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Working Plan for 2010 of International Chinese Kuoshu Federation

中華國術國際聯盟總會九十九年工作計畫  99.01.01起至99.12.31

Working Plan for 2010 of International Chinese Kuoshu Federation






Keys in Execution













Execute plans






段級審查委員會、紀律委員會、裁判委員會、 教練委員會、技術研究發展委員會會議全年,至少一次,如必要時得召開臨時會議。


Scrutiny of Tuan-Chi Promotion committee Meeting, Disciplinary committee Meeting, Referee committee meeting, coach committee meeting, technique study and development  committee conference should be held at least once a year. Temporary technical meeting should also be held if necessary.



International conferences



The 1st representative assembly of the 8th International Chinese Kuoshu Federation and other committee meetings, executive committee meetings should be held once a year. Temporary technical meeting should also be held if necessary.







Organize International Tournaments


The organizing conference of the The 3nd International Taichi Chuan Tournament 2010





Attend international tournaments, conferences, and visits

1. (澳洲)中華國術國際聯盟

  (Australia)  International Chinese Kuoshu Federation

2. 東南亞、美洲、歐洲、各地訪問。

  Visits in South-East Asia, America, Europe and others.





Organize workshops


International workshops for Kuoshu referees, coaches.





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NOTICE: This regulation IS NOT the final version! please watch our updates in future.

1. Purpose: The purpose of this Tournament is to bring together Taichi Chuan lovers from all over the world, to emulate martial arts among each other, to develop Chinese wushu worldwide, and to promote human being's health.

2. Steering Organizations:

National Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Education
Tourism Bureau
Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee
National Sports Federation

3. Under Auspices of :

International Chinese Kuoshu Federation (ICKF)

4. Organizer:

Republic of China Kuoshu/Wushu Federation 
Chinese Taipei Wushu Confederation

5. Co-Organizers:

Various National Kuoshu Federations of the International 
Chinese Kuoshu Federation 
Various National Wushu Federations 
Chinese Chen Chia Kou (陳家溝) Taichi Chuan Association

6. Competition Dates:

   25th and 26th, Sep. 2010, 2 days.

7. Opening ceremony: 

10:00AM, 25th, Sep. 2010.

8. Dates of Sightseeing:

27 ~ 29, Sep. 2010 (3 days) 

9. Scenic spots:

   Note: The costs of accommodations and food should be at the expense of individuals themselves.)

10. Competition Venue

11. Competition Rules: 
   Obligatory Routine: in accordance with Wushu Taichi Rules (2003 edition)
   Traditional Routine and Push-Hand: In accordance with Taichi and Push-Hand Competition Rules enacted by the Republic of China Kuoshu/Wushu Federation 

12. Age Division:

Division 1: 19 years of age and below
Division 2: 19-35 years of age
Division 3: 35-50 years of age
Division 4: 50-60 years of age

13. Items of Competition: Both Men and Women 
  A.Obligatory Routine: Form 42 and Form 24 and optional Obligatory Routine
  B.Traditional Routine: Chen Style (陳氏).Yang Style (楊氏), Wu Style (吳氏),Wu Style (武氏), Sun Style (孫氏),Cheng Style(鄭氏)and Optional Traditional Routine.
  C.Obligatory Apparatus: Taichi Sword and Taichi Broadsword. (and optional Obligatory Apparatus)
  D.Traditional Apparatus: Taichi Sword, (single and double) and Taichi Broadsword (single and double). (and optional Traditional Apparatus)
  E.Group Practice: Ten persons and more practice (men and women). Form and Apparatus Mixed Group Practice.
  F.Push Hand: both men and women, each having 9 weight classes.

1). Male
1st class: below 55 km
2nd class: 55.01-60 km (inclusive)
3rd class: 60.01-65 km (inclusive)
4th class: 65.01-70 km (inclusive)
5th class: 70.01-75 km (inclusive)
6th class: 75.01-80 km (inclusive)
7th class: 80.01-85 km (inclusive)
8th class: 85.01-90 km (inclusive)
9th class: above 90.01 km 
2). Female
1st class: below 45 km (inclusive)
2nd class: 45.01-50 km (inclusive)
3rd class: 50.01-55 km (inclusive)
4th class: 55.01-60 km (inclusive)
5th class: 60.01-65 km (inclusive)
6th class: 65.01-70 km (inclusive)
7th class: 70.01-75 km (inclusive)
8th class: 75.01-80 km (inclusive)
9th class: above 80.01 km

14. Awards:

Awards will be classified into Type Overseas and Type Internal . They are accorded according to the following rules:

a.Individual Awards:
1). Obligatory Routine:Form 42 and Form 24, Traditional Routine: Chen Style (陳氏).Yang Style (楊氏), Wu Style (吳氏),Wu Style (武氏), Sun Style (孫氏),Cheng Style (鄭氏), Obligatory Apparatus: Taichi Sword and Taichi Broadsword, Traditional Apparatus:Taichi Sword and Taichi Broadsword, Group Practice, In all thirteen items.

   The 4 top contestants, regardless of weight classes, from all items of form, apparatus and duel practice contest of both the male and female divisions shall be awarded certificates and trophies for first,second,third and fourth places espectively.

