If you are a professional gambler or simply a hobbyist seeking an advantage over the bookmaker then you are in the right place.
I am currently undergoing industry professional proofing of my selections which to be frank is difficult as proofing does not really cater for the way i send my selections, which are sent roughly 5 minutes before the off. Why?....Because my selections are based on the market movements. My market based selections are unique and profitable, nobody else offers this type of service because the tipsters on the market just have not got the formula yet. I have spoken with the best mathematicians in the country, people who thrive on formulas and they just cannot see what i see. This is because they did not study horse racing markets for 12 years. After so long like a giant rubix cube it all falls into place. Of course many horse racing analysts look at the fundamentals in racing, its form its fitness etc etc, the best of them can achieve up to a 40% strike rate but usually the prices let them down as these horses are too obviously ready for their win.. The bookmakers job is to know the chances of winning horses the majority of the time, this is how they get the house edge.. My method piggybacks off what the bookmakers know by reflection of the market, giving you now the house edge. How many of you like i had in the early days been given information by an insider only to find out 4 trainers were trying for the same race? Or the ground changed to heavy and that animal is as good in heavy ground as a fire walking downhill skier?.....Bookmakers have up to the minute information, also they take vast amounts of money when a true gamble is on, they try to hide this by making several gambles in the same race smokescreening, and sometimes they do using their own money, and sometimes even i get caught out. Yes i will be honest with you always showing my profits and loss upfront unlike most of the tipsters who only show a couple of their losses if your lucky! i get weekly level stakes profits because i get the bigger priced horses winning...as i am not always picking up on fancied horses but also the dark horses in any race, not one 33/1 winner that some tipsters advertise from last year once per year, but 33/1 winners regualarly!
I am about to prove to the horse racing world that they have been too greedy and its time to share more. Now i can only help people who can use this information correctly. Anyone with a big pot of money can make racing pay in many ways, they can use an increased staking system and use just about any method of selection that hits now and again, you could follow say 2 of the trainers in form at the minute, or jockeys in form, or even the dreaded tipsters that use form or even systems that you may buy on ebay! That's right most tipsters have not a shred of inside information, trust me!...
I will expose who and what i can in time on my website and talk about things that i don't see on other forums. I will be blacklisting consistent losing tipsters for you to refer to as i have access to their profit losses for each month, and I will give to all my subscribers free systems as i receive them, also i will be relaying information from some industry big names. Many gamblers who receive this kind of information cannot be helped, these are the kind of people that receive a good tip, make money then blow that money away on their own thought afterwards, but for some people this is just a sport and a release away from the monotony of life and i can certainly understand that.
The edge that you will have have using my service is that my honesty and willing to help you succeed is on a personal level is paramount to your success. I will tell you how it is, and assuming i have time free, i will personally help you in your approach to investing on horses, just email me and ask. My site is full of my personal approach to retraining your mind to seeing winners without falling for the miss information out there that such as the racing post provides or even the commentators in the bookmakers themselves, sneaking in the odd win giving you ultimate confusion. When it looks from the outside that people are trying to help you when in fact they are put there to fleece you!.
Ok time to move on and show you the proof of the pudding. Your next step is to see what i am all about.

Please note: soon i am adding tips that will be available direct to you for stocks and shares and commodities, futures and options. This is not my area of expertise but i will be employing the best consultants in their respective fields to bring the finest investment company to you with hard working individuals of their respective expertise..

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