrat . . .

Democrat presidential contest NOT over
Michael Gaynor
June 5, 2008

Will Obama decide Kenya needs United States assitance in nation-building if he is President? Rookie United States Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is the . . .

Will Obama's presidential dream end soon?
Michael Gaynor
June 4, 2008

Obama is a typical political opportunist with a pleasant demeanor and a gift for soaring (but vague) oratory who happens to be half white and half black and . . .

Obama's lust for the presidency
Michael Gaynor
June 2, 2008

Rookie United States Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is the current frontrunner for the 2008 Democrat presidential nomination because (1) he ran a . . .

Obama's outrageous "religious" advisers
Michael Gaynor
May 31, 2008

Ironically, Obama disassociated himself from Rev. Wright not because Rev. Wright is a bigoted anti-American Black Liberation theologian who said many hateful . . .

Obama's not truthful; media's OK with it
Michael Gaynor
May 28, 2008

The liberal media is so intent on putting rookie United States Senator and current frontrunner for the 2008 Democrat presidential nomination Barack Hussein . . .

Team Obama can't neutralize its Rev. Wright problem
Michael Gaynor
May 23, 2008

Bottom line: Obama is an extremist who was inspired and promoted by Rev. Wright and publicly stood by Rev. Wright as long as it was politically possible and . . .

Obama's fatal weakness with whites
Michael Gaynor
May 21, 2008

Rookie United States Senators and current Democrat frontrunner Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. rightly took a big hit with white voters after the media focused the . . .

Would Obama's election mean Mideast nuclear war?
Michael Gaynor
May 19, 2008

If Obama (already endorsed by Hamas) is elected President in November (instead of someone Israel could trust to support it), between Election Day 2008 and . . .

Twenty inconvenient truths about Barack Obama
Michael Gaynor
May 16, 2008

Obama claimed not to have heard Rev. Wright's most outrageous and incendiary statements, but if he had not heard ABOUT them, why did he "disinvite" Rev. Wright . . .

The crazed Kenyan or the Boyds: your choice
Michael Gaynor
May 13, 2008

As always, Americans have a choice and they will have themselves to blame if they give the crazed Kenyan instead of the Boyds cause to rejoice. My email . . .

A faithful Catholic necessarily won't support Obama
Michael Gaynor
May 11, 2008

On May 2, 2008, Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, responded to rookie United States senator and current frontrunner . . .

Some straight talk FOR John McCain
Michael Gaynor
May 9, 2008

A broken clock is right twice a day and Obamamaniacs occasionally make a valid point. My preference for John Sidney McCain over either of his prospective . . .

Will Team Clinton play the Kenya card?
Michael Gaynor
May 8, 2008

How much do the Clintons want the 2008 Democrat presidential nomination for Hillary? Obviously enough to loan more than $10,000,000 of their personal funds . . .

Police right v. sanctuary city wrong
Michael Gaynor
May 7, 2008

Police officers are people too. The constitutional rights of lawyers are restricted a bit, because practicing law is a privilege, not a right, and that . . .

Viva Raymond Arroyo, faith defender!
Michael Gaynor
May 4, 2008

If all Catholic bishops in the United States faithfully follow unambiguous canon law and papal guidance instead of disregarding it (for whatever reason) and . . .

Obama: not nearly as smart as advertised
Michael Gaynor
May 3, 2008

Unfortunately for the Democrats, the bulk of the elected delegates had been chosen BEFORE the choosers appreciated that Obama was a typical political . . .

Obama's fantastic flip flop won't help
Michael Gaynor
April 30, 2008

People are finding out that Rev. Wright privately prayed with Obama before Obama publicly announced his presidential campaign, but was "disinvited" from . . .

Obama's Rev. Wright fiasco
Michael Gaynor
April 29, 2008

America owes a debt of gratitude to Rev. Wright for being his egotistic, arrogant, extremist self in public now instead of quietly retiring. Rookie . . .

Rev. Wright reveals Obama's lying
Michael Gaynor
April 28, 2008

The most memorable part of the interview by Mr. Moyers was Rev. Wright essentially telling the American people that Obama lied to them in his Race on America . . .

The truth is catching up with Obama
Michael Gaynor
April 26, 2008

Like the boy who cried wolf, Team Obama has been crying racism without justification. Bad News: As Mark Twain famously observed, a lie can go half way around . . .

Dick Morris, Obamaite
Michael Gaynor
April 25, 2008

That his race is hurting Obama is the malicious message that Team Obama is promoting, but it's really a matter of his radical views and lack of military service . . .

Pennsylvania resoundingly rejects Obama!
Michael Gaynor
April 24, 2008

As Obama revealed in his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, written after he became president of the Harvard Law Review but long before a significant number . . .

Barack Obama is no George Washington
Michael Gaynor
April 23, 2008

Who is best qualified to become Washington's next successor as President and Commander-in-Chief Barack, Hillary Clinton or John McCain? Character counts!  . . .

Obama's foolish Philly flop
Michael Gaynor
April 18, 2008

Obama apologists are furiously attacking the questions because their inexperienced candidate did not have good answers, lied and looked unfit for the position . . .

To understand Obama, read Sowell
Michael Gaynor
April 17, 2008

The reality is that Obama is a secular extremist who disdains religion, which James Madison defined as "the duty owned the creator," as an expression of . . .

Obama's NOT a faith candidate
Michael Gaynor
April 16, 2008

The truth is that Obama disdains religion as the refuge of people embittered by economic adversity and genuinely religious people of all faiths except Satanism . . .

Under God, not under Obama
Michael Gaynor
April 15, 2008

No one fit to be President of the United States would try to "separate us from 'the God who gave us liberty'" or disparage religion as something to which . . .

Despicable Duke, Durham defendants defaming Charles Cooper, Esq.
Michael Gaynor
April 12, 2008

The political correctness hypocrites at Duke and in Durham are blameworthy, not blameless, but they sure are shameless. The powers that be at Duke University . . .

Stuart Taylor's disillusionment with Barack Obama
Michael Gaynor
April 8, 2008

Reality: Obama is a typical politician who happens to be half-white and half-black posing as America's savior. Stuart Taylor, Jr., America's best legal . . .

Obama's embedded message
Michael Gaynor
April 6, 2008

As a young presidential candidate with no military or executive experience and short on legislative accomplishment, Obama must be long on "hope" and "change" . . .

Hillary C. came clean, not Barack Obama
Michael Gaynor
April 4, 2008

The truth is that (1) Obama is not above playing racial politics or fabricating for perceived political advantage, (2) the leftist media is vigorously promoting . . .

The Obama as savior and unifier myth
Michael Gaynor
April 2, 2008

Do you think that a man who thinks of pregnancy and the birth of a baby as punishment is a person who will save America and bring Americans together? If you . . .

Obama fabricated, Hillary embellished
Michael Gaynor
March 31, 2008

Hillary's exaggeration of the danger she faced in a war zone is topped by Obama's whopper that the Selma marchers somehow inspired his black father and white . . .

Reaction to "The Other Rev. Wright Scandal"
Michael Gaynor
March 28, 2008

The American people deserve much better from the mainstream media and if they don't insist on it, they won't get what they think they deserve from government . . .

The other Rev. Wright scandal
Michael Gaynor
March 26, 2008

The other Rev. Wright scandal is the politically correct media's failure to have exposed the pathetic Obama-Wright relationship long before the Iowa caucuses.  . . .

Obama became a shameless race candidate
Michael Gaynor
March 24, 2008

Rev. Wright did not simply foolishly use racist language, like Imus. Rev. Wright is a racist hater who's proved it many times. Obama is a political opportunist . . .

Obama does NOT "transcend race"
Michael Gaynor
March 21, 2008

Barack finally condemned in general terms the outrageous statements made in sermons by his spiritual mentor and pastor (without "disowning: him) as a matter of . . .

Barack Obama won't "disown" Rev. Wright
Michael Gaynor
March 19, 2008

Sadly, Barack shamelessly used his maternal grandmother for political purposes, as though she was a political prop instead of a person. Barack Hussein Obama . . .

Geraldine Ferraro was right, Mr. D'Souza
Michael Gaynor
March 18, 2008

As the truth about Barack's ties to Rev. Jeremiah A. "God damn America" Wright, Jr." permeates the public consciousness, it seems that Barack is, at best, a . . .

The audacity of Barack Obama and Rev. Wright
Michael Gaynor
March 17, 2008

It turned out that Senator Obama, his wife Michelle, their Obamamaniacs and Rev. Wright all had a rude awakening coming their way and it appears to have come in . . .

Better to be Obama than O'Bama
Michael Gaynor
March 15, 2008

If Barry O'Bama, a white man of Irish ancestry, had been the President of the Harvard Law Review, moved to Chicago to live and work, married another Harvard Law . . .

Obama campaign: politically correct sensationalism
Michael Gaynor
March 14, 2008

In these heady days of the Obama campaign, inconvenient facts aplenty have been ignored and when Geraldine Ferraro opined that race and gender were working FOR . . .

Geraldine Ferraro: fighting Obamamania
Michael Gaynor
March 13, 2008

"The true irony of all of this is that even though his wife, supporters and himself speak of all this equality and living the dream of MLK...the Obama frenzy is . . .

Barack Obama lauded by Marxists
Michael Gaynor
March 11, 2008

Unsurprisingly, Marxists from Africa to the Americas are lauding young Barack Obama as their "agent of change." The Soviet Union collapsed, but Marxists did . . .

SNL highlights Obama's fatal flaw
Michael Gaynor
March 10, 2008

Barack's fatal flaw is the likelihood that America's enemies around the world would perceive him as weak and act accordingly. Reality: Rookie United States . . .

Superdelegates or Obama slaves?
Michael Gaynor
March 7, 2008

Superdelegates were provided for to exercise judgment, not to serve as a rubberstamp for the majority of elected delegates. The Democrat Party has . . .

What's the truth about Barack Obama's Kenyan connections?
Michael Gaynor
March 6, 2008

Is "Grandma" Sarah Obama a genuine convert to Christianity, a religious flip flopper or a Christian impersonator with a political agenda? Whatever it is, the . . .

Barack Obama's alleged Christianity
Michael Gaynor
March 4, 2008

If Barack really thinks he's a devout Christian, he's deluded...or was indoctrinated. Barack Obama, Pied Piper of Hope and Change, claims to be a devout . . .

Despicable Duke defaming Charles J. Cooper, Esq.
Michael Gaynor
March 3, 2008

The Duke Defendants are trying to shut down the www.dukelawsuit.com website by claiming that Mr. Cooper violated the rules of professional conduct applicable to . . .

Duke has nerve, no shame
Michael Gaynor
February 29, 2008

After what Duke did to those team members, and especially after Duke failed to let the court know in the now dismissed state court proceeding that it had turned . . .

Barack Obama: THE media favorite
Michael Gaynor
February 28, 2008

This year, the problem is not white backlash but black "frontlash": 90% of black Democrats are supporting Barack instead of Hillary and polling indicates that . . .

More on Mrs. Obama's thesis
Michael Gaynor
February 26, 2008

America's voters need to know why Louis Farrakhan, the head of the Nation of Islam, praised Barack Obama at the annual Nation of Islam conference as "the hope . . .

Like David Duke, Michelle Obama put color first!
Michael Gaynor
February 25, 2008

Michelle essentially confessed in her thesis that she was a Blacks Firster: "Earlier in my college career, there is no doubt in my mind that as a member of the . . .

What's Princeton concealing for Michelle Obama?
Michael Gaynor
February 23, 2008

Whichever, there's little doubt that the void in Michelle left by a lack of pride in America and gratitude for affirmative action was filled by suspicion of . . .

YES!!!! Wronged lacrosse players suing Duke!
Michael Gaynor
February 22, 2008

Duke has been in cover up/move on mode for "good" reason: The truth about Duke is ugly. It was much more than "hardly blameless"; it was complicit and utterly . . .

Times slimes, time to back Mac
Michael Gaynor
February 21, 2008

With McCain the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and First Lady hopeful Michelle Obama having publicly spoken the truth about having lived more than . . .

Michelle Obama: wrong for first lady
Michael Gaynor
February 20, 2008

"There is still a lot of hard work that we as a country need to do. They can't look to any one individual, whether it's Barack or it's the next new hope that's . . .

Reactions to my Obama articles
Michael Gaynor
February 18, 2008

"...I am glad to see that someone is zeroing in on Obama. He has obviously been groomed for this run at the presidency. He is so popular BECAUSE he speaks in . . .

Who's best prepared to be president?
Michael Gaynor
February 17, 2008

It's time for McCain and Romney to team up for America's sake and make sure the voters don't pick as President a person who is far from ready for the job  . . .

Stopping Barack Obama's Happy Talk Express
Michael Gaynor
February 15, 2008

Barack won't be so liked when the folks learn about his reprehensible view on infanticide, the racist views of the man he has chosen to be his "Christian" . . .

Investigate Barack's Kenyan connections!
Michael Gaynor
February 14, 2008

With Joe Klein in the tank for Barack and Dick Morris calling Odinga a client, the whole story has not been told and, for America's sake, it better unfold (very . . .

Who's behind Barack?
Michael Gaynor
February 13, 2008

Who IS behind Barack? And will we find out who is behind Barack in time, or will Barack and his backer(s) beat the clock and become America's first . . .

Beware Barack Obama and Geraldo Rivera
Michael Gaynor
February 11, 2008

Barack is so extreme that he used his position as a committee chairman when he served briefly in the Illinois Senate to block a bill that would have given the . . .

Nifonging in Miss.: Miss. Sup. Ct., right 11-year wrong NOW!
Michael Gaynor
February 10, 2008

Instead of continuing to dawdle, the justices of the Supreme Court of the State of Mississippi, if they want to help remove the stench around the State's . . .

McCain-Romney in 2008!
Michael Gaynor
February 9, 2008

Suggestion: Mitt should follow up on the suspension of his campaign by formally endorsing McCain and McCain should announce that Mitt's his vice presidential . . .

Ed Whelan v. Ann Coulter
Michael Gaynor
February 7, 2008

There is powerful historical precedent for Ann's approach...the Reagan Revolution. If conservatives had elected "moderate" Gerald Ford in 1976, the fiasco . . .

NOT "Gang of 14" leader John McCain!
Michael Gaynor
February 6, 2008

NONE of the members of the "Gang of Fourteen" (the Senate clique that preserved the Senate filibuster of judicial nominees in 2005 by joining together and . . .

McCain's "luck": clownish Huck
Michael Gaynor
February 5, 2008

For McCain, Huck's not a spoiler, but the conservative divider, consciously. For conservatives to let the Republican presidential nomination go to John . . .

Think Supreme Court, then vote Mitt Romney
Michael Gaynor
February 4, 2008

Ironically, the Justices that McCain publicly claims to favor Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito, Jr. . . .

Mitt Romney, NOT John McCain
Michael Gaynor
February 3, 2008

Voters CAN constitutionally vote for or against Mitt because he's a Mormon, or Hillary because she's a woman, or Barack because he's black, but they SHOULD NOT. . . .

McCain, politically opportunistic liar
Michael Gaynor
February 2, 2008

McCain's true attitude toward Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. recently became public and McCain is lying about it! Some of John McCain's alleged conservatism is . . .

McCain stopped putting duty, honor, and country first
Michael Gaynor
February 1, 2008

Unfortunately, heroism does not immunize a person from developing character faults with age as a result of overwhelming personal ambition or greed. Yes, John . . .

Barack's no TR, JFK, or even BC
Michael Gaynor
January 29, 2008

When Ted Kennedy enthusiastically endorsed Barack Hussein Obama for President of the United States, Ted (1) chided Harry Truman for saying that JFK was too . . .

Have you no shame, Senator McCain?
Michael Gaynor
January 27, 2008

Is McCain a liar, or too old to know what he's doing? Either way, he's not fit to be president. I am surprised how Florida's Republican primary has developed . . .

Ann Coulter resoundingly rejects McCain
Michael Gaynor
January 26, 2008

Ann Coulter did take her sweet time before endorsing Mitt Romney for President, but she's been making up for it quickly. First, as I detailed in an earlier . . .

The phony "Catholic" politicians problem
Michael Gaynor
January 25, 2008

Phony "Catholic" politicians, regardless of political affiliation, are to be deplored, and their attempted sacrilege and public scandal must be resisted, not . . .

The case for Mitt Romney: economy, judges
Michael Gaynor
January 23, 2008

When it comes to the economy and judges, Mitt's the One! Bad economic news highlights the need for a President with the credentials of Mitt Romney, not . . .

DSI lawyers zealously defend too, KC
Michael Gaynor
January 22, 2008

Professor Robert KC Johnson became a zealous supporter of the Duke Three as well as a harsh critic of Duke's despicable Group of 88 and, eventually, Duke . . .

Mitt's the one, and why
Michael Gaynor
January 21, 2008

Mitt Romney won a majority of the votes cast in Nevada, about four times as many as his nearest rival got. His nearest rival was Congressman Ron Paul, not . . .

Ann Coulter: Make it Mitt
Michael Gaynor
January 19, 2008

Ann Coulter is conservative, Christian, clever, caustic and comical (not necessarily in that order). Apologies are not Ann's strong suit, but Ann just issued . . .

Will DNA Security Defendants win dismissal?
Michael Gaynor
January 18, 2008

Fortunately, Dr. Meehan's May 12, 2006 report signaled that not all results had been included in it and the defense appreciated it, sought the underlying . . .

GOP contest truth: Mitt's winning
Michael Gaynor
January 17, 2008

Mitt Romney has been winning, but the media has refused to admit it and helped his less Reaganesque rivals, John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Rudy . . .

Ann Coulter versus Mike Huckabee
Michael Gaynor
January 16, 2008

Voters need to take a few minutes to reflect: Huck CAN disarm with his country boy charm, but he's what Laura Ingraham called him a huckster and no match . . .

Senator McCain's basic flaws
Michael Gaynor
January 15, 2008

After Mr. Levin noted that McCain is trying to recast himself as more conservative now that he is seeking the GOP presidential nomination, Senator Santorum . . .

Duke scandal: We now need disclosure, not closure
Michael Gaynor
January 12, 2008

The wronged should be compensated, of course, but, even more importantly, the truth about the way Duke treated the members of the 2005-2006 Duke University Men . . .

Obama: snarky, sadistic too
Michael Gaynor
January 11, 2008

Senator Obama became Illinois' junior United States Senator instead of Ambassador Keyes, but Ambassador Keyes' challenge to him induced Senator Obama to . . .

Salute to Comeback Coot and Comeback Pantsuit
Michael Gaynor
January 10, 2008

The thought of a President Hillary Clinton "lost, awash in self-pity and confused by failure" won't keep her from winning the Democrat presidential nomination, . . .

Mitt Romney coming on
Michael Gaynor
January 8, 2008

Mr. Huckabee finally sat next to Mr. Romney at the Fox News forum for Republican presidential candidates and there were exchanges between the two of them that . . .

Where's the beef, Barack?
Michael Gaynor
January 6, 2008

The audacity is author and presidential aspirant Barack Hussein Obama's arrogant assumption that he's fit to be president and, with the media's help, enough . . .

Dems want Repubs to nominate Huckabee
Michael Gaynor
January 5, 2008

Evangelicals pleased to vote for a co-religionist need to be smart if they want to have the secularization of America trend reversed instead of have a Democrat . . .

Beware Mike Huckabee, another Hope, Arkansas, huckster
Michael Gaynor
January 2, 2008

Another Man from Hope (Arkansas) is betting that he can fool enough of the people into believing him a sincere saint instead of a smarmy snake oil salesman . . .

"Nifonging" Mitt Romney is wrong, too
Michael Gaynor
December 27, 2007

Nifonging must be stopped in politics as well as criminal justice. Mitt Romney too deserves fair consideration and the Mormon bashers who would deprive him of . . .