2).Push-Hand Sparring contests: 
The 3 top contestants from each weight class both male and female of divisions for the above said contests shall be awarded certificates and trophies for first, second and third places respectively. For each class with less than 4 contestants, awards shall be accorded as follows: 
a.For a class of 3 contestants, first and second places ertificates and trophies shall be awarded.
b.For a class of 2 contestants, a first place certificate and trophy shall be awarded.
b.Team award
Routine:Form, apparatus and group practice
The first four placings of each form, apparatus and group practice will be given 4,3,2,1 points respectively.
The first three placings of each calss of Push-Hand Sparring will be given 7,5,3 points respectively.
According to the total points achieved, the first three placing teams will be awarded trophies of champion, first runner-up and second runner-up respectively.
c.「Martial Cup」:to Morality Best Team
d.Participation certificate:A participant who has failed to obtain any award of contests will be given participation certificate.

15. Participating delegations:

A. Each country shall organize 1 delegation composed of 2 teams, namely, obligatory routine team and optional routine team. Each athlete can enter a maximum of 2 items (1 routine and 1 push hand ) 
B. Composition of a national delegation: The number of officials such as head of delegation, coach, manager, doctor, etc depends on the number of participating athletes, detailing as follows:
1-5 athletes—2 officials 
6-9 athletes—3 officials
10-20 athletes—4 officials
Up to a maximum of 21athletes—5 officials

C.A delegation having a maximum of 10 athletes may bring one referee, (who is requested to participate in a clinic)

16. Entry: 

A.First of the entry: by 30th, July. 2010 (via fax, post or even a new online entry system).
B.Deadline of the entry: by 15th, Aug. 2010 (via fax, post or even a new online entry system).
C.Place to which entry forms are sent by post or fax : 
Room 706, 20, Zhulun Street, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-27316794 886-2-87711432 Fax:886-2-27310023

17.Entry Fee: Free

(International airfare: at the expense of participating delegations) 


A. Participating delegations should complete the registration 
procedures at 24:00, ,2010. 
B. Participating delegations should complete the registration procedures at 09:00, ,2010, and weigh-in, lot-drawing and preliminary contest afterward.
C. Participating delegations should put clearly in the official entry form arrival time and flight number, so as to have people meet the delegations at the airport and transfer them to the hotel. 
D. No participants are allowed to participate in the Tournament
(including demonstations) if they enter on a casual basis.

18. Participation Fee:
   A. Overseas: The Organizing Committee is tasked to arrange for participating delegations room, board and local transportation for ,and sightseeing for December ,2010 (8 days). All other expenses shall be responsibility of each delegation or individual.
Accompanying personnel of delegations, who would like the Organizing Committee to arrange their accommodations and food shall pay USD60(Double Room) Per man aer day,(Single Room)pay USD80 Per man aer day to the Following bank: 
The Fist Commercial Bank, Taipei(Ming Chuan Branch) 
Account No:147-30-317269
Receiver:Kuoshu/Wushu Federation of the Republic of China
Please Fax to the Secretariat of Kuoshu/Wushu Federation of the Republic of China by Fax No.886-2-27310023 a copy of the money order as soon as you have it remitted to the said bank.

   B. Internal: Individual NTD1,000 Per man aer day. 
Delegation Group Practice NTD5,000 per Team.
Supply lunch. All other expenses shall be responsibility of each

19.Transportation and Accommodations:

A. During the period of Dechmber 1-4 for competition, the Organizing Committee will be responsible for the costs of participants’ accommodations and food.  For sightseeing, please refer to item 8 above. The costs of accommodations and food for the dates other than those stated should be at their own expense.
B. During the period of competition, all members of delegations will reside in Kaohsiung City hotel, Kaohsiung City , while during the period of sightseeing. the place of accommodations will be arranged depending on where the sightseeing takes place.

Attention by participants of both Tournament and Grand Assembly:
1. An athlete participating in the Tournament whose national kuoshu organization should be possessed of membership of International Wushu Federation or International Chinese Kuoshu Federation, or Wushu Federation of Asia will be entitled to participate in the Tournament. In principle, a national delegation per country should be organized to participate in the tournament; however, if a national kuoshu organization is unable to organize a national delegation, its regional kuoshu organization can organize a delegation to participate in the Tournament instead.
2. Participating athletes are requested to bring with them effective identification documents for registration and weigh-in 
3. Participanting athletes are requested to turn in a physical examination sheet taken as lately as within four weeks prior to the Tournament, an insurance policy and 2 copies of 2.5 inch individual photos for accreditation card.
4.Participating delegations should complete their registration at the specific time
5.The competition schedule, once set, should not be asked for changes unless otherwise agreed on by the Organizing Committee.
6.All participants shall realize that to take part in this Tournament is as a way of making friends, cultivating solidarity and harmony, thus permitting neither neglecting martial ethics nor taking any actions or words which may affect the progress of the tournament.
7.Participating athletes shall wear such uniform as can reflect the characteristics of wushu:
Push-hand: white half sleeves Han style shirt, black lantern style pants, or practice shirts with a belt around the waist: 
Routine: white long sleeves Han Style shirt, white lantern style pants
8. All delegations are requested to bring with them 2 national/regional flags (160cm x 120 cm) with flag poles uniformly provided by the Organizing Committee. 
9. Others: Amendment will be made to the regulations in case there is any thing not well conceived.

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