Welcome to SAPO Codebits

3 days. 24 hours a day. 600 attendees. Talks. Workshops. Lots of food and beverages. 24 hour programming/hacking competition. Quizz Show. Rock Band Contest. Lots of gaming consoles. More food. More beverages. More coding. Sleeping areas. More fun. An unforgettable experience.

Oh, did we mention attendance is free? You need only to register and get approved for the event.

Stay tuned with the blog to hear about the speakers we're getting to this event and all the stuff we're preparing for you.

Microsoft Surface

Wednesday, 14 de October de 2009 - tags: - permalink

Microsoft, another recurrent partner of Codebits, will be present once again in this year's edition.

Among other things, they are going to bring a Microsoft Surface for us to play with.

You've probably heard of it before; yes, it's a surface computing platform that responds to natural hand gestures and real world objects.

There will also be some training on how to use this platform and its SDK.

More details coming soon.

First batch of candidates approved; more during the week

Monday, 12 de October de 2009 - tags: - permalink

Dozens of you have already received an email approving you to Codebits. We started the approval process last Friday and we're going through the applications as we write these lines.

For the impatient, we also included a twitter notification for those of you who are selected.

If you haven't registered yet, this is the time to do so. If your friends haven't registered, do make sure they are aware of the event, so that if they don't apply you can later on tell them "I told you so".

The dates are approaching fast and we should be announcing more speakers and more surprises pretty soon, and regularly.

Stay tuned, and we hope you enjoy the old chiptunes from Gameboy and C64 ;-)

O'Reilly @ Codebits

Sunday, 11 de October de 2009 - tags: - permalink

O'Reilly, a regular presence at Codebits, will be present once again this year.

Josette Garcia, from O'Reilly, at SAPO Codebits

Josette Garcia will be at Codebits with an O'Reilly stand in which you'll be able to buy books with 35% discount.

That's right.




Saturday, 10 de October de 2009 - tags: - permalink

Ask and ye shall receive!

And yes, some of you have asked, so here they are: the logos you can use to advertise Codebits with.

We've included several versions (horizontal/vertical, white/black/transparent background).



Friday, 9 de October de 2009 - tags: - permalink

A couple of attendees of previous editions of Codebits expressed to us their feelings about this year's official language.

While many applicants are at ease with our choice, a number of them are concerned that added to the fact of having to present their project in public they'd also be doing it in another language other than their own.

Also, some of the candidates told us they were actually refraining from submitting workshops because they weren't comfortable enough with giving a 45 minute presentation in English.

Well, we don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable, do we?

So here's what we'll do:

  • You can submit your talks in English or in Portuguese; we'll sort it out in a way that there's always at least one talk in each language; the schedule will clearly show which talks are in English or in Portuguese;
  • Regarding project presentations, you could always pick the person in the group more confortable with the idea of presenting in English, but that might not be sufficient for all groups, so we'll allow presentations in Portuguese too (but we'll appreciate if your slides are in English); we're expecting reasonable percentages of talks in both languages, so we'll probably have all the presentations in each language done in a row.

Just remember: Codebits is not about the language, it's About::Talent.

Social Codebits

Wednesday, 7 de October de 2009 - tags: - permalink

Codebits is present at several social networking sites.


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