Claybrooke Magna & Claybrooke Parva
Census Collection
     1841 to 1901      
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Either check out a surname or first take a quick  walkabout of the transcripts of the villages to get an idea who lived next door to who. Only 'Head of Household' is listed on the walkabout.
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The Claybrooke Cast
Please Note: Family surnames are listed alphabetically and cover the entire collection per family as opposed to each census listed seperately.
A    Adams    Adden    Adkins    Aldridge    Allcoat    Allen    Anderton    Angrave    Armson
Armstrong    Arnold    Arnott    Artill    Ashbourne    Astill    Atkinson
B    Bailey    Baker    Ball    Ballad    Barfield    Barker    Barnes    Barratt    Barres    Barrows   
Barwell    Bassett    Bates    Batler    Baum    Baumber    Bayliss    Baythaw    Beademon
Beale    Beasley    Beckett    Beeck    Belshaw    Benford    Billingham    Bilson    Bird
Bishop ........         
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