America's religious heritage
Michael Gaynor
December 26, 2007

Of course, the First Amendment's Establishment Clause was intended to protect against the establishment of any particular national religion (including the one . . .

America's holy war today
Michael Gaynor
December 22, 2007

A candidate may chose to highlight his or her religious values and views, or not; a voter may inquire about a candidate's religious values and views; and a . . .

Three Dukies versus "the Consortium"
Michael Gaynor
December 20, 2007

The case filed by the three Dukies offers an opportunity to discover much more of the truth about the ugliness in Durham in particular and in North Carolina in . . .

Terry Eastland on Mitt Romney
Michael Gaynor
December 18, 2007

To his credit, Mr. Romney made it clear in his "Faith in America" speech that he did not have a dilemma, because he chose his religion over political . . .

National Review endorses Mitt Romney
Michael Gaynor
December 12, 2007

Unlike some other candidates in the race, Romney is a full-spectrum conservative: a supporter of free-market economics and limited government, moral causes such . . .

Duke case: Confront evil at Duke
Michael Gaynor
December 10, 2007

The remedy is for the unindicted players to litigate their claims against Duke and thereby bring public attention to how Duke misbehaved, instead of waiting and . . .

Mitt Romney: pro-Constitution, anti-secular extremism
Michael Gaynor
December 7, 2007

Thanks be to God for Mitt Romney, his faith in God and America and his fidelity to America's Constitution. ________________________________________ America . . .

Mitt Romney: right for America
Michael Gaynor
December 4, 2007

Mr. Romney's values are right for America and he's running for President, not Pastor. Voters should realize that, but it is for the voters to decide. _________ . . .

Rudy Giuliani: "I am not a sneak"
Michael Gaynor
November 30, 2007

Given Rudy's adulterous history, Rudy insisting that he's not a sneak should be an impossible sell to those familiar with it, but Rudy's trying hard anyway. __ . . .

Richard Brodhead, rebuked book reviewer
Michael Gaynor
November 29, 2007

What a shame that Mr. Brodhead came to Duke based on the notion that he was a great scholar. ________________________________________ "Revenge is mine," . . .

Mitt Romney, yes; Rudy and others, no
Michael Gaynor
November 27, 2007

"'The Boss,' as his aides call him, inspired extraordinary loyalty and repaid it. He elevated a streetwise N.Y.P.D. detective named Bernard Kerik through the . . .

Duke case: Dr. Meehan, witting or unwitting accomplice?
Michael Gaynor
November 26, 2007

In a state where there is no statute requiring a transcript of grand jury proceedings even now, is it a shock that a statute might be held by a federal court . . .

Duke case: Dr. Brian Meehan's hearing testimony
Michael Gaynor
November 20, 2007

Often the truth is hard to find and everyone on one side in a great struggle is not quite ivory pure and not everyone on the other side is evil, even though . . .

Hardball touts McCain, tolerates anti-Mormonism
Michael Gaynor
November 16, 2007

The Senator has his mom's support, of course, and she's surely entitled to opine that her son is the only qualified candidate. But Mrs. McCain went on to . . .

Laura Ingraham views the surge clearly
Michael Gaynor
November 14, 2007

I DO know that after her successful cancer treatment, Laura went to visit American and Iraqi troops and to do her radio show from Iraq. She did not stay in a . . .

Duke case: The perils of PC exposers
Michael Gaynor
November 13, 2007

The Duke case was about a false gang rape claim and the victimization of the players resulting from that false claim and the reaction to it by the local . . .

Duke case: Rebutting KC Johnson
Michael Gaynor
November 12, 2007

I stated that Mr. Bannon's characterization of a letter by Dr. Meehan that I had quoted in full (so readers could judge for themselves) was "NOT a fair . . .

Legal persecution in Indiana finally ends
Michael Gaynor
November 10, 2007

INDIANA NEEDS TO MAKE AMENDS! ________________________________________ The Duke case was a horror for the innocent suspects and their families and friends, . . .

Hill v. Mitt still on course
Michael Gaynor
November 8, 2007

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney: "America is under attack from almost every direction. We have been attacked by murderous terrorists.... Our . . .

Duke case: DNA security, liable or not?
Michael Gaynor
November 7, 2007

I also note a four-letter word used by Dr. Meehan in the second sentence of his answer: "just." Apparently Mr. Nifong told Dr. Meehan to do what Dr. Meehan . . .

Duke case: The Chronicle supports Brodhead!
Michael Gaynor
November 6, 2007

The lacrosse case did not magnify Mr. Brodhead's character. Instead, it revealed that he lacked character. The discussion of Mr. Brodhead's lacrosse case . . .

Richard Brodhead: Move out, not on
Michael Gaynor
November 5, 2007

We don't know precisely how bad he is, but suffice it to say that what we know he did was "bad enough" for him to be sent packing. ____________________________ . . .

Exposing the grave political correctness danger
Michael Gaynor
November 4, 2007

Bias in favor of the idea that, well, the privileged white male athletes are accused of abusing the poor black woman, we love that. It's in synch with all of . . .

Duke case: Federal investigation, finally?
Michael Gaynor
November 2, 2007

According to Concerned Citizen, AAG Coman told her that the accuser needed to be locked up so she could never harm anyone else ever again. ____________________ . . .

Secular extremism dictating military funeral procedure!
Michael Gaynor
November 1, 2007

Genuflecting to secular extremism and political correctness extremism, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs opted to end the tradition of reciting . . .

John Jay v. JFK on religious influence
Michael Gaynor
October 31, 2007

Voters should know a candidate's attitude toward religion and religious values. They are not voting for a minister, but they need to decide who is good and who . . .

Duke case: Sure Sam Hummel sure was wrong
Michael Gaynor
October 30, 2007

To all you lucky recipients of email, group or individual, related to the Duke case, from Sam Hummel, read them again, carefully, with the benefit of hindsight, . . .

Duke case: Dukeblues44 and Impersonator
Michael Gaynor
October 28, 2007

IF Sam, then Duke's Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, sent those e-mails, especially the incendiary one used by the prosecution to manipulate public . . .

The threat of sacrilegious and scandalous "San Francisco values"
Michael Gaynor
October 27, 2007

America's Constitution prohibits a religious test for public office, of course, but the Founders were secular moderates, not secular extremists, and they . . .

Mike Brown: Disaster expert wrongly vilified again
Michael Gaynor
October 25, 2007

Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg News, March 3, 2006: "We got it all wrong, and by we I mean everyone except President George W. Bush. By comparison to other . . .

Laura Ingraham's not fooled by Rudy Giuliani
Michael Gaynor
October 23, 2007

Rudy does not really make himself a conservative by calling himself one. Or having gone to Catholic school with the head of The Catholic League. Or having . . .

Richard Brodhead: Duke's prize "pig in a poke"
Michael Gaynor
October 22, 2007

Until Proven Innocent: "Confronted with a crisis of epic proportions, with Duke's hard-won reputation at risk, he [Brodhead] faced his ultimate test of courage. . . .

Duke case: Is there more?
Michael Gaynor
October 21, 2007

If Ms. Mangum is not to be prosecuted, she at least should explain whether anyone discussed with her which innocent young men she should pick before she finally . . .

Duke case: Did Duke already pay $10,000,000+?
Michael Gaynor
October 20, 2007

I think Mr. Taylor's "opinion" that Duke confidentially settled with the Duke Three for $10,000,000 is correct and that's not a nuisance settlement. Hopefully, . . .

Duke case: If Joan Foster's finished, LieStoppers's diminished
Michael Gaynor
October 18, 2007

Brilliant, beautiful "Joan" IS the best. Not because she is brilliant, or beautiful, or both. Because she is genuinely GOOD. __________________________________ . . .

Duke case: Barry Saunders defending Duke
Michael Gaynor
October 17, 2007

It takes both sides to make a confidential settlement, of course. I abhor confidential settlements in cases in which society has an important interest in the . . .

Duke case: It's best to dread Richard Brodhead
Michael Gaynor
October 16, 2007

Legendary Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski to Duke University President Richard H. Brodhead, September 18, 2004: "When you leave Duke, Dick, your book won . . .

Laudable LieStoppers: Philip Wood's miracle
Michael Gaynor
October 14, 2007

LieStoppers: folks with good reason to be anonymous dedicating themselves to and taking risks for strangers in need, because it is the RIGHT thing to . . .

Rudy Giuliani's unreported debate blunder
Michael Gaynor
October 12, 2007

Think about it carefully: it doesn't make sense to expect a man who favors abortion and sees stare decisis as a straightjacket to appoint justices who will . . .

Parsing the Duke lacrosse suit
Michael Gaynor
October 11, 2007

To those Durhamites trying to assure themselves that the case is a legally baseless act of vindictiveness on the part of three Catholic families who should be . . .

Rank racial hypocrisy at deplorable Duke
Michael Gaynor
October 9, 2007

Duke too needs to be investigated for racial discrimination and suits by unindicted players against Duke are the paths to needed reform as well as compensatory . . .

Duke: Steel and Brodhead both must go
Michael Gaynor
October 6, 2007

...it was bad enough for both President Brodhead and Chairman Steel to be sent packing. The truth is that the Duke administration first took inappropriate . . .

Mitt Romney, Marx was right!
Michael Gaynor
October 5, 2007

Mitt, make the next Thanksgiving a Thanksgiving for all of us to remember. It's the way to win the presidency in the following November. ______________________ . . .

Duke case: Impeach President Brodhead!
Michael Gaynor
October 4, 2007

For Duke to move on, Mr. Brodhead must be gone. ________________________________________ Kristin Butler, now a Duke senior, has been writing for Duke's . . .

If not Mitt, then vote for Ann
Michael Gaynor
October 3, 2007

If it's Rudy, then let's have a pro-life candidate who would really liven up the debates: Ann Coulter, if it's not Mitt, then please run and give Hill and Rudy . . .

Good news for pastors
Michael Gaynor
October 2, 2007

"The groups that have resorted to scare tactics repeatedly speak out of both sides of their mouths. On the one hand, when people of faith speak out about moral . . .

Before Crystal, Anita Hill targeted Justice Thomas
Michael Gaynor
October 1, 2007

Like the Duke lacrosse players, now Justice Thomas became a victim of political correctness extremism. During the process that culminated in his confirmation as . . .

Duke case: Pastor Davis warns the three
Michael Gaynor
September 29, 2007

If Pastor Davis advised Rodney King to seek no more than an apology and warned him that if he sought money he would be remembered as a shameless opportunist . . .

Duke case: Michael Cornacchia speaks
Michael Gaynor
September 27, 2007

Maybe some day the whole Duke case story will be told! ________________________________________ "When E.F. Hutton speaks, people listen" was a memorable . . .

Laura Ingraham: Too fine for Mulshine
Michael Gaynor
September 26, 2007

In reply to Raymond Arroyo, Laura acknowledged her sensitivity, even describing herself as a marshmallow. But the truth is she is she is a brilliant and caring . . .

From Duke Three to Jena Six
Michael Gaynor
September 24, 2007

When the agenda folks get into a case, they spread misinformation and try mightily to throttle truth. The solution: less airtime for race hustlers, more for . . .

Duke case: KC's countdown, corrected
Michael Gaynor
September 23, 2007

"In summary, you [Duke University President Richard H. Brodhead] have failed these young men; you have failed to demonstrate the courage, sense of honor and . . .

Duke case: Courageous book, contemptible Brodhead
Michael Gaynor
September 21, 2007

Yale had thrown Mr. Van de Velde under the bus as though he had been a Duke male lacrosse player being accused by an ex-convict stripper with a history of . . .

Duke case: Duke's contemptible Covington caper
Michael Gaynor
September 20, 2007

Why would "Dean Sue" bring in Wes Covington to "help" the members of the 2005-2006 Duke University Men's Lacrosse Team in their time of need . . .

Unindicted players: Hold Duke accountable
Michael Gaynor
September 19, 2007

People can sue, conduct discovery and go to trial instead of sue and settle confidentially so that Duke avoids discovery or settle before suit, so that Duke is . . .

Not Nifonging in Indiana too!
Michael Gaynor
September 18, 2007

"After all we've been accused of let's do it. Hook us up and ask, 'Did you know she was in danger?' 'Could you see the internal bleeding and if you did see it  . . .

Nifonging another Michael Gaynor
Michael Gaynor
September 17, 2007

"Cousin Mike, "No less than 5 assistant DAs appeared before the judge as they smiled and he gleefully laughed while accepting my lawyer's agreement to an ACD . . .

Until Proven Innocent needs El Rushbo & Sean
Michael Gaynor
September 16, 2007

"Comment: [Until Proven Innocent] is a blockbuster book with great reviews that no one can buy it's not at bookstores, it's not available on line. This is a . . .

Power to the People, by Laura Ingraham, of and for the People
Michael Gaynor
September 14, 2007

Laura survived her bout with cancer. Thanks be to God. Wonderful news for America. Horrible news for America's enemies. Laura: "In the end, we need to face the . . .

Duke case: Woes of Wily Willie and Wicked Wendy
Michael Gaynor
September 13, 2007

KC Johnson opined that "Saacks was easily the most qualified of the candidates that Easley was reported to be considering" and he's very likely right. THAT'S . . .

Duke case: Joan Foster, yes; her detractor, no
Michael Gaynor
September 12, 2007

The players behaved heroically when the railroading began. Being framed for rape, sexual offense and kidnapping and sent to prison for thirty years is much too . . .

Duke case defiant: Daffy, dense, or diabolical?
Michael Gaynor
September 11, 2007

Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty were really smart to continue their studies elsewhere. ________________________________________ This is a serious Mike . . .

Demand Until Proven Innocent be marketed correctly
Michael Gaynor
September 9, 2007

Please let television and radio shows you want to see/hear Stuart and/or KC. Please tell Barnes & Noble and Borders that you won't be buying anything there . . .

Until Proven Innocent: A KC bash for brash Cash
Michael Gaynor
September 8, 2007

North Carolina journalist and television commentator Cash Michaels, who covered the Duke case for America's Black press, titled his review of Until Proven . . .

Until Proven Innocent: Unparalleled yet largely ignored
Michael Gaynor
September 6, 2007

Bad News: The Mainstream Media is NOT giving Until Proven Innocent, by Stuart Taylor and K.C. Johnson, anywhere near the attention it is due, because it's not . . .

Duke case: Backed by LieStoppers' Baldo
Michael Gaynor
September 5, 2007

Some fair-minded liberals also came to the defense of the players, but the folks who were out to scapegoat, frame and destroy were Democrats, not Republicans, . . .

LaLa Wang v. Goliath: The battle continues
Michael Gaynor
September 4, 2007

As a staunch advocate for consumers and an intrepid innovator of business models, Ms. Wang quickly ran afoul of entrenched real estate interests in New York. As . . .

Until Proven Innocent: It's about truth
Michael Gaynor
September 3, 2007

Don't expect a Pulitzer Prize to be awarded for Until Proven Innocent, but demand it anyway. ________________________________________ September 4, 2007 is . . .

Senator Craig, take a polygraph test
Michael Gaynor
August 31, 2007

You may have been gulled by the policeman into believing that the matter would not be brought to the media's attention and figured that a guilty plea to . . .

For Mitt Romney: a values speech, not a JFK speech
Michael Gaynor
August 28, 2007

Whether a candidate is a Methodist or a Mormon, an Anglican or an agnostic, what should matter to voters is whether that candidate is sincere or hypocritical . . .

Why to buy Until Proven Innocent
Michael Gaynor
August 27, 2007

Race hustlers, political correctness extremists and feminuts will not be buying the book. People who care about the truth instead of reinforcing their . . .

Ann Coulter: right on illegal immigration, too
Michael Gaynor
August 26, 2007

President Bush needs to understand that rewarding illegal immigration is wrong and letting the Left pretend that opposition to amnesty and amnesty light is . . .

The nominal Catholic politician problem
Michael Gaynor
August 24, 2007

Separating faith and life is an egregious error committed by Democrats like Senator John Kerry and Republicans like former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and . . .

Duke case: THE book is coming
Michael Gaynor
August 22, 2007

THE book on the Duke case Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape case will be released on . . .

Personal character DOES count, Rudy Giuliani
Michael Gaynor
August 20, 2007

It is perfectly understandable why Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani wants voters to ignore his personal or "private" life. The idea used to be to . . .

Alan Placa won't be Rudy's chief of staff
Michael Gaynor
August 17, 2007

"His support of abortion rights gave Giuliani a certain liberal cachet in New York, just as his tabloid sex life added to his macho profile. These images are . . .

The "Abortion and Original Meaning" dispute
Michael Gaynor
August 16, 2007

The Fourteenth Amendment did not give women the right to vote (the Nineteenth Amendment did) and was not intended to be interpreted as doing so. Nor was it . . .

Rudy Giuliani's secret weapon: others' egotism
Michael Gaynor
August 15, 2007

Some egotistical people think too much of themselves and too little about what is best for America in general and the Republican Party in . . .

Duke case: Tawana Brawley Two
Michael Gaynor
August 13, 2007

I did not have a copy of co-captain David Evans' written statement then, but my attitude then was the same as it is now: "whatever the truth is, it should come . . .

Duke case: No "team crime," Cash
Michael Gaynor
August 12, 2007

The seventh edition of A Treatise on the Law of Crimes (Clark and Marshall), published in 1967 and one of my law school books, states: "Property Unlawfully . . .

Duke case: Sense and nonsense
Michael Gaynor
August 11, 2007

Being "at fault" doesn't mean that the victim is blameworthy, that is, "deserving reproach or punishment" (although circumstances in which that is the case are . . .

Duke case: Truth versus fiction
Michael Gaynor
August 10, 2007

In my view, the interests of justice do not call for prosecuting anyone in connection with the taking of the money for larceny, receiving stolen goods or . . .

Duke case: Brad Bannon's August 7, 2007, LieStoppers Board post
Michael Gaynor
August 8, 2007

My point was NOT that Mr. Bannon did not do brilliant and heroic work (I have thought he did), but that I also thought he knew what to look for, as a matter of . . .

Duke case: Isolated blip or iceberg tip?
Michael Gaynor
August 6, 2007

"In my opinion, if Wade Smith and the North Carolina Bar would have taken the 'right' ethical and moral stance in the Alan Gell matter, Mike Nifong might not . . .

Duke case: Obtuseness, real or feigned?
Michael Gaynor
August 5, 2007

False accuser Crystal Gail Mangum and former rogue prosecutor Michael B. Nifong are not North Carolina's only liars and Mr. Nifong and Dr. Brian Meehan were not . . .

Duke case: Confirming the truth
Michael Gaynor
August 3, 2007

Thanks be to God, the underlying documentation was not "lost" and the truth finally prevailed in the Duke case, albeit not as quickly as we (and many others) . . .

Duke case: It starts with respecting sources
Michael Gaynor
August 2, 2007

Sources establish the parameters; when their need for confidentiality is clear, it's useless to expect them to do more and it is dishonorable to violate their . . .

Duke case: Serendipity saved the Duke Three?
Michael Gaynor
August 1, 2007

We who supported the persecuted players from the start are not a homogenous group. Fortunately, Brad Bannon realized what he had, whether he expected to or not, . . .

Mitt Romney: faith, family, and constitutional fidelity candidate
Michael Gaynor
July 31, 2007

Proponents of faith and family values need a President who will appoint judges and justices who will follow the law instead of political agendas. Mrs. Long . . .

Duke case: "Eric" tries to educate a credentialed feminut
Michael Gaynor
July 30, 2007

It was a "compulsory" party, so underclassmen who considered themselves team players came to what co-captain and host David Evans called "my party" in the list . . .

Duke case: Brad Bannon as Columbus or Columbo?
Michael Gaynor
July 29, 2007

The great accomplishment of the defense team was getting Mr. Nifong to agree to a judge who proceeded to order him to turn over the underlying documentation . . .

