What is Circular Head Tourism?

Our Vision is:
To develop and promote Circular Head as a renowned, all season tourism destination

Our Mission is:
Circular Head Tourism shall successfully market the region externally by:

  1. Sharing the Vision
  2. Building and Strengthening Relationships
  3. Maximising Resources
  4. Encouraging Product Development
  5. Providing Opportunities for Members to Increase Revenues
  6. Responding to the Changing Needs and Demands of the Tourism Industry

What is the mandate of the Circular Head Tourism Association?

Circular Head Tourism Association exists:

  1. To promote, foster and develop tourism to Stanley, Smithton, Marrawah, Arthur River, and all other areas within the Far North West (known as Circular Head).
  2. To promote the interest of members engaged in the tourism industry in the region.
  3. To ensure the presence of an organisation qualified to speak for the local tourism community within the region and to ensure that tourism interests are represented and reflected at the local, regional, state, and federal levels.
  4. To facilitate the exchange of tourism/economic related ideas, knowledge, experience, and information among it's members and the community.

What does the Circular Head Tourism Association do?

  1. The tourism market is fickle and the only way to ensure the region continues to see growth is through a strong destination marketing organisation.
  2. Both Chambers of Commerce (Stanley & Smithton) endorse the Circular Head Tourism Association. We work closely with them to ensure a unified and cost effective approach to marketing is undertaken.
  3. Circular Head Tourism, as a single voice for the region, is able to join with other groups, such as Tourism Tasmania to access worldwide markets.
  4. Circular Head Tourism assists the many local festivals and special events with marketing to ensure they enjoy increasing success.
  5. Circular Head Tourism attends 10-12 trade and consumer shows each year, plus ensuring the region is represented at other shows through our partnerships. This means we are on the road up to 55 days every year representing your interests and that our region is highlighted at shows in NSW, QLD, ACT, SA and VIC.
  6. Circular Head Tourism, in association with its members, places over $100,000 worth of advertising every year.
  7. Circular Head Tourism produces the only Official Visitors Guide for the region. In 2006 60,000 copies were printed and distributed through shows, response to advertising, response to website inquiries, Stanley and state wide Visitor Information Centres and through our members.
  8. Circular Head Tourism operates the most comprehensive travel website in the region.
How do you join the Circular Head Tourism Association?

Membership of Circular Head Tourism gives you access to a whole host of cost-savings, marketing opportunities, business development support and professional advice. In return it gives us the funds and the power to lobby on your behalf. 

For the past 6 years Circular Head Tourism has been the leading association representing the interests of tourism businesses across the Far North West of Tasmania. The combined voice of more than 50 businesses means we can command attention and respect, both with government and with local and regional bodies, when we lobby on industry issues.

By becoming a member you will be showing your commitment to the future of tourism in the region, helping us to promote our unique assets and drive forward the tourism industry so that it thrives.

We’ve decided to simplify our membership scheme this year with the launch of new membership packages. You now have the choice of joining as either a Full Member or an Associate Member.

For Annual Subscription rates call 03 6458 1330.

Contact Us

Existing members requiring help or information on membership please contact:

Sarah Chatwin on 03 6458 1330 or email sarah@stanley.com.au

Jill Burke on 03 6458 1330 or email jill@stanley.com.au

Days of work Monday - Friday 9.30am – 5.30pm / Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4.00pm

If you are not yet a member and would like more information or advice contact:

Jason Clare on 03 6458 1330 or email jason@stanley.com.au