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Hiya, this is the new home of the one and only Oklahoma bloggers webring! Okay, maybe not one and only, but it's a brand spanking new one. Looking around I haven't seen that many rings for Oklahoma blogs, but I'm discovering a whole lot of Oklahoma bloggers. So after a lot of thought and internal fighting... heh, not really... I just decided to make one! My ventures have never really been popular. And this is a total new thing for me. So, I've just got my fingers crossed that I can pull this off without somehow blowing up my computer!

So, if you blog (weblog - MT, greymatter, blogger, whatever) and you currently reside in Oklahoma, or lived here long enough to still consider yourself an Oklahoman, this is the ring for you! I'll have it up and running soon, so get ready to join and stop by and see your fellow bloggers from Oklahoma.

Please send any questions to janavee@yahoo.com.

See the list of current members of the ring.


If you're interested in joining please read this first:

I've recently discovered that there are quite a few bloggers who live in Oklahoma, but not really any rings for them. And I wanted a way to get them all together in one place so that people can visit them all and get some idea of how diverse and rich the culture in Oklahoma really is. Grapes of Wrath... I don't think so.

If you blog (weblog - MT, greymatter, blogger, whatever) or keep an online journal that is regularly updated (at least once a week) and you currently reside Oklahoma (the state - mental or physical) you are more than welcome to join us!

This ring is open to bloggers currently living in the state of Oklahoma and those who spent enough time of their lives in Oklahoma to still have roots and consider themselves Oklahomans - as much as they may want to deny it! These bloggers should often share their feelings, rants, experiences, or whatever about living in the sooner state.

Please place the code on the same page you register with. Otherwise it will break up the ring. Also, the code must be placed on your blog in 2 weeks or I will remove you from the queue and you'll have to resubmit. You can change the format around a bit if you really, really want. But please make sure the basics are there.

Please e-mail me as soon as you get your code on your page. The sooner I get your e-mail the sooner I can test it and get you added to the ring.

Please be aware that I reserve the right to not add someone to the ring. I am trying to keep sites at a level that is appropriate for all age levels. If I do not feel that some of the comments and photos on the the site are appropriate in that case I will deny your application. This is not on the basis of your opinions or disagreement with my thoughts. Thanks!

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Ring started: September 10, 2002.
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