Duke case: Nifong "apology" and other nonsense
Michael Gaynor
July 28, 2007

That "apology" was not real or meaningful. If Mr. Nifong had admitted he tried to frame the defendants in order to win an election, increase his pension and . . .

JCN demands justice for judicial nominees again
Michael Gaynor
July 27, 2007

The Judicial Confirmation Network P.O. Box 791 Alexandria, Virginia 22313 The Honorable Patrick J. Leahy The Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Jr. The Honorable . . .

Ward Churchill's mistake: not working at Duke
Michael Gaynor
July 26, 2007

Hopefully, academic freedom and freedom of speech will not be manipulated to protect plagiarists from the reasonable consequences of plagiarism too. If it does, . . .

Repent and apologize,"holier than thou" Brownback
Michael Gaynor
July 25, 2007

Anyone who does not work to ensure that a pro-life Republican is elected President in 2008, and tries to tear down someone who can, figuratively has babies' . . .

Duke case: Duke still must account
Michael Gaynor
July 24, 2007

[T]he Duke administration that manipulated and abandoned the members of the 2005-2006 Duke University Men's Lacrosse Team and the faculty members who vilified . . .

Mitt Romney reveals far left's mirth dearth
Michael Gaynor
July 23, 2007

Mitt Romney is the Republican presidential possibility the Far Left seems most to fear, and no to Osama, Obama and Chelsea's Moma is a message the Far Left does . . .

Mitt Romney's trump card: promoting religious liberty
Michael Gaynor
July 19, 2007

The Skoros case (Skoros v. City of New York) allowed New York City under the "leadership" of Mayor Mike Blumberg to ban Nativity scenes in public school . . .

Duke case: Newsday's Steven Marcus' revolting review
Michael Gaynor
July 17, 2007

Publishers' Weekly on It's Not About the Truth: The Untold Story of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case and the Lives It Shattered, by Don Yaegar and Mike Pressler: "In . . .

Duke case: Why Collin Finnerty, etc.?
Michael Gaynor
July 16, 2007

Collin Finnerty was declared innocent of bogus kidnapping, rape and sexual offense charges by North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper and is moving on to . . .

Dems deny justice to Southwick
Michael Gaynor
July 15, 2007

Key Senate Democrats seem to be refusing to learn from a fellow Democrat's malicious and monumental miscalculation. Just as now former Durham County, North . . .

Duke case: Tar Heel nuttiness
Michael Gaynor
July 13, 2007

The Editorial Board of the University of North Carolina (former Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael B. Nifong's alma mater) believes that . . .

Did Duke pick on the "right" families?
Michael Gaynor
July 12, 2007

It's easy (especially now) to blame the false accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum, and the rogue former prosecutor, Michael B. Nifong, for the terrible tragedy and . . .

Duke case: Stefanie Williams says it all
Michael Gaynor
July 11, 2007

"It's really long, so I doubt it will be published anywhere, but I sent it to NYT, Daily News, NYP, Newsday, Long Island Press, and I will be sending it to some . . .

Duke case: Aunt rebuts character assassin
Michael Gaynor
July 10, 2007

Beware: provoking an articulate aunt is a fool's errand. Among other things, Eileen Cornacchia is Collin Finnerty's maternal aunt and not disposed to suffer . . .

Duke case: Conflicting takes
Michael Gaynor
July 9, 2007

My email on the Duke case ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime, the profane to the profound. Herewith the take of a fellow who thinks Republicans and . . .

Trust Mitt Romney on judges, not Rudy Giuliani
Michael Gaynor
July 8, 2007

LifeNews.com Editor Steven Ertelt issued an important and timely warning in the form of an article entitled "Rudy Giuliani Flip-Flops, Now won't Answer Roe . . .

The Duke case / Hurricane Katrina lessons
Michael Gaynor
July 6, 2007

Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster, while the Duke case was a manmade one. But there are important, albeit ugly, common lessons to be learned from them by . . .

Duke case: Combat lies with truth
Michael Gaynor
July 4, 2007

My "Duke Case: Follow Money, Discover All, Do Justice" article, posted July 1, 2007, pleased some, pained some and perplexed others. That figures: people . . .

Duke case: Follow money, discover all, do justice
Michael Gaynor
July 1, 2007

To those who asked me why I suspected a hoax: (1) I followed Tawana Brawley One closely; (2) the sensational yarn that became a political lifeline, albeit . . .

The Constitution IS color blind
Michael Gaynor
June 29, 2007

Wendy Long, chief counsel to the Judicial Confirmation Network, reacting to the Supreme Court's decision in the racial preferences cases (Community Schools v. . . .

Duke case: Racial discrimination at Duke
Michael Gaynor
June 27, 2007

"Duke's actions were purposeful and harmful, and in some cases unlawful and even evil. Simply because the lacrosse players were strong enough to withstand Duke . . .

Duke case: What makes Nifong different
Michael Gaynor
June 26, 2007

When I wrote "Duke case involved societal prosecutorial abuse" last week for posting on June 25, 2007, I did not expect The New York Times' Adam Liptak's  . . .

Duke case involved societal prosecutorial abuse
Michael Gaynor
June 25, 2007

George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley, in a Washington Post article entitled "Lots of Prosecutors Go Too Far. Most Get Away With It, . . .

Duke case: Susan Estrich, Dreg
Michael Gaynor
June 22, 2007

Thank you, Ms. Estrich. Your latest atrocious article, "The Dregs of Duke," confirmed my suspicion. In "Duke case; Susan Estrich, not a hoax heroine," posted . . .

Duke case: Sensible settlements or sell outs?
Michael Gaynor
June 21, 2007

Duke did it again! First, it settled confidentially with the Dowd family that brought a punitive grading suit against Duke and perennial visiting Professor . . .

Duke case: Open letter to unindicted players
Michael Gaynor
June 20, 2007

Short version: SUE DUKE! Long version: I believe that you Duke men can benefit from the wisdom of a Dartmouth man, at least when the Dartmouth man is . . .

Duke case: Sorry, guys!
Michael Gaynor
June 17, 2007

Short titles (or articles) are not my forte, but this time at least I have a short title. On the day that Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney was . . .

Nifong trial: Retribution, resignation, and revelry
Michael Gaynor
June 16, 2007

June 15, 2006 was great: (1) Reade Seligmann really let people know what rogue prosecutor Michael B. Nifong did and why he should be disbarred, removed from . . .

Rudy Giuliani's "Twelve Commitments" tactic
Michael Gaynor
June 15, 2007

Beware: You may need to be committed for your own protection if you are fooled by pro-choice Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani's "Twelve Commitments . . .

Duke case: Disbarring D.A. Nifong is not enough!
Michael Gaynor
June 14, 2007

On June 13, 2006, I was interviewed with respect to the Duke case on "The Morning Show with Ray Dunaway and Diane Smith" on CBS Radio's Affiliate WTIC News/Talk . . .

Duke case truths
Michael Gaynor
June 13, 2007

On November 8, 2006, Duke lacrosse defender (on and off the lacrosse field) Glenn Nick (Duke '06) rightly took offense at a Duke Chronicle article about Dean . . .

Duke case: Richard Brodhead's earlier Van de Velde fiasco
Michael Gaynor
June 11, 2007

Professor Hershel Parker is the author of the definitive biography on Herman Melvile and a man who readily understands what the members of the 2005-2006 Duke . . .

Mitt Romney's key to the presidency: traditional values
Michael Gaynor
June 10, 2007

The secular extremist-dominated media obviously does not want former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to become the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, . . .

Defending due process means defending Paris too
Michael Gaynor
June 8, 2007

I don't love Paris (Hilton), even in the spring, but I do love the Constitution and loathe discrimination even against the wealthy. That means defending Paris . . .

Richard Brodhead targeted Hershel Parker before Duke Lacrosse
Michael Gaynor
June 7, 2007

"Rushing to judgment is part of Brodhead's character. The circumstances at Duke merely brought out what anyone who knew his history could have predicted: that . . .

Big problem at Duke: political correctness
Michael Gaynor
June 6, 2007

The State of North Carolina finally stopped persecuting members of the 2005-2006 Duke University Men's Lacrosse Team last April, but the insidious effects of . . .

Peggy Noonan and Laura Ingraham agree: Bush's immigration policy would be a catastrophe
Michael Gaynor
June 5, 2007

Mr. President, you have a problem. A huge problem. Popular radio host Laura Ingraham, who did what Hillary tried and failed to do and passed the bar exam the . . .

Mitt Romney: Constitution-blessed candidate
Michael Gaynor
June 4, 2007

Nothing suggests a Mormon should never sit at the head of the table. This is America. If someone does not want to shake hands with a Mormon, so be it. We are . . .

Duke still needs a new president
Michael Gaynor
June 3, 2007

In an article posted on July 3, 2006, I called upon Duke University President Richard Brodhead to resign and explained why: "After (1) a North Carolina . . .

Duke case: Deplorable Duke still deplorable
Michael Gaynor
June 1, 2007

When the rest of the mainstream media had it so very wrong, Stuart Taylor, America's top legal commentator, wrote in National Journal: "Something is rotten at . . .

Duke case: Combating lies and hate
Michael Gaynor
May 31, 2007

Apparently, some at North Carolina Central University, where false accuser Crystal Gail Mangum was a student when she wasn't pole dancing or stripping, . . .

The "fruit" of allowing public scandal: MORE
Michael Gaynor
May 29, 2007

The United States needs bishops like Archbishop Raymond L. Burke of St. Louis, Missouri, who realizes that tolerance can be a vice as well as a virtue, . . .

Guns and Rudy: the whole story
Michael Gaynor
May 28, 2007

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has dressed up as a woman of several occasions, but he never had a sex change operation. He was posing, in order to . . .

Duke case: MORE Washington Post malice
Michael Gaynor
May 26, 2007

The following exchange between criminal attorney Mark Geragos and MSNBC General Manager (then subbing as "Scarborough Country" host) about the role of the . . .

Abortion: Catholic teaching v. Kennedy sophistry
Michael Gaynor
May 25, 2007

Who do you think understands Catholic theology better, Pope Benedict XVI or Ted Kennedy's son, Patrick? The answer should be obvious, even to the Kennedy . . .

Duke case: Stuart Taylor led the way
Michael Gaynor
May 24, 2007

For years Stuart Taylor covered legal issues for...The New York Times! But, with respect to its coverage (or should I say exploitation?) of the Duke case, Mr . . .

Stop "radical secularism" with Mitt Romney
Michael Gaynor
May 22, 2007

It's a perilous time. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney warned: "America is under attack from almost every direction. We have been attacked by . . .

Exposing the "Rudy-as-acceptable-conservative" myth
Michael Gaynor
May 21, 2007

Columnist, journalist, commentator and author George Will is supporting his fellow baseball fan, Rudy Giuliani, for the Republican presidential nomination and . . .

The Pope, pro-abortion politicians, Holy Communion, and self-excommunication
Michael Gaynor
May 20, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI on pro-abortion Mexican legislators: "[E]xcommunication...is allowed by Canon (church) law which says that the killing of an innocent child . . .

Of Dowd settlement shroud, neither side should be proud
Michael Gaynor
May 18, 2007

The confidential settlement of the lawsuit brought by lacrosse player Kyle Dowd (Duke '06) and his parents against Duke University and Professor Kim Curtis . . .

Still Hill v. Mitt, others slow to quit
Michael Gaynor
May 17, 2007

Presidential debates seal hopefuls' fates. This year's first Democrat presidential debate helped Hillary Clinton secure her stranglehold on the 2008 Democrat . . .

Abortion business fears public understanding
Michael Gaynor
May 16, 2007

Abortion advocates prefer to refer to abortion as a medical procedure and to extol choice without focusing on each choice, in order to make abortion seem more . . .

Duke case: The Dowd settlement is not big or good news
Michael Gaynor
May 15, 2007

In "Justice for Duke Lacrossers: The Dowd family strikes back," posted on January 6, 2007, I reviewed the complaint by Kyle Dowd, a member of the 2005-2006 Duke . . .

Duke case: Whitewash or blackwash, the dirt's covered
Michael Gaynor
May 14, 2007

Dr. William L. Anderson's latest article "Duke and Durham: The Whitewash Continues" lamented the state of the criminal justice system in Durham, North . . .

R.I.P., Rudy presidential candidacy
Michael Gaynor
May 12, 2007

The Republican Party has a pro-choice wing, so it's not surprising that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is first in the polls. The other nine declared . . .

The Pope is right, not Cardinal George
Michael Gaynor
May 11, 2007

Mexico City's recent decision to allow abortion on demand, which depended upon the support of politicians who claim to be Catholic, elicited a papal explanation . . .

John Stossel's "Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity" and the Duke case
Michael Gaynor
May 9, 2007

John Stossel's latest book Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity has twelve chapters on particular topics: (1) Clueless Media, (2) He and She (sexist myths . . .

Duke case: LieStoppers, yes; Brad Bannon, no
Michael Gaynor
May 7, 2007

I enthusiastically applaud LieStoppers' disturbing May 6, 2007 article entitled "NC DA's Push For Legalized Nifonging," NOT David Evans attorney Brad Bannon's . . .

Romney, reindeer, religion, and reality
Michael Gaynor
May 6, 2007

Romney: Mitt Romney, aka Mormon Mitt and Mitt the Mormon, Republican presidential hopeful, former Governor of Massachusetts and winner of the first debate of . . .

Focus on religious liberty view, not religious preference
Michael Gaynor
May 5, 2007

As Justice Joseph Story explained in his Commentaries on the Constitution (1833): "[T]he Catholic and the Protestant, the Calvanist and the Arminian, the Jew . . .

Duke case: Duke University as a big loser
Michael Gaynor
May 3, 2007

The 2006-2007 Duke University Men's Lacrosse Team is having a great season and may win the national championship, but Duke University is a big loser as a result . . .

Duke case: The sore losers
Michael Gaynor
May 2, 2007

As a result of the exposure of the Duke Hoax, most embarrassed political correctness advocates who treated it as a golden opportunity to promote their political . . .

President Bush's problems, deserved and undeserved
Michael Gaynor
May 1, 2007

Legal scholar and former judge and United States Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork is right: President Bush has many problems, but he has made very good . . .

Duke case: My conclusions on that Summary of Conclusions
Michael Gaynor
April 30, 2007

I have read and reread the North Carolina Attorney General's Summary of Conclusions with respect to the Duke case and concluded that Attorney General Roy Cooper . . .

How significant is upholding the federal partial-birth abortion ban?
Michael Gaynor
April 27, 2007

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's dissent in Gonzales v. Carhart, the United States Supreme Court decision upholding a federal-partial birth abortion ban that . . .

EWTN's "The World Over" to analyze partial-birth abortion decision
Michael Gaynor
April 26, 2007

WATCH! Time: Friday, April 27, 2007, 8 P.M. EST Network: EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) Program: "The World Over . . .

Duke case: Apology and asininity
Michael Gaynor
April 25, 2007

The News & Observer's Ruth Sheehan apologized publicly and contritely. The title of her latest article is "To Duke accused: I'm sorry." Ms. Sheehan had accused . . .

Duke case: An even greater NCCU disgrace
Michael Gaynor
April 24, 2007

First there was North Carolina Central University's Chan Hall, who told Newsweek, "It's the same old story. Duke up, Central down." and the Duke students should . . .

"Intact D&E;" is NOT a "civil" liberty!
Michael Gaynor
April 23, 2007

The Founders declared America's independence based upon a common belief in God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They revered, instead . . .

Are our SCOTUS justices faithless or faithful?
Michael Gaynor
April 21, 2007

The United States Constitution (Article VI) is explicit: no religious test as a qualification to be a United States Supreme Court Justice and each Justice to . . .

Partial birth abortion cases: dignity, up; barbarity, down
Michael Gaynor
April 20, 2007

Strict construction, and human dignity, won out, barely, over judicial activism and barbarity. The challenges to the constitutionality of the Partial-Birth . . .

Duke case: North Carolina's criminal justice problems and the heroic attorneys
Michael Gaynor
April 18, 2007

With the Duke case dismissed and North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper and his subordinates (James Coman and Mary Winstead) being lauded as heroes (even . . .

Duke case: Treat Duke Three as individuals and give due credit
Michael Gaynor
April 17, 2007

For more than a year Brooklyn College History Professor Robert K.C. Johnson defended Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans (aka the Duke Three) . . .

Duke case: Learn from it
Michael Gaynor
April 16, 2007

Brooklyn College History Professor Robert K.C. Johnson is right: The New York Times, instead of 'liv[ing] up to its ideals of defending justice and speaking . . .

Duke case: False accuser Crystal Gail Mangum should not get a pass
Michael Gaynor
April 15, 2007

From the LieStoppers message board: "'I really don't feel in my gut any need to go charge Crystal Mangum,' lawyer Wade Smith of Raleigh said. 'I understand . . .

Duke case: Support for prosecuting the rogue prosecutor
Michael Gaynor
April 14, 2007

Joseph Kennedy is an associate professor of law at the University of North Carolina School of Law and a fellow at UNC's Parr Center for Ethics who wrote the . . .

Duke case: The rape of justice
Michael Gaynor
April 13, 2007

Truth be told, the Duke case involved a rape. A gang rape. None of the members of the 2005-2006 Duke University Men's Lacrosse Team participated.  . . .

After Imus firings, will political correctness run amok?
Michael Gaynor
April 12, 2007

The political correctness crowd (including the bulk of the mainstream media, the Duke University administration and the Group of 88) was exposed and embarrassed . . .

Duke case: Prolonged prosecutorial disgrace finally stopped
Michael Gaynor
April 11, 2007

The Duke case is still a Democrat scandal, Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael B. Nifong is still in office, false accuser Crystal Gail . . .

Duke case persecution versus "nappy-headed hos" remark
Michael Gaynor
April 10, 2007

Shock jock Don Imus is a professional insulter, not a bigot. In the name of humor, he insults broadly. Examples: He or members of the cast of his show called . . .

Duke case: Wicked Wendy Murphy is the worst
Michael Gaynor
April 9, 2007

On August 30, 2006, LieStoppers announced a Hag of the Hoax contest, with hostess of her own show Nancy Grace as the first nominee (perhaps an affront to . . .

Duke case: Fairness requires publicizing the accuser too
Michael Gaynor
April 7, 2007

As the complete dismissal of the deplorable Duke case comes closer in time to be a factor in Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael B. Nifong's . . .

Duke case: Let's not minimize the political problem
Michael Gaynor
April 6, 2007

There is a problem with political considerations impacting the criminal justice system and it is obvious in North Carolina, due to the Duke case. Let's not . . .

Duke case: Framing as evidence of innocence
Michael Gaynor
April 5, 2007

In People v. Cintron (October 24, 2000), New York State's highest court wrote about flight as evidence of guilt, as follows: "While we have noted that evidence . . .

NYT disgrace: for Duke hoaxer, support; for actual victims, no space
Michael Gaynor
April 4, 2007

The New York Times' motto is "All the news that's fit to print." But The New York Times really chooses what news to report in accordance with its biased . . .

From Rosie the Riveter to Rosie the Reviler
Michael Gaynor
April 2, 2007

Wikipedia on Rosie the Riveter: "Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon of the United States, representing the six million women who worked in the . . .

Duke case: My apologies, Cash Michaels
Michael Gaynor
April 1, 2007

I could say that it is unreasonable to expect me to suspect that The Amsterdam News had edited North Carolina journalist and television commentator Cash . . .

The Long/Brown "electronic" debate on abortion: The Comments
Michael Gaynor
March 31, 2007

The comments posted at The Federalist Society website on the Wendy Long/Jennifer Brown "electronic" debate on abortion (www.fed-soc.org/debates) themselves . . .

