The Cycling Pages


The purpose of these pages are numerous. First and foremost, I am not going to implement an results service. This has more than adequately covered by Bill Mitchell at
Nor am I going to provide a links service, which is neatly covered at The Virtual Breakaway.
Please visit Bicycling Australia Magazine for the latest bicycling news in Oz.
I will have a number of links that I personally like up though.

I'm more interested in providing a collection of bike and product reviews/tests both from a commercial and personal point of view. At this point in time, the reviews will be done by me and from what I have gleaned from my searching.
In order to achieve this, I need the input of all the people out there riding bikes. Send me in a review of your bike, but read the guidelines for submission first. You can now use my NEW form to send in responses, comments or reviews.

UPDATED: 14/7/98

Please feel free to email with your thoughts and ideas.

  • Bike reviews can be found here. Including frames and complete bicycles.

  • Product reviews can be found here. All types of products, stems, seats etc.

  • Groupset reviews and comparisons can be found here. This is not a shimano 'v' Campagnolo bash, rather an unbiased comparison of groupsets.

  • Cycling links can be found here. This is not a comprehensive list, just some of my favourite sites.

  • Thanks to Bill Mitchell for most of the pictures found on this web site.