Q - What kind of driving conduct is illegal under Exhibition driving?

A - Exhibition driving means:  No person shall turn, accelerate, decelerate,      or otherwise operate a motor vehicle within the City in a manner which         causes unnecessary engine noise or backfire, squealing tires, skidding,          sliding, swaying, throwing of sand or gravel, or in a manner simulating a       race.  Squealing or screaching sounds emitted by tires, or the throwing         of sand or gravel by the tires is prima facie evidence of a violation of            this ordinance.
Q - What makes up a complete stop at a stop sign?

A - The complete stop of forward motion in the vehicle, this is demonstrated  by when the vehicle ceases to move and the vehicle rocks backward.
Q - Does a vehicle have to have mufflers?

A - Yes.  Every vehicle on the road needs to have mufflers that quiet the         vehicle to eliminate any noise greater than the engine would make.
Q - Can I have an open fire in the City of Barnesville?

A - Fires set for recreational, ceremonial, food preparation or social purposes    are permitted provided only wood, coal or charcoal is burned.  Recreational fires need to be in an approved / enclosed outdoor fireplace.

All other burning in the City is prohibited.  Except by special permit.
Q - Can I shoot a B.B. gun in the City limits?

A - No:  A B.B. gun is considered a firearm.  Other items that are restricted from being fired in town are: firecrackers, rockets or other fireworks, slingshots, blow guns, air guns, air rifles or similar devices or bow equipped with anything other than blunt target arrows.