Duke case: Reverse racism at work
Michael Gaynor
March 30, 2007

Democrat presidential aspirant Senator Barack Obama of Illinois's words in a reply to a constituent: were measured: "Congressman Walter Jones has asked Attorney . . .

Wendy Long v. Jennifer Brown on abortion: the rematch
Michael Gaynor
March 28, 2007

Give Jennifer K. Brown credit for trying again and Wendy E. Long credit for generously giving her a rematch (http://www.fed-soc.org/debates/dbtid.1/default.asp) . . .

Duke case: Congratulations, Senator Obama
Michael Gaynor
March 27, 2007

Fervently anti-Communist Winston Churchill found some good words for Stalin after he joined the war against Hitler, so I'll give leftist Senator Barack Obama (D . . .

Solving his "Mormon problem": Do it the Founders' way, Mr. Romney
Michael Gaynor
March 26, 2007

Republican presidential aspirant and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney on America's success: "What is it about America's culture and values that makes . . .

Duke case: You won, Kirk Osborn
Michael Gaynor
March 25, 2007

In "Exoneration for the Duke Three Is Coming," posted on August 10, 2006, I paid tribute to my choice for the best lawyer representing a party in the Duke case, . . .

Duke case: Diana doesn't get it
Michael Gaynor
March 23, 2007

I have asserted that the Duke case is a Democrat scandal, because it is, and that you don't have to be conservative to appreciate that members of the 2005-2006 . . .

Comparing the Duke and Kobe cases
Michael Gaynor
March 22, 2007

On March 21, 2007, Delores Williams posted a thoughtful article entitled "Is the Duke Case the Kobe Bryant in Reverse?" Great question! Ms. Williams: "It . . .

Duke case: The end of Nifong's "reign of terror" is in sight
Michael Gaynor
March 21, 2007

Durham County, North Carolina Michael B, Nifong's "reign of terror" has not included improvised explosive devices or the guillotine, but it has been horrendous, . . .

"Catholic" politicians must choose: promote life or pander to secular extremists
Michael Gaynor
March 20, 2007

The 2008 presidential election is on. "Catholic" politicians must choose: on life issues, pro or con. If they choose con, their right to identify themselves . . .

Duke case: Good news: dismissal motion; bad news: it's Nifong's
Michael Gaynor
March 19, 2007

Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael B. Nifong did quickly what the Duke case defense has yet to do move to dismiss. Ironically, the . . .

Duke case: "Mistakes" ignores the malevolence
Michael Gaynor
March 17, 2007

Mistake: "a wrong action or statement proceeding from faulty judgment, inadequate knowledge or inattention." Allison Kasic is formidable, frank, funny and . . .

Duke case: Fair, smart and right from the start independent women
Michael Gaynor
March 16, 2007

The real Duke lacrosse scandal is that the criminal justice system was perverted because (1) a pathetic political opportunist saw his chance and took it, (2) . . .

Putting that Duke lacrosse team party in context
Michael Gaynor
March 14, 2007

It's great (as well as understandable) that the members of the Duke University men's lacrosse team have chosen not to have another stripper party, but, in . . .

Duke case: The 88ers' "March Madness"
Michael Gaynor
March 13, 2007

March Madness: a phenomenon that grips the national sports psyche from the first week of March through the first week of April as teams vie to be invited to . . .

Duke case: Truth and Tricia Dowd, yes; Hoax and 88ers, no
Michael Gaynor
March 12, 2007

On January 12, 2007, The News & Observer's Jane Stancill wrote a peevish piece related to the Duke case entitled "Venom has aftereffects for Duke." Ms. . . .

Duke case: The "liberal" problem: wanting the hoax to be true
Michael Gaynor
March 11, 2007

With the first anniversary of what may be the world's best known, worst planned and least enjoyable sports team party imminent and the complete collapse of the . . .

To the Duke Lacrosse players, Ann Coulter apologized
Michael Gaynor
March 10, 2007

Ann Coulter apologies are not common. Presidential aspirant and former United States Senator from North Carolina John Edwards is not likely to receive one. But . . .

Duke case: Mr. Nifong: no Reade Seligmann, maybe nuts
Michael Gaynor
March 8, 2007

First, contrast the way Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael B. Nifong has been behaving since the North Carolina State Bar Grievance . . .

Scapegoating Scooter Libby succeeding
Michael Gaynor
March 7, 2007

The media purport to report objectively, but much of the time do not do so (example: media coverage of the Duke case in the spring of 2006). NBC's Tim . . .

Ann Coulter and John Edwards embarrass themselves
Michael Gaynor
March 6, 2007

The bad news is that the Right's provocateuress, Ann Coulter, did it again: attracted attention in a counterproductive way, this time by suggesting in a vulgar . . .

Duke case: Mr. Korn's NYLJ article: Right on DA scandal, wrong on DA ignorance, error-riddled
Michael Gaynor
March 5, 2007

LieStoppers, March 4, 2007: "Henry H. Korn, Esq., partner, LePatner & Associates LLP, former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Southern District of New York, and former . . .

Duke case: Nifong subordinates, speak; NC, look to an Arizona case
Michael Gaynor
March 3, 2007

Hero of the Hoax Bill Anderson is rightly outraged by a recent Herald-Sun editorial, the theme of which (as Dr. Anderson succinctly summarized it) is: "The bar . . .

Trusting Rudy Giuliani on social issues is not sensible
Michael Gaynor
March 2, 2007

On February 5, 2007, Sean Hannity interviewed presidential aspirant Rudy Giuliani and Mr. Giuliani tried to please both sides on abortion: he's anti-abortion . . .

Duke case: The amazing defense of the reprehensible and indefensible Nifong
Michael Gaynor
March 1, 2007

The Nazis lost World War II because Hitler was betrayed by his people. The war was not his fault. Losing the war was not his fault. He himself said so in his . . .

Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality
Michael Gaynor
February 28, 2007

Different people observe Lent in different ways. EWTN's News Director, lead anchor and host of "The World Over Live," EWTN's weekly one-hour news and interview . . .

Duke case: Academic credentials can be deceiving
Michael Gaynor
February 27, 2007

"Notable among the atrocities perpetrated by Nazi Germany was Kristallnacht. The candlelight event on the behalf of accuser Crystal Mangum ought to be . . .

"Cultured warrior" Laura Ingraham lambasts "culture warrior" Bill O'Reilly
Michael Gaynor
February 26, 2007

It is memorable for fans of television/radio personality and best-selling author Bill O'Reilly and his frequent guest and occasional substitute, Laura Ingraham, . . .

Political scandals, careless comparisons, and the Duke case
Michael Gaynor
February 25, 2007

There are Republican scandals and Democrat scandals, neither of which excuses the other. The Duke Cunningham and Michael Ney cases are Republican scandals.  . . .

Duke case: Unlike the 88, will Professor Johnson apologize?
Michael Gaynor
February 23, 2007

Brooklyn College History Professor Robert K.C. Johnson: "Based on his comments in the lacrosse case,...it appears that Joyner's personal preferences on . . .

Duke case: Don't link Justice Thomas to Nifong, Professor Johnson
Michael Gaynor
February 22, 2007

Robert K.C. Johnson, liberal, lifelong Democrat voter, Obama supporter, blogger extraordinaire and Brooklyn College history professor, has learned much from the . . .

Duke case: Duke (under Brodhead) failed Crisis Management 101
Michael Gaynor
February 21, 2007

A thoughtful Duke lacrosse parent was struck by the sharp difference in the way Jet Blue handled its recent weather-driven crisis as compared to the shameful . . .

Religion as Mitt Romney's trump card
Michael Gaynor
February 19, 2007

Mitt Romney is a Mormon, a father of five and married to the same woman (the mother of his five sons) since 1968. Is America ready to elect a Mormon . . .

In 2008, Hill versus Mitt should be it
Michael Gaynor
February 17, 2007

It's February of 2007, not 2008, but it's a new day and the 2008 presidential campaign already is underway. It's not unthinkable that a state (or even states) . . .

"A different Duke alleged rape" update
Michael Gaynor
February 16, 2007

My St. Valentine's day article on the latest Duke alleged rape case did not inspire love across the board. The News & Observer's Ruth Sheehan, who had . . .

Where have you been, Professor Bergin?
Michael Gaynor
February 15, 2007

Kathleen A. Bergin is an Associate Professor of Law at South Texas College of Law. She lists constitutional law, critical race theory and women in the law as . . .

A different Duke alleged rape case
Michael Gaynor
February 14, 2007

On March 27, 2006, with Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael B. Nifong charging that gang rapists were being protected by a code of silence . . .

Plea to Duke rape claimant: PLEASE volunteer for a polygraph test
Michael Gaynor
February 13, 2007

Another year, another Duke alleged rape case. Set forth below is the beginning of a New & Observer article by Jessica Rocha, dated February 12, 2007 and . . .

Barack Hussein Obama is NO Abraham Lincoln
Michael Gaynor
February 12, 2007

The campaign strategy of Barack Hussein Obama, the lean and tall junior United States Senator from Illinois to pose as a politician in the Lincoln tradition  . . .

Professor Everett: From hall of fame to hall of shame
Michael Gaynor
February 11, 2007

Duke Law Professor Robinson O. Everett, "On DNA evidence, did Nifong break the law," in The Herald-Sun: "I have recently been reading articles about the . . .

Duke case: NCCU, thank you and Batson
Michael Gaynor
February 9, 2007

North Carolina Central University is where (1) North Carolina Governor Michael Easley went to law school; (2) Duke case false accuser Crystal Gail Mangum was . . .

Duke case: Judge Hudson, how dare you!
Michael Gaynor
February 8, 2007

"A judge should abstain from public comment about the merits of a pending proceeding in any state or federal court dealing with a case or controversy arising in . . .

Duke case: Fear in Durham
Michael Gaynor
February 6, 2007

ABC's Chris Cuomo and Lara Setrakian's Exclusive, "Duke Lacrosse Grand Jurors Speak Out," did not say so, but still confirmed that if the Duke case were to . . .

Duke case: A tale of two women
Michael Gaynor
February 5, 2007

Stefanie Williams proves you don't have to be conservative to realize that the charges in the Duke case are wicked, the prosecution of Reade Seligmann, Collin . . .

Duke case: Defense lawyers and divine mercy
Michael Gaynor
February 4, 2007

Brooklyn College Professor Robert K.C. Johnson is a history professor (but not a lawyer) who teaches offerings in twentieth century United States constitutional . . .

Duke Chronicle: Donate anyway!
Michael Gaynor
February 1, 2007

There is a wonderful word for it: chutzpah. A recent article in the Duke University newspaper ("Has lax case changed alum support, giving?", Jan. 26, 2007, . . .

Duke case: Justice defied, denied, delayed, finally obeyed
Michael Gaynor
January 31, 2007

In the Duke case, the prosecution initially defied justice by seeking unwarranted indictments and then denied justice by dismissing only the rape charges. Now . . .

Duke case: Shouldn't mothers demonstrate against injustice?
Michael Gaynor
January 30, 2007

Date: February 4, 2007 Time: 11 AM Congregation Place: Durham County Courthouse, 201 East Main Street, Durham, North Carolina Event: Concerned Mothers . . .

Alton Maddox: Nifong is a white racism victim
Michael Gaynor
January 29, 2007

Wikipedia: "Alton H. Maddox, Jr. is a lawyer who was disbarred following his involvement in the Tawana Brawley hoax. Maddox, C. Vernon Mason and the Reverend Al . . .

Duke case: A reverend revving up rioters?
Michael Gaynor
January 26, 2007

The Duke case is Tawana Brawley Two, that is, a hoax based on a lie by a young black woman supported by agenda-driven activists, even including persons who . . .

Duke case: Oh what a tangled web they weaved...
Michael Gaynor
January 25, 2007

To: Potbangers, 88ers, NC NAACP, Wendy Murphy and their ilk (That is, those people who, the bogus Duke case, tried to milk) Message: Below is the amended . . .

Duke case collapse
Michael Gaynor
January 24, 2007

Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael B. Nifong successfully played a plurality of Durham County voters for saps, but, for him and his . . .

Duke case disgrace: wicked Wendy Murphy
Michael Gaynor
January 23, 2007

Hero of the Hoax Dr. William Anderson made public an email from a "victims' advocate" hat included a mind-boggling missive from Wendy Murphy. The New England . . .

Duke case: Does Duke have a Broadus Mitchell?
Michael Gaynor
January 22, 2007

"This case is a good sanity litmus test. Anyone who knows much about it and doesn't agree with us right-wing, left-wing, or otherwise is a lunatic or a . . .

Duke case: Too much for NC NAACP
Michael Gaynor
January 21, 2007

Announcing that the NAACP is "mindful of the long history of sexual violence against women," that once-respected organization continued to fan the flames of . . .

"Duke's tenured vigilantes"
Michael Gaynor
January 20, 2007

LieStoppers is right as usual: :The Weekly Standard's Charlotte Allen has written a must-read look back on the Hoax and those who enabled it. After an excellent . . .

Duke case: Bitter-enders
Michael Gaynor
January 18, 2007

Having been asked either to retract their full-page ad published in The Chronicle [the independent Duke University student newspaper] last April or to . . .

Duke case: Paula Zahn and Alberto Gonzales, replace
Michael Gaynor
January 17, 2007

CNN's Paula and AG the AG make a pathetic pair. To the persecuted Duke Three, they have been unfair. "Out in the Open: The Duke Assault Case: A Question of . . .

Duke case: Dino Costa and Ruth Sheehan agree
Michael Gaynor
January 16, 2007

Dino Costa is a talk radio host based in Denver, Colorado. A self-described ultra conservative, his program is broadcast daily on the five station, statewide, . . .

Duke case: "60 Minutes" again and how to stop the pain
Michael Gaynor
January 15, 2007

On Sunday, January 14, 2006, after a great football game that fortunately did not go into overtime, "60 Minutes" presented its much anticipated and very moving . . .

Duke case: Is Ms. Mangum rewriting her story herself?
Michael Gaynor
January 12, 2007

Investigator Linwood Wilson's report on his December 21, 2006 with false accuser Crystal Gail Mangum is fascinating The day after the interview, the "white . . .

Duke case: Rod Phelan's pass/fail test for the "88"
Michael Gaynor
January 11, 2007

The "88" are the 88 members of the Duke University faculty who became known as the Group of 88 after they posted the so-called "Listening Statement" or "Social . . .

Duke case: Davidson and Brodhead, no; Johnson, yes
Michael Gaynor
January 10, 2007

Duke English Professor Cathy Davidson is striving mightily to spin that "Social Disaster" ad that is now a disaster for its signers (including herself), the . . .

Duke case: Big time boomerangs
Michael Gaynor
January 9, 2007

Boomerang: "an act or utterance that backfires on the originator." In the Duke case, big time boomeranging has begun, with more coming soon. Ultimately, it . . .

Duke case: Reverse racism and obliviousness
Michael Gaynor
January 8, 2007

Julian Bond announced, the day after the Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated, that "non-violence was shot to death in Memphis last night; join me on the . . .

Justice for Duke Lacrossers: The Dowd family strikes back!
Michael Gaynor
January 6, 2007

The Dowd family has sued Duke University and Professor Kim F. Curtis! May justice be done! Kyle Dowd is a 2006 Duke graduate and a member of the 2005-2006 . . .

Duke case: Can Professor Davidson learn?
Michael Gaynor
January 5, 2007

Cathy N. Davidson is Ruth F. DeVarney professor of English and interim director, professor of interdisciplinary studies, John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute . . .

Duke case: Durham SHOULD be ashamed!
Michael Gaynor
January 4, 2007

After a private swearing-in ceremony on January 2, 2006 at which the public was as welcome as concentration camp victims would have been at another private . . .

Duke case: Susan Estrich, not a hoax heroine
Michael Gaynor
January 3, 2007

"Skeptical," a poster at Brooklyn College Professor Robert K.C. Johnson's wonderful "Durham-in-Wonderland website, recently commented: "There have been few . . .

Duke case: Susan Estrich, excruciatingly slow
Michael Gaynor
January 2, 2007

Susan Estrich celebrated New Year's Day by posting "Duke Prosecutor's Fourth Victim." The best that can be said for Ms. Estrich is that she's getting better, . . .

Duke case: Ashley Cannon, please speak up
Michael Gaynor
January 1, 2007

Ms. Cannon, instead of a Happy New Year, I wish you an earnest examination of conscience and pray that you do what is right, Now that the Duke case is . . .

Duke case: When the end began
Michael Gaynor
December 30, 2006

Brooklyn College Professor Robert K.C. Johnson promptly described the filing of an ethics complaint against Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney . . .

Duke case: The Three are Wendy Murphy's victims too
Michael Gaynor
December 28, 2006

The Three are Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans, the defendants in the prosecutorial disgrace called the Duke case. Wendy Murphy is a law . . .

Duke case: Cash Michaels can't save this prosecution
Michael Gaynor
December 26, 2006

I doubt that Cash Michaels' latest article, titled "Duke Case Rape Charges Dropped, As Defense Distorts Facts" and subtitled "NC NAACP and Jesse Jackson . . .

Duke case Christmas greetings
Michael Gaynor
December 24, 2006

To David Evans, Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty (Who came to be known this year as the Duke Three): Of course, God never abandoned any of thee. And, . . .

Duke case: Professor Baker still unrepentant
Michael Gaynor
December 22, 2006

William Hissey is a college student in Florida. Former Duke Professor Houston Baker is now a Vanderbilt professor. The two view the Duke case about as . . .

Duke case: Political scandal and opportunity
Michael Gaynor
December 20, 2006

The expression "politics reared its ugly head" did not originate with the Duke case, but it does explain how an incredible gang rape claim made by an ex-convict . . .

Duke case: Why I focused, now need not, but still will, focus on it
Michael Gaynor
December 19, 2006

Early on Election Day 2006, Joan Foster, Liestoppers' prescient poetess, posted these (and other) well-chosen words: "LieStoppers will still be here tomorrow . . .

Duke case: NAACP, apologize!
Michael Gaynor
December 17, 2006

NAACP: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People? Or, in North Carolina, Negroes Asserting A Canard Publicly? Canard: "a false or unfounded . . .

Duke case: Going, but not yet gone
Michael Gaynor
December 16, 2006

Excerpt from May 19, 2006 Fox News report on the Duke case titled "Duke Rape Suspect Silent in Court" (a title erroneously assuming that there had been a rape): . . .

Duke case: Time for judicial initiative: dismissal, not just suppression
Michael Gaynor
December 15, 2006

Considerations: (1) Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael B. Nifong managed to win a plurality of the votes in the district attorney election . . .

Duke case: As expected, persecution proof detected
Michael Gaynor
December 14, 2006

"18. On April 8, 9, and 10, 2006, DNA Security analyzed the DNA profiles extracted from the cheek scrapings, oral swabs, vaginal swabs, rectal swabs, and . . .

Lessons from the Duke case and Hurricane Katrina
Michael Gaynor
December 13, 2006

Young white men from wealthy families can become scapegoats too. But scapegoating is a bad thing to do and, when the wrong scapegoat is picked, something even . . .

Duke case: What a difference color (and college) make
Michael Gaynor
December 12, 2006

Dr. William L. Anderson, in his latest article, "What If the Duke 3 Had Been Black," opined with respect to the Duke case: "The real problem here is that racial . . .

Duke case: Why dismissal instead of trial
Michael Gaynor
December 11, 2006

On the Liestoppers message board, it is being asked how the Duke case will end. The scenarios (in the order used by Liestoppers): (1) Smith makes a pre-trial . . .

The next United States Supreme Court justice
Michael Gaynor
December 10, 2006

President George W. Bush did not nominate anyone to serve on the United States Supreme Court during his first term, but in 2005 there were two vacancies (as a . . .

Duke case: No evidence, no trial, no change of venue
Michael Gaynor
December 7, 2006

The Duke case should be dismissed as a matter of law instead of tried (and retried, and retried), because (1) the constitutional rights of the Duke Three were . . .

Duke case: USDJ should not be MIA
Michael Gaynor
December 6, 2006

The United States Justice Department apparently is missing in action in the Duke case. Lack of awareness of the case obviously is not the explanation. The . . .

Duke case prosecution fails the Chemerinsky test
Michael Gaynor
December 5, 2006

There's no doubt as to either Duke Professor Erwin Chemerinsky's leftist credentials or legal expertise. A graduate of Northwestern University and Harvard Law . . .

For America, "In God We Trust" is a must!
Michael Gaynor
December 4, 2006

America's Declaration of Independence announced the American view that people have God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and rejected . . .

SCOTUS let New York City's anti-creche/pro-menorah policy stand
Michael Gaynor
December 1, 2006

On February 6, 2006, in "Will SCOTUS use Skoros to straighten out Everson," I explained that "[t]here is a simple reason why post-World War II jurisprudence . . .

Beware the revisionist history of secular extremists
Michael Gaynor
November 30, 2006

My article titled "Secular extremism is the grave danger, not religious expression in public square" (1) asserted great truths about America ("There is no . . .

Secular extremism is the grave danger, not religious expression in public square
Michael Gaynor
November 29, 2006

This is America. Merry Christmas! There is no national religion, but there is supposed to be free exercise of religion, religious values are supposed to . . .

Duke case: Cash Michaels: No "major crime" evidence against Duke Three
Michael Gaynor
November 27, 2006

Let each reader decide for himself or herself whether North Carolina journalist Cash Michaels is, or I am, a misleader, deliberate or otherwise, based upon . . .

Duke case: Sowell, yes; NC NAACP, no
Michael Gaynor
November 22, 2006

Incisive commentator Thomas Sowell, who happens to be black, "gets" the Duke case: "While District Attorney Nifong is at the heart of this tawdry perversion . . .

Duke case: "Kramer" meltdown moves Cash Michaels
Michael Gaynor
November 21, 2006

Years ago, Michael Richards attained fame playing the Kramer character on "Seinfeld." Recently, he attained notoriety for spewing vile language, including the . . .

Duke case: Jury nullification nonsense
Michael Gaynor
November 20, 2006

Shadee Malaklou is a Duke senior with a double major in women studies and cultural anthropology. Ms. Malaklou boldly challenged Joseph B. Cheshire, a . . .

Duke case: Professor Crowley just doesn't "get it"
Michael Gaynor
November 18, 2006

William J. Doherty is a retired New Jersey police officer who became familiar with North Carolina as a Marine. Unsurprisingly, he is disgusted with the way the . . .

Duke case: The truth about a pre-trial motion to dismiss
Michael Gaynor
November 17, 2006

Having urged a pre-trial motion to dismiss the indictments in the Duke case, I am delighted that Michael F. McCusker, aka NDLAX 84, Notre Dame lacrosse player . . .

Duke case: Move to dismiss NOW
Michael Gaynor
November 16, 2006

British Prime Minister William Gladstone (1809-1898) was right: "Justice delayed, is justice denied." Michael F. McCusker, aka NDLAX84 (crystalmess.blogspot . . .

Duke case: Duke geology prof throws rocks at Duke Three
Michael Gaynor
November 15, 2006

With Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael D. Nifong elected with less than half the votes cast in a very divisive (and especially racially . . .

Duke case: Durham is NOT an appropriate jury trial venue
Michael Gaynor
November 14, 2006

Two anonymous posts at the Liestoppers website illustrate the truth of the message of the 2006 Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney general election . . .

Duke case: Chiding Ms. Sutton, good; moving to dismiss, better!
Michael Gaynor
November 13, 2006

It is good news that Joseph B. Cheshire, Esq. was inspired by comments of Kerry Sutton, to write a guest column for The Herald-Sun. When any of the Duke . . .

Duke case: Beware Kerry Sutton
Michael Gaynor
November 11, 2006

Willie Sutton was a notorious bank robber who explained that he robbed banks because "that's where the money is." At least he told the truth about that.  . . .

Duke case: RIP, Ed Bradley -- we'll do the rest
Michael Gaynor
November 10, 2006

It is ironic that The New York Times, which fell for the hoax that is the Duke case and led the media in the wrong direction for so long, included the following . . .

Duke case post-election: Dismiss or change venue
Michael Gaynor
November 9, 2006

Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael B. Nifong and NCCU Law Professor Irving Joyner and Duke case monitor for the North Carolina NAACP . . .

The price of D. A. Nifong's victory will be paid
Michael Gaynor
November 8, 2006

Those outraged by it should not be dismayed. The price of that shameless victory will be paid. The bad news is that Durham County, North Carolina District . . .

Duke case: Delusion in Durham
Michael Gaynor
November 7, 2006

It's long past time for Durhamites to believe that Emperor Nifong's Duke case is based on actual evidence of guilt. That image still exists only in the minds . . .

Duke case: Move to dismiss to end this travesty ASAP
Michael Gaynor
November 6, 2006

Whether or not the Durham County, North Carolina voters do the right thing and dismiss Michael B. Nifong as their district attorney, effective at the end of . . .

Duke case: Stuart Taylor refutes Cash Michaels
Michael Gaynor
November 5, 2006

North Carolina journalist and television commentator Cash Michaels' pre-election column, titled "Critics Target Black Voters in Duke Case," lacks the balance . . .

Stopping the Democrat "wave" in 2006 with judges
Michael Gaynor
November 3, 2006

Elections are choices between or among candidates, none of whom is perfect. Compared to perfect, President Bush naturally comes up short. Compared to the . . .

Would you buy a used car from the Zogby brothers?
Michael Gaynor
November 2, 2006

Since the Republicans won in 2004, Democrats and their mainstream media allies have been working incessantly (and often insidiously) to achieve Democrat . . .

New York Times: still stuck on stupid in Duke case
Michael Gaynor
November 1, 2006

The New York Times has grossly misreported the Duke case from the start. If even one of the Duke Three actually had committed even one of the felonies on . . .

D.A. Nifong: My political need trumps wise police strategy
Michael Gaynor
October 31, 2006

It shocked many when Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael D. Nifong claimed that he had not spoken to Crystal Gail Mangum, the accuser in the . . .

D.A. Nifong, ruthless; Ruth Sheehan, repentant
Michael Gaynor
October 30, 2006

On October 28, an anonymous poster at the Friends of Duke University website took The News & Observer's Ruth Sheehan to task for her initial faith in the gang . . .

Pelosi scandal: Politician puts politics above her alleged faith
Michael Gaynor
October 28, 2006

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is a San Francisco Democrat who aspires to be Speaker of the House of Representatives. BUT, Ms. Pelosi also professes to . . .

Durham County: repudiate Know Nothing Nifong
Michael Gaynor
October 27, 2006

After the October 27 court conference in the Duke case, an anonymous poster at Brooklyn College Professor Robert K.C. Johnson's website, obviously and rightly . . .

Dismiss D. A. Nifong and Duke President Brodhead
Michael Gaynor
October 26, 2006

"Three Likely Innocent Young Men Have Been Accused of Ghastly Crime by D.A. Nifong": a headline that has NOT yet appeared in a North Carolina newspaper. IT . . .

Will the Show-Me State become the fooled-me state?
Michael Gaynor
October 25, 2006

In some states, some real estate contracts are required to be written in "plain English." That's good. In Missouri, proposed amendments to the Missouri . . .

America still needs a Republican-led Senate
Michael Gaynor
October 24, 2006

For the sake of its critically important bastion against legislative and executive abuse, the federal judiciary, America needs MORE Republican Senators, not . . .

How far will DA Nifong set back race relations?
Michael Gaynor
October 23, 2006

I ask how far will Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael D. Nifong set back race relations (not only in Durham County, but in America), not . . .

Cash Michaels: Report MORE!
Michael Gaynor
October 20, 2006

For me, one of the pluses in the tragedy that is the Duke case has been meeting North Carolina journalist and television commentator Cash Michaels online and . . .

Voting your values is your civic AND moral duty
Michael Gaynor
October 19, 2006

Dick Morris appeared on "Your World With Neil Cavuto" with messages that should not only upset traditional family values voters enormously, but also motivate . . .

Duke case solution: Voter nullification, not jury nullification
Michael Gaynor
October 18, 2006

Prominent feminist Wendy McElroy realized long ago that the prosecution of the Duke Three was a politically motivated persecution and rightly railed against it. . . .

The Duke case is a DEMOCRAT scandal
Michael Gaynor
October 17, 2006

"60 Minutes" never mentioned during is two-part segment on the Duke case broadcast last Sunday night that the Duke case is a Democrat scandal. But, IT IS!  . . .

Message of "60 Minutes" Duke case expose: On Nifong, vote nay
Michael Gaynor
October 16, 2006

On August 16, in "The '60 Minutes' season opener should close the Duke case," I announced that CBS's "60 Minutes" tentatively planned to open its thirty-ninth . . .

Durham County's choice: never mind or nevermore
Michael Gaynor
October 14, 2006

On October 13, The Herald-Sun published a fawning letter by Durham attorney L.R. "Lee" Castle" purporting to explain why he would be voting for Michael B. . . .

Be not afraid: Key to Duke case defense success
Michael Gaynor
October 13, 2006

Criminal defense lawyers have a problem. Sometimes their clients are really guilty. Making the prosecution prove each and every element of each crime without . . .

Appeasing North Korea is absurd
Michael Gaynor
October 12, 2006

The Bush Administration has publicly stated that it does not intend to take military action against North Korea, even though North Korea just claimed to have . . .

With Collin out of the attic, Nifong soon will be out of office
Michael Gaynor
October 11, 2006

A very concerned relative was emphatic about the need for Collin Finnerty to leave the attic. Now she should be ecstatic. On July 14, that very concerned . . .

Republicans and Democrats ARE different
Michael Gaynor
October 10, 2006

Internet writer Felicia Benamon ("Both Democrats and Republicans Have Failed Us") is disgusted with the Mark Foley scandal: "The sexual exploits of Mark Foley  . . .

Foley scandal implications for Duke case
Michael Gaynor
October 9, 2006

Michael B. Nifong is the Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney. He is supposed to be a fair and impartial "minister of justice." He has a special . . .

AP writer still not admitting Duke case is bogus
Michael Gaynor
October 8, 2006

Allen G. Breed is an AP National Writer. He wrote about the Duke case last April and just did it again. His early articles gave unmerited credence to the . . .

Blame all (and only those) responsible for the Foley scandal
Michael Gaynor
October 7, 2006

Finley Peter Dunne (1867-1936), American writer and humorist, was right: "Politics ain't beanbag." The Mark Foley scandal demonstrates that yet again. Mr. . . .

The N & O's hypocritical "fairness" policy
Michael Gaynor
October 6, 2006

On October 5, 2005, The New & Observer reported a bit more about its March 25 interview of Crystal Gail Mangum, the accuser in the Duke case whom The News & . . .

Yes to bipartisan polygraphing!
Michael Gaynor
October 5, 2006

Democrat House Minority Leader and Speaker aspirant Nancy Pelosi and Representative Rahm Emanuel, Chairman of the House's Democrat Campaign Committee, refused a . . .

Democrat hypocrisy and politically motivated timing don't excuse Republican scandal
Michael Gaynor
October 3, 2006

Sean Hannity, conservative television and radio commentator, is right: Democrats are guilty of selective outrage and the timing of scandals involving . . .

No county has a right to try the Duke case
Michael Gaynor
October 2, 2006

Cash Michaels' latest article "Duke Case: Is Change of Venue Possible? asked an important strategic question: " Will the defense in the Duke lacrosse . . .

DA Nifong's upcoming Ides of October
Michael Gaynor
October 1, 2006

Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael B. Nifong crossed a Rubicon when he chose to behave like a petty tyrant in the Duke case instead of to . . .

Election reflections: Why vote Republican
Michael Gaynor
September 28, 2006

With (1) November 7, 2006 less than six weeks away, (2) the stock market near the all-time high (having recovered from the Clinton recession and the September 1 . . .

Setting the record straight
Michael Gaynor
September 25, 2006

My inclusion in my last article ("Duke case defense, respect Durhamites") of this comment by an anonymous poster at the Friends of Duke University website "I . . .

Duke case defense, respect Durhamites
Michael Gaynor
September 23, 2006

At the Friends of Duke University website, there is discussion as to whether the new Nifong timeline (as distinguished from the tall tale on which he obtained . . .

Mr. Nifong's "last throws"
Michael Gaynor
September 22, 2006


Durham County jury pool toxicity must be checked
Michael Gaynor
September 21, 2006

When it comes to poisoning the Durham County, North Carolina jury pool, District Attorney Michael B. Nifong knows what to do and he does not want anyone trying . . .

False rape claims, polygraphing, and the Duke case
Michael Gaynor
September 20, 2006

The fictional Sherlock Holmes deduced that a dog owner was the criminal, because his dog had not barked and he was the only person who could have committed the . . .

Don't forget the judges
Michael Gaynor
September 19, 2006

What Wendy E. Long, general counsel of The Judicial Confirmation Network (www.judicialnetwork.com), wrote in a Washington Times op-ed published on April 15, 20 . . .

Pope Benedict did not insult Islam
Michael Gaynor
September 18, 2006

When The New York Times is not misadvising the United States Government what to do, it is telling His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, to apologize (and lending any . . .

Come forward, Crystal; carry on, Cash
Michael Gaynor
September 17, 2006

The Duke case is a hoax and a travesty of justice requiring recognition and rectification. It became the Duke case because a desperate and troubled young black . . .

Fighting the war on terror in "Wonderland"
Michael Gaynor
September 16, 2006

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, written by Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, is the story of a girl named Alice who falls . . .

Commiserating with Robert Novak, thanks to the Duke case
Michael Gaynor
September 15, 2006

Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Michael B. Nifong wants himself to be elected as district attorney this November and the Duke case to be tried . . .

KC Johnson deserves a Pulitzer Prize, not NYT
Michael Gaynor
September 14, 2006

Professor Robert K.C. Johnson is a history professor at Brooklyn College and the City University of New York Graduate Center. He teaches 20th century United . . .

The Duke Three should prevail with the truth, not silence
Michael Gaynor
September 12, 2006

On September 10, these words were included in a long and thoughtful anonymous post at Friends of Duke University website: "Who would have guessed when this . . .

The Johnsville News deserves boos
Michael Gaynor
September 11, 2006

The Duke case is a travesty of justice, to be sure, but the antidote is the truth, not a competing myth. And the whole truth, not selective truth. The . . .

Cash Michaels learned. Will the Johnsville News?
Michael Gaynor
September 9, 2006

The Johnsville News has done wonderful work on the Duke case, but its recent hit piece on Cash Michaels, titled "Duke Case: Special Ed. for Doubters with Hoax . . .

Will "60 Minutes" judge the Duke case judges?
Michael Gaynor
September 8, 2006

In the Tawana Brawley case, a grand jury rightly refused to indict. In the Duke case, however, three indictments were improvidently issued (without the grand . . .

"60 Minutes" may need more time
Michael Gaynor
September 7, 2006

The bulk of the people of Durham County, North Carolina want a principled, professional criminal justice system in which criminal allegations are investigated . . .

Not ALL your critics are patriotic, Mr. President!
Michael Gaynor
September 6, 2006

"America is not what's wrong with the world. The struggle we are in is too important to have the luxury of returning to that old mentality of 'Blame America . . .

Republicans remain the better choice
Michael Gaynor
September 5, 2006

Sir Winston Churchill wryly (and wisely) observed: "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried." . . .

The Duke case should be dismissed
Michael Gaynor
September 1, 2006

On the DukeBasketballReport website, there is a legal response dated May 15, 2006 by Jason Trumpbour, Trinity 88, Law 91, a law professor at the University of . . .

The search for a Duke case hero
Michael Gaynor
August 30, 2006

Diogenes on Sinope used to stroll through the marketplace in ancient Athens during the day with a torch. When asked about it, he would answer, "I am just . . .

Let "60 Minutes" know you want it to do the right thing
Michael Gaynor
August 29, 2006

The day after I posted "The "60 Minutes" season opener should close the Duke case" (upsetting the secretive, the timid and the worriers), a gentleman who . . .

Will "60 Minutes" do a "180" about exposing the Duke rape hoax?
Michael Gaynor
August 28, 2006

Short answer: No. On August 16, 2006, I announced what should be ecstatic news for supporters of the Duke Three (surely the ones who want the nightmare to . . .

Michaels Brown and Chertoff: Scapegoat and pet goat
Michael Gaynor
August 27, 2006

When President Bush was told that the media was excoriating former FEMA Director Michael Brown over Hurricane Katrina, he replied, "Better him than me or . . .

The New York Times is trying to save Mike Nifong
Michael Gaynor
August 25, 2006

What should be expected from a newspaper that disclosed the terrorist surveillance program and, notwithstanding the pleas of the heads of the September 11 . . .

Duke case lessons should be learned and NOT forgotten
Michael Gaynor
August 23, 2006

"Those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them." "Water under the bridge" refers to experiences and conflicts which we have . . .

Duke students should protest gagging Duke case witnesses
Michael Gaynor
August 22, 2006

The Chronicle, Duke University's independent newspaper, broke the story and was on top of the Duke case, as it should have been. With school beginning again, . . .

Duke case heroes and villains
Michael Gaynor
August 21, 2006

"Honor and truth and manhood These are the things that stand, Though the sneer and jibe of the cynic tribe Are loud through the width of the land." Ted Olson, . . .

Mr. President, heed terrorism experts Nixon and Meir
Michael Gaynor
August 20, 2006

Mr. President, the War on Terror began long before your presidency. After September 11, 2001, you fully appreciated the nature of the danger that it represents . . .

Judge Diggs Taylor champions terrorist "rights" for the far left
Michael Gaynor
August 18, 2006

Predictably, AOL News put a "No Kings in America" headline on the article by AP's Sarah Karush titled "Judge Orders Halt to Warrantless Surveillance." What . . .

Oh Lord, Israel is following Senator Aiken's advice!
Michael Gaynor
August 17, 2006

"The best policy is to declare victory and go home." So said George Aiken (1892-1984), a Republican politician from Vermont, with respect to the Vietnam War.  . . .

The "60 Minutes" season opener should close the Duke case
Michael Gaynor
August 16, 2006

"60 Minutes" premiered on September 24, 1968. Its website promotes the show as "the CBS News magazine providing a blend of hard-hitting investigative reports, . . .

Does Cash Michael see the coming collapse of the Duke rape hoax?
Michael Gaynor
August 15, 2006

Does Cash Michael see the coming collapse of the Duke rape hoax? I think so. Cash Michael, in the August 14, 2006 issue of The Wilmington Journal (Part of . . .

Did the foiled terror plot make Senator Graham smarter?
Michael Gaynor
August 14, 2006

The good news is that the terrorist plot to explode over the Atlantic Ocean airplanes flying from Great Britain to the United States was foiled, primarily . . .

Why terrorism terrifies Democrats
Michael Gaynor
August 13, 2006

Democrats aspire to take control of the White House and both houses of Congress, especially the United States Senate, so they can control the executive and . . .

"Paging Susan Lucci" update
Michael Gaynor
August 12, 2006

On July 23, 2006, I wrote "Paging Susan Lucci: Please Guest Star in 'the Duke Rape Case.'" The soap opera star has been a neighbor of the Finnerty family in . . .

Exoneration for the Duke three is coming
Michael Gaynor
August 10, 2006

The Duke Three (Collin Finnerty, Reade Seligmann and David Evans) eventually will be exonerated as to the kidnapping, rape and sexual assault charges pending . . .

ACLU (Anti-Cross Leftists United) strikes again!
Michael Gaynor
August 9, 2006

The American Civil Liberties Union's sinister secular extremist presumption is getting even worse. Now the ACLU wants to stop a cross from being placed on . . .

Expose flawed, but NOT nearly as flawed as Duke prosecution
Michael Gaynor
August 8, 2006

The News & Observer's staff writer Jeff Neff's "Lacrosse files show gaps in DA's case," published on Sunday, August 6, 2006, was a much needed belated public . . .

Republicans handled their "Duke" scandal much better
Michael Gaynor
August 7, 2006

Former Congressman "Duke" Cunningham became a scandal for Republicans. They handled it well (kudos to the Bush Justice Department) and saved his Congressional . . .

Doomsday is coming for Durham's diabolical duo
Michael Gaynor
August 6, 2006

Sunday, August 6, 2006. The News & Observer published a long article by Joseph Neff titled "Lacrosse files show gaps in DA's case." The gist" "A review of . . .

Judging Duke case defense strategy
Michael Gaynor
August 5, 2006

From Friends of Duke University website: At 8:37 PM, August 04, 2006, Anonymous said: "The smartest legal strategy of all goes to Collin's attorney. By keeping . . .

There IS a gag order in the Duke case!
Michael Gaynor
August 4, 2006

Friends of Duke University website is a self-described "discussion board for the friends of Duke University" now "focus[ing]....on the Duke Lacrosse Scandal."  . . .

To Collin Finnerty: Happy Birthday!
Michael Gaynor
August 3, 2006

Dear Collin: Today you reach age 20. Unfortunately, there may have been times during your nineteenth year when you wondered whether you would, or even . . .

Abe Foxman did not miss the second opportunity
Michael Gaynor
August 2, 2006

Yasser Arafat went to his grave without missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity when it came to achieving permanent peace in the Middle East. The result: . . .

Abe Foxman is encouraging anti-Semitism, NOT Mel Gibson
Michael Gaynor
August 1, 2006

Mel Gibson's masterpiece, "The Passion of the Christ," should have won the Academy Award for Best Picture of the Year 2004. That moving movie (which Mr. Gibson . . .

How dare Judge Titus try to silence the Duke men's lacrosse team!
Michael Gaynor
July 30, 2006

On July 17, 2006, in what is still supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave, a Durham County, North Carolina Superior Court judge (Kenneth . . .

Durham judge gagging Duke three is an abomination!
Michael Gaynor
July 28, 2006

Where is the outrage? Their accuser was NOT raped, but the Duke Three really have been GAGGED (by a judge!). If three poor black natives had been gagged after . . .

Durham "justice": political and intimidating, NOT colorblind and fair
Michael Gaynor
July 27, 2006

On July 27, 2006, Friends of Duke University website posted a heartwarming message from Kennedy Godettee, a former Durhamite and former Duke University employee . . .

The Duke Three should learn from Justice Thomas, "Willie," and Racine
Michael Gaynor
July 25, 2006

In 1991 Clarence Thomas was nominated and confirmed as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court and William Kennedy Smith was accused and . . .

Paging Susan Lucci: Please guest star in "the Duke rape hoax"
Michael Gaynor
July 23, 2006

Fittingly, it was an independence day, Bastille Day (July 14): "An obviously concerned person anonymously posted this message to the family of Collin Finnerty . . .

Does Destine play a part in the Duke rape hoax?
Michael Gaynor
July 22, 2006

Talk about putting the cart before the horse: having rushed to indict the Duke Three, Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong has gone fishing in the hope . . .

ACLU v. the cross
Michael Gaynor
July 21, 2006

The American Civil Liberties Union, that bastion of secular extremism, is fighting hard to bring down the Mt. Soledad Memorial Cross (part of the veterans . . .

Nifong does reek, so vote Lewis Cheek
Michael Gaynor
July 20, 2006

Durham, North Carolina's own Ed Thomas saw the light, recognized DA Nifong as a blight and plans to do what is right to end the Duke Three's plight and make . . .

Will the Durham establishment protect "petty-tyrant" prosecutor Michael Nifong?
Michael Gaynor
July 19, 2006

When the local prosecutor should be prosecuted instead of prosecuting, it poses a problem for the local establishment. Durham County, North Carolina's District . . .

Susan Estrich: out of control
Michael Gaynor
July 18, 2006

Susan Estrich claims to have been raped in 1974. I believe her. I doubt she hallucinated or fabricated. Unfortunately, about thirty-two years later, it . . .

Senate: Vote William James Haynes II up or down before leaving town
Michael Gaynor
July 13, 2006

On October 17, 2002 (less than eleven months after September 11, 2001), William James Haynes II, an outstanding attorney, in an address titled "The War on . . .

Senate: Vote Judge Boyle up or down before leaving town
Michael Gaynor
July 12, 2006

The United States Senate is planning a lengthy August recess. But, during the 109th Congress, the Senate has confirmed only 46 judicial nominees. Democrat . . .

Comparing the William Kennedy Smith case and Duke rape hoax
Michael Gaynor
July 10, 2006

MSNBC's Dan Abrams, a Duke graduate, initially said that the idea that some Duke lacrosse players had committed a gang rape was plausible to him. Since then, . . .

The Ann Coulter as plagiarist charge: Contemptible canard
Michael Gaynor
July 8, 2006

Plagiarize: "to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own; use (a created production) without crediting the source"; "commit literary . . .

Mr. President, end the North Korean threat now!
Michael Gaynor
July 7, 2006

Mr. President, on January 29, 2002, in your State of the Union Address, with the memory of September 11, 2001 fresh and foremost in the minds of the American . . .

Preserving traditional marriage requires strict constructionist judges (and people who will nominate and confirm them)
Michael Gaynor
July 6, 2006

Good News: On July 6, 2006, the highest courts in New York and Georgia issued traditional marriage-friendly decisions. The New York court refused, 4 to 2, to . . .

Supremes reverse secular extremist course, protect cross!
Michael Gaynor
July 5, 2006

"The highest story of the American Revolution is this: it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of . . .

Duke President Brodhead: Undo your bonehead blunder
Michael Gaynor
July 3, 2006

After (1) a North Carolina Central State student (Crystal Gail Magnum, the pathetic ex-convict stripper and "escort" and patently unbelievable accuser in the . . .

Hamdan: A horrible (but limited) decision
Michael Gaynor
July 2, 2006

In "On Hamdan: Greenhouse Gas v. Levin and Long Law," I (1) commented that "the United States Supreme Court proclaimed (both prematurely and patently wrongly) . . .

Justice Thomas on presidential and judicial power: right again!
Michael Gaynor
July 1, 2006

To be sure, the Bush-bashing media is ecstatic about the United States Supreme Court majority opinion interfering with President Bush's conduct of the War on . . .

Duke case: Does the prosecutor needs prosecuting
Michael Gaynor
June 30, 2006

Perhaps the nightmare for the Duke Three and their family and friends will end soon after all. On June 30, 2006, NBC's TODAY and MSNBC's Abram Report broadcast . . .

Delighting detainees: Supreme injustice, arrogance, and stupidity
Michael Gaynor
June 29, 2006

The United States Supreme Court, in an opinion by Justice John Paul Stevens (who is not to be confused with the American naval hero John Paul Jones), strangely . . .

Debra Livingston: a "Giuliani" Republican, I presume
Michael Gaynor
June 28, 2006

At confirmthem.com, the possibility that President Bush will nomination Debra Livingston to serve on a United States Court of Appeals (either the D.C. or Second . . .

Is the New York Times too powerful to prosecute?
Michael Gaynor
June 27, 2006

The New York Times has behaved irresponsibly before, but did it behave criminally (even treasonously) when it published a front page article with this lead . . .

Kimberly Guilfoyle: Good words for Nifong, guilt by association for the Duke Three
Michael Gaynor
June 26, 2006

Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong seems to have an admirer: Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle. One wonders why. Kimberley remarried last month and is expecting a . . .

Give it up, Mike Nifong! Even Ruth Sheehan says so
Michael Gaynor
June 25, 2006

In the Duke case, race did not, does not and never will deserve a place. To give it one is a disgrace. "The Duke case" refers to the criminal prosecution of . . .

Investigate the New York Times immediately
Michael Gaynor
June 23, 2006

"All the News That's Fit to Print" is the motto of The New York Times. Obviously not fit meaning proper. Fit meaning "adapted to an end or design" or  . . .

Senator Santorum: Saddam still had chemical weapons
Michael Gaynor
June 22, 2006

The Far Left in America and the rest of the world (1) charged that President Bush was a reckless war monger, (2) claimed that Saddam Hussein had repented and . . .

Mike Nifong makes Newsweek look great
Michael Gaynor
June 20, 2006

The latest issue of Newsweek made Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong freak. "DUKE: SHOULD THE CASE BE DROPPED?" appears at the top of the cover. The article . . .

Durham D.A. Nifong and prosecutorial ethics
Michael Gaynor
June 19, 2006

Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong is both politically and ethically challenged these days. Yes, he parlayed his speedy indictments of the Duke Three into an . . .

Suggestion to Crystal: pray, learn from Cynthia, apologize now
Michael Gaynor
June 17, 2006

Crystal Gail Mangum, did you take notice? A development in the District of Columbia on June 16, 2006 is the best news for you since that humorless email from a . . .

Bush Supreme Court appointees save the day
Michael Gaynor
June 16, 2006

If there is good news, Long Island's Newsday is predisposed to ignore or bury it. On page A29 of its June 16, 2006 edition, Newsday deigned to report an . . .

Concerned Americans, let North Carolina hear from you!
Michael Gaynor
June 14, 2006

It wasn't obvious at the beginning. Indeed, "Dukie" Dan Abrams of MSNBC publicly stated that he considered the charge conceivable, based on his own Duke . . .

Mike Nifong should be frog-marched, NOT Karl Rove
Michael Gaynor
June 13, 2006

Today, Joe Wilson, a man who fantasized about holding high office in a John Kerry administration, outed his wife (Valerie Plame Wilson) as a CIA operative, . . .

D.A. Nifong: dissing Dr. King's dream in Durham
Michael Gaynor
June 12, 2006

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their . . .

The perils of pointing out that Ann Coulter is imperfect
Michael Gaynor
June 11, 2006

Ann Coulter is a deity of sorts to many conservatives utterly delighted with the witty way she skewers liberals (who need to be educated and often deserve to be . . .

Ann Coulter's problem: going too far
Michael Gaynor
June 9, 2006

Good News: In "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," Ann Coulter deftly depicts liberalism as a perverse religion, diligently details its war on God and the . . .

America's fourth estate as al-Qaeda's fifth column
Michael Gaynor
June 8, 2006

Great News! Zarqawi, al-Qaeda's top terrorist in Iraq, was killed by American forces. Bad News: Even though America is engaged in a War on Terror, the . . .

Heed the National Coalition to End Judicial Filibusters
Michael Gaynor
June 7, 2006

The National Coalition to End Judicial Filibusters is a coalition comprised of national pro-family and religious organizations, including law firms, academics, . . .

"Gay marriage," America's founders, and Presidents Clinton and Bush
Michael Gaynor
June 5, 2006

The date is set: June 6, 2006. 6 6 6. The date on which the United States Senate is scheduled to vote on a constitutional amendment to protect marriage. The . . .

Is Speaker Hastert "a blithering idiot"?
Michael Gaynor
May 28, 2006

Speaker of the House of Representatives J. Dennis Hastert, Republican of Illinois, and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, issued the . . .

Mr. President, save your presidency by saving that cross in San Diego
Michael Gaynor
May 26, 2006

Mr. President, Duncan Hunter, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, is urging you to act to save a 29-foot cross standing on San Diego city property . . .

Congressional immunity is NOT absolute
Michael Gaynor
May 25, 2006

The Federal Bureau of Investigation obtained a search warrant from a judge, searched the Congressional office of Representative William Jefferson, Democrat, New . . .

My email on Tawana Two (aka the Duke "rape" case)
Michael Gaynor
May 24, 2006

There's no doubt that many black women were raped by white men in America and never were held liable for it. When slavery was "legal," "rape" was an exercise . . .

The deplorable Duke political prosecutions
Michael Gaynor
May 23, 2006

When a young white woman who chose to visit Kobe Bryant in his hotel room later charged him with rape, it soon became apparent that she was hoping for the local . . .

Will Louisiana lunacy ever end?
Michael Gaynor
May 22, 2006

Insanity: doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Lunacy: any of various forms on insanity; insanity amounting to a lack of capacity or of . . .

Remember your favorite philosopher, Mr. President
Michael Gaynor
May 19, 2006

Is Jesus still your favorite philosopher, Mr. President? Then Governor and presidential aspirant George W. Bush impressed the kind of people who elected and re . . .

Values: Why Republicans generally remain far preferable
Michael Gaynor
May 18, 2006

Public opinion polls reflect widespread dissatisfaction with the Bush Administration and Congress. This is largely the result of war being wearying, . . .

General Democrat "culture of corruption" + some Republican cowardice = judicial filibuster tyranny
Michael Gaynor
May 9, 2006

As a candidate, George W. Bush pledged to nominate strict constructionists to the federal bench. As President, he has honored his pledge. But a considerable . . .

Senator Specter suckered again by Senator Schumer et al.
Michael Gaynor
May 5, 2006

Sucker: a person easily cheated or deceived. Example: Arlen Specter, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. As such, Chairman Specter is especially . . .

Brouhaha over Judge Boyle: Teapot tempest time
Michael Gaynor
May 4, 2006

When it appeared that the United States Senate soon would take an up-or-down vote on the long-pending nomination of Judge Terrence Boyle to serve as a judge on . . .

Brett Kavanaugh, YES! New York Times, NO!
Michael Gaynor
May 3, 2006

One more good reason to confirm Brett M. Kavanaugh as a federal appellate judge: The New York Times (NYT), the daily issues of which make a mockery of its "all . . .

The WHOLE truth about the Katrina catastrophe, please
Michael Gaynor
May 1, 2006

The good news is that with (1) the passage of time, (2) former FEMA Director Michael D. Brown's frank and forceful testimony before both House and Senate . . .

Exercise the constitutional option, Majority Leader Frist
Michael Gaynor
April 29, 2006

The United States Senate should use the constitutional option to put an end to judicial filibusters. It should have done so last year, but the Gang of Fourteen . . .

"Alliance for Justice": UNjust to Judge Boyle
Michael Gaynor
April 27, 2006

In the matter of the nomination of Judge Terrence Boyle to serve a federal appellate judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, the . . .

Justice Alito: good for religious liberty
Michael Gaynor
April 25, 2006

Warning: Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. Has Replaced Justice Sandra D. O'Connor and Public Schools May Not Censor Religious Viewpoints Of Students In Class . . .

Brett M. Kavanaugh deserved a confirmation vote long ago
Michael Gaynor
April 22, 2006

America's Constitution and fundamental fairness each require that the United States Senate do its constitutional duty and give Judge Terrence Boyle, Brett M. . . .

The right term for that "exotic dancer"
Michael Gaynor
April 21, 2006

My position on the so-called Duke rape case is simple: "What is needed in the Duke lacrosse team alleged rape case and every other case in which an accusation . . .

Duke rape accuser: Victim or victimizer?
Michael Gaynor
April 20, 2006

Accuser: one who brings an accusation; one who charges an offense judicially or by a public process. Victim: one who is injured, destroyed or sacrificed under . . .

How much longer must Judge Boyle wait?
Michael Gaynor
April 19, 2006

It has been rightly observed that justice delayed is justice denied. The same point about justice delayed can be made about an up-or-down vote on a judicial . . .

Hail to THE Donald!
Michael Gaynor
April 16, 2006

No! NOT the mogul whose first wife (Ivana) took to calling him "The Donald." The man who has dedicated himself to protecting America instead of promoting . . .

The president's candor problem
Michael Gaynor
April 10, 2006

I voted for President Bush in 2000 and again in 2004, in each case for the same reason: he was the better of the viable candidates. With the benefit of . . .

"Amnesty" is NOT the answer to abortion on demand
Michael Gaynor
April 5, 2006

Talk about slippery slopes and treating the bulk of the American people like dopes. "Amnesty" for illegal aliens (by whatever name and in whatever guise . . .

Beware the Gospel According to Newsweek's Jon Meachem!
Michael Gaynor
April 4, 2006

SURPRISE! The April 10, 2006 issue of Newsweek did what the United States Supreme Court said that government must not do. Instead of maintaining a strict . . .

Laura Ingraham IS the person Troy thinks she is!
Michael Gaynor
April 2, 2006

If America's Laura Ingraham was not the person Troy thinks she is before 2006, she certainly is today. A graduate of Dartmouth College (where she edited the . . .

What GI Joe says is so
Michael Gaynor
March 31, 2006

If you believe that the mainstream media are objective, and don't want to learn otherwise, stop reading. Otherwise, read on. Set forth below is a missive to . . .

The Jill Carroll is free mystery
Michael Gaynor
March 30, 2006

The Christian Science Monitor and Jill Carroll, one of their reporters based in Iraq, reportedly are thrilled by her release. But, she should not be serving as . . .

Irresponsible dissent: What the Founders would resent
Michael Gaynor
March 27, 2006

These days, the right of freedom of speech is generally and vigorously exercised, while the corresponding duty to be responsible is often contemptuously ignored . . .

Keith Olbermann, MSNBC Doberman, on Laura Ingraham's "balcony crack"
Michael Gaynor
March 24, 2006

Laura Ingraham was not in the least derogatory or insulting to anyone's memory when she appeared on "The Today Show" on March 21, 2006, notwithstanding Keith . . .

Mainstream media and President Bush: Heed Laura Ingraham
Michael Gaynor
March 23, 2006

March 21, 2006 will be remembered by millions as the day Laura Ingraham appeared as a guest on "The Today Show" and skillfully shattered the leftist mainstream . . .

Laura slew David; George tried to educate Helen
Michael Gaynor
March 22, 2006

Yesterday seemed too good to be true: Laura Ingraham exquisitely exposed most of the mainstream media reporting on Iraq as timid misreporting focused on the bad . . .

Why Mike Brown has not yet been replaced
Michael Gaynor
March 20, 2006

Mr. President, you were not to blame for the September 11 disaster. You had not been on the job long enough to undo the damage done by your predecessor. You . . .

Newsweek: Like a broken clock, but nearing the truth about Katrina
Michael Gaynor
March 19, 2006

A broken clock is right twice a day. Newsweek, a regular Bush basher that set off riots and endangered Americans around the world, especially Americans serving . . .

Brainwashing: A big part of the president's sinking approval rating
Michael Gaynor
March 18, 2006

Sometimes an email illuminates much more than the emailer ever imagined it could be. On March 16, 2006, I received this email message from Tameka (last name . . .

Mike Brown offered to assume some blame, but NOT to be scapegoated for being apathetic or incompetent
Michael Gaynor
March 17, 2006

On August 28, 2005, before Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast and a foreseeable (for decades) levee breach resulted in New Orleans being mostly inundated, . . .

President Bush: Confront your domestic enemies, media included, or collapse
Michael Gaynor
March 16, 2006

The Good News: President Bush shares the critical values of the good people of America (and good Americans still outnumber the rest, at least in the red states, . . .

Now Leader Boehner owes Mike Brown an apology, too
Michael Gaynor
March 14, 2006

On March 7, 2006, HumanEventsOnline's Amanda B. Carpenter asked the new Republican Majority Leader, John Boehner, whether former FEMA Director Michael D. Brown . . .

Feingold: Fool's gold, censure, and the MAGIC lesson
Michael Gaynor
March 13, 2006

Beware any presidential aspirant who puts his or her overweening personal ambition first. Like Senator Russ Feingold, Democrat of Wisconsin. In his zeal to . . .

Eliot Spitzer: viewpoint discriminator and vindictive Democrat
Michael Gaynor
March 11, 2006

Message to New York women from "Spit": Elect me your Governor! I am your champion! I will defend your "right" to choose abortion for any reason or no reason. . . .

The lesson of "Roe vs. Wade for men": Making abortion a right was wrong
Michael Gaynor
March 10, 2006

Two wrongs don't make a right. But, in contemplating compounding a wrong, the wrongness of that wrong finally may be appreciated and, as a result, that wrong . . .

Did Bob Novak call President Bush a fool?
Michael Gaynor
March 9, 2006

Not quite. But almost. After former President Clinton's Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin, rejected President Bush's personal plea for help with a bipartisan . . .

The Hurricane Katrina catastrophe inside story: Mike Brown answers my questions
Michael Gaynor
March 8, 2006

What America needs is not a good five-cent cigar. Cigars are hazardous. What America needs is the truth about the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe that former . . .

Two Mikes and a Margaret: scapegoat Brown, culprit Chertoff, now contrite Carlson
Michael Gaynor
March 7, 2006

I did not expect to type these words, much less the exclamation point, but fair is fair: Bravo, Margaret Carlson! Ms. Carlson, formerly a columnist and deputy . . .

Do not be deceived by the devil's disciples
Michael Gaynor
March 6, 2006

This year, The Washington Post wickedly "celebrated" Ash Wednesday (March 1) by publishing an article by Alan Cooperman titled "The House's Catholic Democrats . . .

The truth about Katrina is being told (thanks to Laura Ingraham)
Michael Gaynor
March 5, 2006

Ash Wednesday is a fine day for thoughtful people to reflect on what they have done, to jump back from conclusions to which they jumped erroneously and to make . . .

President Bush's pro-abortion albatross: Michael Chertoff
Michael Gaynor
February 28, 2006

What is it about Michael Chertoff, President Bush's unqualified, unsuccessful, unrepentant and yet still unreplaced Homeland Security Secretary? After (1 . . .

The loony secular extremist left: Very sour on war power
Michael Gaynor
February 27, 2006

The loony left's sinister secular extremists rabidly reject the profound principles of America's Declaration of Independence (which humbly acknowledged God and . . .

Must scapegoats be muzzled by executive privilege?
Michael Gaynor
February 24, 2006

Does former FEMA Director and current Katrina scapegoat Michael D. Brown have an unfettered right to speak truthfully about his communications with the White . . .

So long, Mr. Chertoff!
Michael Gaynor
February 23, 2006

The title of Joseph Farah's article on the Dubai Ports World deal asks a critically important question: "White House: Tone deaf or brain dead?" President Bush . . .

Mr. President, Mr. Chertoff should resign
Michael Gaynor
February 22, 2006

Mr. President, in order for you to succeed during the rest of your second term (and to avert disaster in the 2006 elections and the spectacle of a Democrat . . .

America's Constitution, presidential power, and common sense
Michael Gaynor
February 21, 2006

America's original Constitution and Bill of Rights were written by Americans who had won America's independence and expected the governing documents they wrote . . .

E.D. Hill, please interview Tamara Brown
Michael Gaynor
February 20, 2006

Shortly after 7 A.M., on Presidents' Day 2006, on Fox News' "Fox & Friends," E.D. Hill dared to speak an important truth that the alphabet television networks . . .

Pro-abortion, nominally-Catholic politicians think they are above the law
Michael Gaynor
February 18, 2006

Pro-abortion, nominally-Catholic politicians think they are "above the law." They should be officially declared to have excommunicated themselves from their . . .

The New York Times: Out of control
Michael Gaynor
February 17, 2006

The New York Times is out of control. It has lost its "soul." The Times never was elected to anything, but in recent years it repeatedly and utterly . . .

How do you solve a problem like...Ann Coulter?
Michael Gaynor
February 16, 2006

Steven M. Warshawsky's "In Defense of Ann Counter" is a well-meant, but misguided attempt to rally conservatives automatically behind Ann Coulter, even when she . . .

Justices Scalia and Alito are right
Michael Gaynor
February 15, 2006

God bless Antonin Scalia, an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court and a principled, learned, and brilliant originalist ready, willing and able . . .

House Katrina report blames everyone but Congress!
Michael Gaynor
February 13, 2006

The House of Representatives has investigated the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe. The good news is that former FEMA Director Michael D. Brown, who immediately . . .

President Bush: Damned if he doesn't, damned if he does
Michael Gaynor
February 12, 2006

President Bush has been damned for a slow federal response to Hurricane Katrina AND for secretly surveilling terrorists. In each case, the blame is either . . .

Uncover any Katrina cover-up!
Michael Gaynor
February 10, 2006

Former Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael D. Brown "is widely considered the public face of the government's sluggish response to Katrina. But . . .

Common sense and common decency, please!
Michael Gaynor
February 9, 2006

Violent protest by devout believers against what may be blasphemy or sacrilege is understandable, given human imperfection, but absolutely wrong. Like bombing . . .

Why Hillary supports pro-life Casey: to keep SCOTUS pro-abortion
Michael Gaynor
February 8, 2006

Hillary Clinton is happily defending herself against extremist criticism of her $10,000 to pro-life Pennsylvania State Treasurer Bob Casey, Jr., the Democrats' . . .

The First Amendment's religious clauses were commonsensicial and compatible
Michael Gaynor
February 7, 2006

With respect to religion, the First Amendment states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise . . .

Will SCOTUS use Skoros to straighten out Everson?
Michael Gaynor
February 6, 2006

There is a simple reason why post-World War II jurisprudence involving the First Amendment's religious clauses is twisted and tortured: the United States . . .

Rick Santorum (NOW's top target), yes! Bob Casey, no
Michael Gaynor
February 4, 2006

This year Pennsylvania is the site of the most important United States Senate race: State Treasurer Bob Casey, Jr., a Democrat "legacy" (the son of the late . . .

Boycott NBC: Not by coincidence, the network bashing Christianity
Michael Gaynor
February 2, 2006

NBC contemptuously and contemptibly chooses to bash Christianity and to ridicule Christian beliefs and values for profit and fun. It is a network that good . . .

Hurray! But should there be different standards for Supreme Court nominees?
Michael Gaynor
January 31, 2006

Today, The Judicial Confirmation Network, an organization of citizens joined together to support the confirmation of highly qualified individuals to the Supreme . . .

The REAL State of the Union, Mr. President
Michael Gaynor
January 30, 2006

Mr. President, you have served very well, much better than your current poll ratings suggest. You have taken the war to the terrorists effectively; acted . . .

The future of Senator Pryor is dire: Respect and trust, he does not inspire
Michael Gaynor
January 29, 2006

Churlish Chuck Schumer, New York's senior Senator, loves to call Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr., the superbly qualified federal appellate judge who is about to be . . .

Overrule Roe and Doe? Bush and Balestrieri may make it so!
Michael Gaynor
January 28, 2006

President George W. Bush has been honest with the American people. (His despicable, dishonest and fanatical political opponents constantly call him a liar and . . .

Why the anti-Alitoists will (and should) lose
Michael Gaynor
January 27, 2006

There has been a benefit to the anti-Alitoists postponing Judge Alito's confirmation: Wendy E. Long, counsel to The Judicial Confirmation Network, has been . . .

Unpresidential Hillary on "far-fetched" and "strange"
Michael Gaynor
January 26, 2006

While President Bush toured and spoke effectively at America's National Security Agency (which conducts the terrorist surveillance program designed to prevent . . .

Alito nomination lesson: Nominate strict constructionist, not "consensus" candidate
Michael Gaynor
January 25, 2006

Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr.'s nomination to succeed Justice Sandra Day O'Connor as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court was approved by the . . .

President Bush lauds pro-life cause as "right" and "noble"
Michael Gaynor
January 24, 2006

Shortly after noon on January 23, 2006 (the thirty-third anniversary of the twin constitutional catastrophes, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, illegitimate issue . . .

Is Alito nomination undoing pro-abortioners and undermining abortion on demand?
Michael Gaynor
January 23, 2006

Pro-abortion fanatics are apoplectic and self-destructing. They fear (rightly) that Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. is not one of them. They fear (realistically) . . .

To filibuster or not to filibuster, that is the question
Michael Gaynor
January 22, 2006

For Senate Democrats, Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. is a disaster. Thanks to the abortion lobby (which seems to run the Democrat plantation). Obviously, Judge . . .

Best USA reply to Usama: Patriot Act extension
Michael Gaynor
January 20, 2006

If Adolph Hitler had asked for a truce in 1945, in order to rebuild and save money on munitions, would the Allies have agreed? Of course not. Some are not . . .

Usama bin Laden helps Bush, betrays Congressional Democrats!
Michael Gaynor
January 19, 2006

Message from Usama bin Laden to the American people: "The operations are under preparation and you will see them in your homes the minute they are through (with . . .

With Wendy Long and Judge Preska too, what will the far left do?
Michael Gaynor
January 18, 2006

Wendy E. Long is legal counsel to the Judicial Confirmation Network. Until March 2005, Mrs. Long was a litigation partner in the New York office of Kirkland & . . .

ACLU: unAmerican, unbalanced, unfair, unsafe
Michael Gaynor
January 17, 2006

Under truth-in-advertising principles, the ACLU should be an acronym for Anti-God Communists and Lunatics United instead of American Civil Liberties Union. But . . .

Alito, Arroyo, and Hitchcock: Supremes may turn back the clock
Michael Gaynor
January 14, 2006

Sometimes the United States Supreme Court makes a mistake of a constitutional nature that has monumental and horrific consequences. The Supremes are supposed . . .

The anti-Alitoists' despicable (and unAmerican) "closet bigot" strategy
Michael Gaynor
January 12, 2006

Churlish Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat and a leading pro-abortion member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said yesterday that Judge Alito's confirmation . . .

JCN and Wendy Long: Not this time, Mr. Neas!
Michael Gaynor
January 10, 2006

In 1987, Ralph Neas, President of People For the American Way, chaired the successful bipartisan effort by the 300-organization Block Bork Coalition to block . . .

Anti-Alito Democrats: Ready to filibuster or just full of bluster?
Michael Gaynor
January 9, 2006

Churlish Chuck Schumer, a pro-abortion Democrat from New York salivating at the thought of interviewing Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. in his capacity as a member . . .

Anti-Alito lies and innuendo v. Wendy Long's facts and logic
Michael Gaynor
January 8, 2006

With the Senator Judiciary Committee hearing on President Bush's nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. to succeed Justice Sandra Day O'Connor as an Associate . . .

Stuart Taylor, Jr. vilified by Daily Kos, vindicated by ABA Alito applause
Michael Gaynor
January 6, 2006

"The systematic slanting conscious or unconscious of this and many other news reports has helped fuel a disingenuous campaign by liberal groups and senators . . .

Jack Murtha, Cindy Sheehan's senseless successor
Michael Gaynor
January 4, 2006

President Bush was re-elected in 2004. But the far left Democrats and their malevolent media allies continued to campaign against him, focusing on each . . .

The Judicial Confirmation Network is winning the Alito confirmation battle
Michael Gaynor
January 3, 2006

If the Judicial Confirmation Network (www.judicialnetwork.com) had been around when Judge Robert Bork was "borked," Judge Bork would have been confirmed as an . . .

NYAG "Evil El" Spitzer's personal rage and ridiculous "road rage" argument
Michael Gaynor
December 31, 2005

Democrat Eliot "Evil El" Spitzer, currently New York's Attorney General and, tragically, the favorite to succeed George Pataki as New York's Governor, is a pro . . .

Alan Colmes v. Wendy Long on Judge Alito: Wily & weak v. sensible & strong
Michael Gaynor
December 29, 2005

Alan Colmes is the liberal counterpart and co-host of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes (Monday-Friday 9-10PM ET), a one-hour debate-driven talk show focusing on . . .

NBC celebrates Christmas with cheap shots at scapegoat Mike Brown
Michael Gaynor
December 28, 2005

If the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), under Michael D. Brown, had been an independent federal agency instead of part of the huge Department of . . .

How school textbooks misreport the Clinton impeachment
Michael Gaynor
December 27, 2005

The Associated Press's Ben Feller has written an article entitled "School Textbooks Tackle the Clinton Impeachment." For people who think of tackling as the . . .

Boxer v. Bush: Constitutional nonsense v. common sense
Michael Gaynor
December 25, 2005

The Obstructionist in Chief, Democrat Barbara Boxer, a Senator from California who deplored the impeachment of fellow Democrat Bill Clinton for perjury and . . .

The scurrilous anti-Alito campaign continues
Michael Gaynor
December 23, 2005

The small, but tyrannical, secular extremist minority is determined to block Judge Alito's confirmation as Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's successor on the United . . .

It's the New York Times that should not be trusted
Michael Gaynor
December 21, 2005

Did The New York Times deliberately disclose important classified information that it never should have acquired (and had properly kept confidential for a year) . . .

Striking America...and against New York City
Michael Gaynor
December 20, 2005

America needs to recognize all her enemies and to take appropriate action against each of them, in order to protect herself, to preserve the rule of law, to . . .

There ARE Dems who ARE against "us"!
Michael Gaynor
December 19, 2005

In Democrats Call Bush Out on Strikes But The War on Terror Isn't A Game, Frank Salvato concluded his "rant" with "the question [that] begs to be asked: . . .

How the terrorists' media allies prolong the war on terror
Michael Gaynor
December 18, 2005

Remember what we thought after September 11, 2001? We thought that terrible follow-up attacks inevitably would be coming soon. They didn't come, because (1) . . .

Hallelujah for America's religious heritage!
Michael Gaynor
December 17, 2005

The December 17, 2005 issue of Long Island, New York's secular extremist newspaper, Newsday, included brief responses by eight persons to the question, Is . . .

Many Democrats just have to help the terrorists!
Michael Gaynor
December 16, 2005

Many Democrats (both in political office and in the media) fervently believe that is in their political interest to persuade a majority of the American people . . .

Ann Coulter: to be adored and arrested, NOT ignored or molested
Michael Gaynor
December 15, 2005

How about helping Ann Coulter out? Contact leftist prosecutors who will abuse their positions without batting an eyelash and urge them to prosecute Ms. . . .

Secular extremist tactics in the war on Christmas
Michael Gaynor
December 14, 2005

In Secular Extremists Still Lying About Their War on Christmas, I reported that the War on Christmas (which secular extremists deny exists, of course) had . . .

Notice to anti-Alitoists: Your lies and deceits will be exposed!
Michael Gaynor
December 13, 2005

December 13, 2005. The day the determined Judicial Confirmation Network (www.judicialnetwork.com) released a new Internet ad titled "Real America" and pointing . . .

The Judicial Confirmation Network won't let Judge Alito be "borked"
Michael Gaynor
December 12, 2005

Robert Bork was appointed as a federal appellate judge on the prestigious District of Columbia Circuit in 1982 and nominated by President Reagan to serve as an . . .

Alito nomination: To filibuster, or not to filibuster, will become the question
Michael Gaynor
December 11, 2005

For Americans who deplore secular extremism, the current Christmas and Hanukkah season seems to be going well. To be sure, the War on Religious Holidays  . . .

Secular extremists still lying about their war on Christmas
Michael Gaynor
December 10, 2005

Secular extremists say that there is no War on Christmas and ridicule Fox News' John Gibson for writing The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the . . .

Hernandez v. Robles reversed, traditional marriage preserved in New York
Michael Gaynor
December 9, 2005

The New York law firm known as Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP boasts in its pro bono report on civil rights on its website that it "has assumed an . . .

Mr. Dean, please resign
Michael Gaynor
December 8, 2005

Howard "The Screamer" Dean, former Vermont governor and current Democrat Party Chairman, disgraced himself and embarrassed all decent Democrats by declaring . . .

Mr. President, please communicate like Wendy Long!
Michael Gaynor
December 7, 2005

President Bush shares the critical values of the good people of America and is able to identify and ready, willing and able to confront, contain and crush . . .

The wisdom of Pope Benedict XVI and the wickedness of secular extremism
Michael Gaynor
December 6, 2005

Peggy Noonan pointed out after it was announced that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Dean of the . . .

Oh Christmas tree (NOT holiday tree)
Michael Gaynor
December 4, 2005

"A rose is a rose is a rose." So wrote Gertrude Stein, suggesting that some things resist definition in words. "If you call a tail a leg, how many legs has a . . .

Alas, in Indiana, it's now "strange indeed"
Michael Gaynor
December 2, 2005

America's greatest chief justice, John Marshall, proclaimed in 1833: "[W]ith with us Christianity and Religion are identified. It would be strange indeed, if . . .

It's a miracle! Macy's will say "Merry Christmas" again!
Michael Gaynor
December 1, 2005

Their bottom line, Macy's Department Stores, remembered, and so they meekly surrendered . The phase "Merry Christmas" again will appear in Macy's store signage . . .

Imaginary "culture of corruption" v. actual culture of death
Michael Gaynor
November 30, 2005

These days, desperate Dem leaders are plotting to retake control of Congress and the White House. Not by peddling their usual snake oil, but by persuading . . .

Preserving the republic, with help from Ann, Doug, Mona, and Marie
Michael Gaynor
November 28, 2005

At the close of America's Constitutional Convention, a lady asked Benjamin Franklin what type of government the Constitution would create. Franklin replied: "A . . .

John Gibson is right about the war on Christmas
Michael Gaynor
November 27, 2005

On the first Sunday after Thanksgiving 2005 I visited Manhattan to go to Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral and to see the displays in the front windows of two . . .

Exploding the Americans-are-terrorists-too myth
Michael Gaynor
November 25, 2005

Some Americans spend Thanksgiving more productively than others. Grant Holcomb, who actually walked the walk and knows what he's talking about, helped to . . .

Stare decisis and the secular extremist left
Michael Gaynor
November 24, 2005

Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his essay titled "Self-Reliance," opined that "[a] foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and . . .

Thanksgiving thought: America's Founders knew better
Michael Gaynor
November 23, 2005

There's no doubt about it: America's Founders were genuinely religious people, and smart. They rejected the idea of a monarchy based on divine right, . . .

Why Wendy Long's words are newsworthy
Michael Gaynor
November 22, 2005

To the question why I call attention occasionally to wise words from Wendy E. Long, counsel to The Judicial Confirmation Network (www.judicialnetwork.com), the . . .

Latest Dem strategy to demagogue Judge Alito
Michael Gaynor
November 21, 2005

On Sunday, November 20, 2005, Senator Joseph Biden, a senior Democrat from Delaware, who previously had said that the nomination of Judge Samuel A, Alito, Jr. . . .

Churchill, Lincoln, and Bush: WIN!
Michael Gaynor
November 18, 2005

"For the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honor. I believe it is peace for our time....Go . . .

From irresponsible to reprehensible: Right on!
Michael Gaynor
November 17, 2005

At least the Bush Administration is moving in the right direction in dealing with its contemptible critics! At long last, President Bush came out on Veterans' . . .

President Bush IS to blame!
Michael Gaynor
November 16, 2005

President Bush IS to blame. NOT for the September 11 attacks. (He could not have prevented them.) NOT for liberating Afghanistan and Iraq. (That was great!)  . . .

Cross-eyed crackpots
Michael Gaynor
November 15, 2005

Due to a judicial travesty the United States Supreme Court opining that government must be neutral as between religion and irreligion and not support religion . . .

Confirm Alito, replace Ginsburg with Wendy Long
Michael Gaynor
November 14, 2005

Of all people, Bill Sammon of The Washington Times did the pro-abortion lobby's research for it. Mr. Sammon's brief article, titled "Alito Rejected Abortion as . . .

Secular extremism's perversion of the Constitution must be undone
Michael Gaynor
November 12, 2005

America's Founders created a federal government that looked favorably on religious belief and private property, viewed them as good and necessary, and protected . . .

A good start, Mr. President. But not quite Clarence Thomas-worthy
Michael Gaynor
November 11, 2005

When it comes to confronting fierce political opponents and calling a spade a spade instead of a digging implement adapted for being pushed into the ground with . . .

Mr. President, heed the call of Marie Jon' and Chris Hartsock (America's future)
Michael Gaynor
November 10, 2005

Mr. President, Americans root for fighters, not punching bags. You have not been taking the fight to your political enemies (as you wisely did with the . . .

Election day lesson for President Bush: Engage the enemy at home now
Michael Gaynor
November 9, 2005

In 2001, Democrats won the governorships in New Jersey and Virginia and billionaire Mike Bloomberg won the New York City mayoralty. This year it was the same,  . . .

Secular extremist France still in denial as rioting continues
Michael Gaynor
November 8, 2005

The price France is paying continues to rise. See France Is Paying a Price. Justice Antonin Scalia, in his illuminating dissent in the notorious Kentucky Ten . . .

Why the nutty Ninth Circuit is nuts
Michael Gaynor
November 7, 2005

Sharon Hughes, in a very disturbing article well titled Court Gone Mad!, offered a simple, succinct and suitable diagnosis of the notorious United States Court . . .

France is paying a price
Michael Gaynor
November 6, 2005

As the Bible states: "They have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind." Americans surely should not gloat about it: wanton bodily harm to innocent . . .

Dem plan: Defame Bush administration and Republican Congressional leaders
Michael Gaynor
November 5, 2005

The sinister spirit of Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels seems to be infecting the Democrat Party these days. They keep repeating the same lies ad . . .

The interest of Tim Russert et al. in the Libby case
Michael Gaynor
November 4, 2005

Accuracy in Media describes itself as "a non-profit, grassroots citizens watchdog of the news media that critiques botched and bungled news stories and sets the . . .

Religious Christians and Jews: Boycott federated department stores!
Michael Gaynor
November 3, 2005

Christmas and Hanukkah are coming. Federated Department Stores again is planning to profit big time from them. But NOT to wish shoppers "Merry Christmas" and  . . .

Secular extremists don't get it (or pretend not to get it)
Michael Gaynor
November 2, 2005

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes was right: "You can't understand a phrase such as 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion' by . . .

Secular extremists oppose Judge Alito as well as counsel Miers
Michael Gaynor
November 1, 2005

One can count on the secular extremist left not only to pretend to be in the political mainstream, but to try mightily to have things both ways, for example, by . . .

"Scalito" to reenforce Scalia and Thomas
Michael Gaynor
October 31, 2005

There is good news and bad news this Halloween morning. The good news is that President Bush has nominated Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. to replace Justice Sandra . . .

Scooter Libby: scapegoat
Michael Gaynor
October 30, 2005

In a perverse sense, it seems fitting that I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby has been made a scapegoat. After all, he is Jewish (and scapegoating Jews was not an . . .

Pat Buchanan v. Rachel Alexander on Harriet Miers
Michael Gaynor
October 28, 2005

In 2000, Pat Buchanan was edged out for President by George W. Bush. His presence in the race was a potential disaster for conservatives who realized that a . . .

I hope President Bush phones...Judge Edith Jones!
Michael Gaynor
October 27, 2005

With White House Counsel Harriet Miers having had her nomination to be an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court withdrawn, President Bush may be . . .

Are the rule-or-ruin right really the brightest of the bright?
Michael Gaynor
October 26, 2005

People like Manuel Miranda and the members of his Third Judicial Branch have a fantastic ability to identify excellent candidates for federal judicial positions . . .

Saving Harriet Miers
Michael Gaynor
October 22, 2005

President Clinton appointed two United States Supreme Court Justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer. Justice Ginsburg, a Jewish secular extremist . . .

Be happy with Harriet! Or ready for Hillary!
Michael Gaynor
October 19, 2005

The tantruming of constitutional conservatives like Judge Robert Bork over President Bush's nomination of White House Counsel Harriet Miers to replace Justice . . .

Bishop Wiegand: Good work done, more good work to do
Michael Gaynor
October 18, 2005

In Loretto High School, a Catholic high school in Sacramento, California, there is student rebellion of sorts. Because a teacher who had served as a Planned . . .

Go Harriet (Miers)!
Michael Gaynor
October 15, 2005

Like Ronald Reagan, Harriet Miers, President Bush's current White House Counsel and embattled Supreme Court nominee, did not attend an Ivy League College. Like . . .

The plight of the "rule or ruin" right
Michael Gaynor
October 14, 2005

Herewith a fantastic list of women and men from which many strict constructionists wanted President Bush to choose his second Supreme Court nominee: Janice . . .

An evangelical Christian lady is suitable for the Supreme Court too
Michael Gaynor
October 12, 2005

The First Lady, Laura Bush, suspects that sexism motivates some of the opposition to her husband's nomination of his White House counsel, Harriet Miers, to . . .

Newt knows: Support Miers, don't oppose
Michael Gaynor
October 10, 2005

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich knows who should and should not be supporting and opposing the confirmation of White House Counsel Harriet Miers to be . . .

To bork or not to bork became the question for Bork
Michael Gaynor
October 9, 2005

According to the New York Times, the verb to bork might be defined as "to destroy a judicial nominee through a concerted attack on his character, background and . . .

Confirming Harriet
Michael Gaynor
October 7, 2005

To be sure, there will be a confirmation battle over Harriett Miers, President Bush's former Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and current White House counsel.  . . .

The quarterback called a play that should produce a touchdown, Ms. Noonan
Michael Gaynor
October 6, 2005

Peggy Noonan called President Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers a "misstep," using football terms to make her case: "The president misread the field, the . . .

George Will, please chill!
Michael Gaynor
October 5, 2005

George Will asks, with reference to President Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers, his White House counsel, to succeed Sandra Day O'Connor as an Associate . . .

Connecting the welfare of children to traditional marriage and hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Michael Gaynor
October 4, 2005

Rene Henry Gracida, New Orleans native and Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Corpus Christi in Texas, in a speech entitled "The Children of New Orleans," made a . . .

Here's Harriet!
Michael Gaynor
October 3, 2005

BULLETIN: President Bush has nominated White House Counsel Harriet Miers to succeed Sandra Day O'Connor as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the . . .

Dual standards for Delay and Pelosi
Michael Gaynor
October 2, 2005

Tom DeLay is pro-life, conservative, Republican and as effective in accomplishing things as a hammer is in driving a nail where it belongs Nancy Pelosi is pro . . .

Mr. President, you owe Bill Bennett an apology; Rep. Conyers, the truth will set Bennett free
Michael Gaynor
October 1, 2005

Despicable demagogue Democrats deem it politic to insinuate or even insist that President Bush is a racist. They did it during the 2000 and 2004 elections and . . .

Today it's despicable Dems "waving the bloody shirt"
Michael Gaynor
September 30, 2005

"Waving the bloody shirt" is political slang for a Republican political tactic used successfully after the Civil War for winning votes, particularly black votes . . .

Bill O'Reilly helps the secular Coalition for America
Michael Gaynor
September 29, 2005

Say it ain't so, Bill. To be sure, it was unintentional. Bill O'Reilly obviously recognizes the danger of secular extremism. He fights it vigorously and . . .

Revise the Posse Comitatus Act now!
Michael Gaynor
September 28, 2005

Question: What governmental entity indisputably distinguished itself during Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath? Answer: The United States Coast Guard.  . . .

Are there still enough Dumocrats to empower Louisiana's Domocrats and Damocrats?
Michael Gaynor
September 27, 2005

It appears that Democrat dominance of Louisiana and perhaps even New Orleans will end shortly. The silver lining in the Hurricane Katrina disaster. David . . .

President Bush's moment of truth is near
Michael Gaynor
September 26, 2005

It appears certain that this coming Thursday, Judge John Roberts will be confirmed by the United States Senate as the next Chief Justice of the United States.  . . .

Hurriedly-learned hurricane lessons
Michael Gaynor
September 24, 2005

Demagogue Democrats, masters of the malevolent art of benefiting from poverty and the bulk of the votes of poor people, especially poor black people, . . .

Mother Angelica v. Katrina and Rita
Michael Gaynor
September 23, 2005

"Mother Angelica: The Remarkable Story of a Nun, Her Nerve, and a Network of Miracles," by Raymond Arroyo, News Director of Eternal Word Television Network  . . .

A book for our times: Mother Angelica
Michael Gaynor
September 22, 2005

MOTHER ANGELICA: The Remarkable Story of a Nun, Her Nerve, and a Network of Miracles, released on September 6, 2005, is the definitive biography of the . . .

Save the date: Jeb in 2008
Michael Gaynor
September 21, 2005

The horrible hurricanes may have a salutary effect: putting Jeb Bush in the White House, whether or not he yearns for it. Democrats blame President Bush for . . .

Save Louisiana and New Orleans from unfit officials
Michael Gaynor
September 20, 2005

The thought of Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin leading the recovery of Louisiana and New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina is . . .

The price of President Bush's blindness to the Clinton menace
Michael Gaynor
September 19, 2005

Key political opponents say that President Bush is oblivious or insensitive to racism and poverty, or worse. That is gutter politics. They are demagogues.  . . .

Latest Democrat disaster strategy would be a disaster for Louisiana and America
Michael Gaynor
September 17, 2005

Having tried mightily (and skillfully) to shift blame to the federal government and having secured an unprecedented bailout commitment, Louisiana's Democrat . . .

Back President Bush's recovery plan...and a Blanco bill
Michael Gaynor
September 16, 2005

Last night (September 15, 2005), speaking "from the city of New Orleans, nearly empty, still partly underwater, and waiting for life and hope to return," . . .

Michael Newdow: Devil's advocate triumphant
Michael Gaynor
September 15, 2005

Michael Newdow claims to be an atheist. His mission on earth appears to be to drive references to God, if not God, out of public life. He wants "under God" . . .

Judge Roberts has a position on Roe v. Wade
Michael Gaynor
September 13, 2005

Senator Herbert Kohl, Democrat of Wisconsin, elicited from Judge Roberts during questioning this afternoon (September 13, 2005) an implicit acknowledgement that . . .

How stupid do Bush bashers think people are?
Michael Gaynor
September 12, 2005

You don't have to be a genius to realize that Americans need to understand what went right and what went wrong in dealing with Hurricane Katrina. President . . .

The major media should make room for this news
Michael Gaynor
September 11, 2005

Every avoidable or premature death is tragic. Fortunately, the Louisiana authorities who are responsible for avoidable and premature deaths are not responsible . . .

Donating wisely, federalism's cost, and fixing responsibility
Michael Gaynor
September 10, 2005

Warning: The Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund is collecting money to give to the governors of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana to disburse. In the cases of . . .

Senator Landrieu: from Democrat to demagogue to loser
Michael Gaynor
September 9, 2005

Senator Mary Landrieu, Democrat of Louisiana, is up for reelection in November 2006. She won narrowly twice, thanks to her political base, New Orleans. Her . . .

Confront secular extremist arrogance now
Michael Gaynor
September 8, 2005

These days the likes of Senator Patrick Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, and Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat of New York, cleverly claim the so-called "mainstream" . . .

An ounce of prevention
Michael Gaynor
September 7, 2005

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Pounding the table AFTER a disaster cures nothing. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin failed to learn from his wake . . .

Demagoguing disaster...and not
Michael Gaynor
September 6, 2005

Bob Herbert, the black Bush-basher at The New York Times, railed against the Bush administration in a September 5, 2005 piece titled "A Failure of Leadership" . . .

Taking back the Supreme Court from secular extremism
Michael Gaynor
September 5, 2005

Taking back the United States Supreme Court from secular extremism is near! Secular extremists realize it. And they are furiously preparing to do their worst  . . .

Hail to the Chief!
Michael Gaynor
September 4, 2005

Chief Justice William Rehnquist died on September 3, 2005. It falls to President Bush to nominate a replacement. Elevating Justice Scalia or Justice Thomas . . .

CNN is showing its bias again
Michael Gaynor
September 2, 2005

National disasters bring out the worst in CNN. CNN should bring Robert Novak back from hiatus and put "American Morning" co-anchor and "nitpicker" Miles O . . .

Blame environmental extremists, not President Bush
Michael Gaynor
September 1, 2005

Before Hurricane Katrina had been downgraded to a tropical storm and gas prices for Americans predictably spiked as a result of the effect on America's . . .

The Democrats and religion
Michael Gaynor
August 31, 2005

The Democrats have a big problem with religion. To be sure, there are plenty of religious Democrats. Especially in the South and the Midwest. Unfortunately, . . .

Secular extremism's attack on America's religiousness: a status report
Michael Gaynor
August 30, 2005

Newsweek reports that "only a generation ago it appeared from some vantage points, such as midtown Manhattan, that Americans were on their way to turning their . . .

The truth about presidential Thanksgiving proclamations
Michael Gaynor
August 29, 2005

One CAN rely on secular extremists to try to revise history to suit their purposes. NOT for the truth. For example, they ignore the fact that the Constitution . . .

Mr. Donohue, meet Mr. Balestrieri and support him!
Michael Gaynor
August 28, 2005

William A. Donohue is the President of the Catholic League and, as EWTN's Raymond Arroyo put it, the official "watchdog" against anti-Catholicism. His . . .

The misinterpreted Posse Comitatus Act still endangers national security
Michael Gaynor
August 27, 2005

The Posse Comitatus Act (Section 1385 of Title 18 of the United States Code) states: "Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by . . .

Let's revisit and learn from the Pearl Harbor investigations
Michael Gaynor
August 26, 2005

The disclosure that the Defense Department's Able Danger unit identified Mohamed Atta as a threat long before September 11, 2001, but Defense Department lawyers . . .

Vive le Lance, or la France?
Michael Gaynor
August 25, 2005

Lance Armstrong is the cancer survivor who became the greatest cyclist in Tour de France history. That is not in dispute. For the seventh consecutive time at . . .

Pat Robertson, please think of all the consequences before you speak
Michael Gaynor
August 24, 2005

There seems to be something combustible about the month of August and a yearning for public attention and political influence. On August 22, 2005, Pat . . .

Jefferson's "wall" was not a prison wall
Michael Gaynor
August 23, 2005

Just as Cindy Sheehan has misused her son Casey's noble death to promote her own extremist views, secular extremist spinners have used Jefferson's "wall" to . . .

Judicial activists resist and resent...original intent
Michael Gaynor
August 22, 2005

Judicial activism is the bane of America's judiciary. And the activists in America's judiciary are the bane of America's constitutional government. George . . .

Atheism is a protected "religion'' under the First Amendment!
Michael Gaynor
August 20, 2005

"When I use a word," Lewis Carroll's Humpty Dumpty said in a rather scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean neither more nor less." Humpty . . .

Slick Jamie S. Gorelick makes Americans sick
Michael Gaynor
August 19, 2005

The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States website offers this very impressive description of Commissioner Jamie S. Gorelick: "Jamie . . .

Who needs Aljazeera when you have Newsday?
Michael Gaynor
August 18, 2005

Pfc. Jose Ruiz, who grew up in Brentwood, Long Island, New York, and his baby daughter Liana made the cover of the August 18, 2005 issue of Newsday, Long Island . . .

Reviewing the Clinton years: Part XII
Michael Gaynor
August 17, 2005

Former President Clinton strives to make former Independent Counsel Starr and Linda Tripp the villains and himself the victim. The fact that Independent . . .

Reviewing the Clinton years: Part XI
Michael Gaynor
August 16, 2005

Abraham Lincoln, known to history as "honest Abe" and for preserving the Union, offered the following observations on the American people: "[Y]ou may fool all . . .

Reviewing the Clinton years: Part X
Michael Gaynor
August 15, 2005

As a practical (but not legal or historical) matter, former President Ford was right when he said on April 15, 1970 that "an impeachable offense is whatever a . . .

Reviewing the Clinton years: Part IX
Michael Gaynor
August 14, 2005

President Clinton's invocation of Hamilton's affair with Mrs. Reynolds as part of his defense against possible impeachment, although not as reckless as his . . .

Reviewing the Clinton years: Part VIII
Michael Gaynor
August 13, 2005

As previously stated, James Madison, acknowledged as "the father of the Constitution," even by "historians" and "constitutional scholars" opposing President . . .

Reviewing the Clinton years: Part VII
Michael Gaynor
August 12, 2005

The historians purporting to defend the Constitution have it backwards. That the Framers considered it less likely that a public official would need to be . . .

Reviewing the Clinton years: Part VI
Michael Gaynor
August 11, 2005

Article II, Section 4 of the United States Constitution states: "The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed . . .

Reviewing the Clinton years: Part V
Michael Gaynor
August 10, 2005

"James Wilson, one of the Framers and a learned jurist, echoed Blackstone's definition. 'A crime,' he wrote in his Lectures on Law, 1790-1791, 'is an injury, so . . .

Reviewing the Clinton years: Part IV
Michael Gaynor
August 9, 2005

James Bryce, in The American Commonwealth, Volume 1 (1888), at page 47, footnote 2, in reviewing impeachment under the Constitution, pointed out that "[i . . .

Reviewing the Clinton years: Part III
Michael Gaynor
August 8, 2005

Senator Byrd implicitly confirmed that Independent Counsel Starr did his unpopular and unpleasant job well and did not trump up charges, that the House . . .

Reviewing the Clinton years: Part II
Michael Gaynor
August 7, 2005

President Clinton argued effectively that the Framers set the impeachment bar very high and the ludicrous notion that Framer Benjamin Franklin opposed . . .

Reviewing the Clinton years: Part 1
Michael Gaynor
August 6, 2005

Failing to learn from past mistakes is the way of the dunce. A Clinton Administration should not be suffered more than once. BEWARE! A Clinton redux in 2008 . . .

Is there a reason to prosecute the ACLU for treason?
Michael Gaynor
August 5, 2005

Article III, Section 3, Clause 1 of the United States Constitution states: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, . . .

The Constitution, stare decisis, and the Ten Commandments
Michael Gaynor
August 4, 2005

Which is more important: the Constitution or stare decisis? The right answer is the Constitution, of course. Not stare decisis. The Constitution . . .

First Bolton, then Roberts (with Justice O'Connor's help)
Michael Gaynor
August 1, 2005

Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution is explicit: "The President shall have Power to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, . . .

Exploding the "Hitler's Pope" myth
Michael Gaynor
July 30, 2005

Bravo to Rabbi David Dalin for brilliantly and boldly refuting John Cornwell's contemptuous and contemptible book about Pope Pius XII, Hitler's Pope: The Secret . . .

Settled law is settled until it is unsettled
Michael Gaynor
July 28, 2005

"Separate but equal" was settled law from 1896 until 1954. About 58 years. Lower courts respected it. As they were required to do. Then the United States . . .

The framers would be sour on the "Lemon test"
Michael Gaynor
July 26, 2005

The United States Supreme Court and subordinate courts generally apply the aptly named "Lemon test" to determine whether religious expression with a . . .

America originally was proud to be "one nation, under God"
Michael Gaynor
July 24, 2005

In 1954, after a campaign led by the Knights of Columbus, Congress unanimously voted to add the words "under God" to "The Pledge of Allegiance," effectively . . .

Boycott Allstate before it's too late!
Michael Gaynor
July 22, 2005

Allstate claims: "You're in good hands with Allstate." That depends upon why you are. If you are a practicing homosexual who wants Christians and Jews who . . .

America, rejoice! John Roberts is a great choice!
Michael Gaynor
July 20, 2005

Yesterday morning, I exhorted President Bush to make the kind of nomination that he made last night. Because he is the person solely responsible under the . . .

The U.S. Supreme Court arbitrarily took separation of church and state much too far
Michael Gaynor
July 19, 2005

Fiorello LaGuardia, the legendary New York City mayor, acknowledged that when he made a mistake, it was "a whopper." The same is true of the United States . . .

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