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Hello, I am a computer engineer from China. My favourite game is Quake3 Arena.

Here comes the usb support for windows NT.

System Requirement:
1. IBM PC or Compatible computer,
2. Intel Pentium CPU or higher.
3. Windows NT4+SP6.
4. a UHCI host controller( depending on the mainboard of your computer, all Intel's chipset and VIA's chipset use uhci host controller).

1. support uhci controller
2. support usb1.1 compliant hubs.
3. support usb1.1 compliant usb devices.
4. support usb2.0 devices in high speed that do not require isochronous transfer.
5. support usb2.0 complient high speed hubs.

Download and Try:
uhci driver( ver0.01 b0570, 03/11/04 )

  ehci driver + uhci driver( b166, 07/03/04, for USB2.0 )

  usb flash disk driver( 07/03/04 )

  multiple uhci support( m570, 03/11/03 )
  ( please read the readme.txt first )

  usb stack source file( 10/29/05 )  

  usbstor source file( 08/16/06 )

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change log:

06/05/03: update driver uhci.sys and usbstor.sys to support device of SFF8070i( in usbdevtree, bInterfaceSubClass=0x05 ), also fixed some bugs.

07/19/03: drive-letter asignment is now not hardcoded to z: for the first drive, and y: for the second. usbstor will automatically find the available drive-letter for the newcomer.

08/14/03: fix one bug in usbstor.sys, which may cause some disks unaccessible. It occurs when fetching mode sense data from the disk.

10/09/03: fix one bug in usbstor.sys, which may cause some disks unaccessible
when ejected after the first attachment. and some minor fixes in uhci.sys.

10/10/03: fix some bugs for single-uhci driver( package.zip ). Please refer to readme.txt for details.

12/16/03: fix some bugs in both uhci driver and flash driver. Please refer to readme.txt in uhci for details. And I am glad to announce that a beta version of usb2.0 driver is going to be released.

12/25/03: fix a race condition that seldomly makes system unstable. Please refer to readme.txt for details.

12/25/03: finally i catch up the tail of this year to release an ehci driver for usb2.0 devices. It is enough for usb flash disk. But not ready for devices with ISO transfers, since I have no such device to test. And happy new year to all the people out there who sent me helpful messages to improve the driver's performance and stability. Please read the readme.txt for more infomation.

02/08/04: fixed some bugs and some trivial improvements in uhci driver and ehci driver. You can get more info in readme.txt.

03/11/04: add uhci support to ehci driver. Now it is not a problem to plug your usb1.1 device directly to a usb2.0-capable machines, since the built-in uhci module will handle the usb traffic properly. Also fixed some bugs in uhci and multi-uhci driver, and some minor enhancements.

07/03/04: fix bugs in ehci module and more usb2.0 flash disks can be supported better and smoothly. Some minor enhancements. thanks to Andrea Rizzi from Italy, who provide vast helpful info for this release.

10/29/05: Very sorry that my development evnironment doomed due to fatal disk failure. After some hopeless rescue, i gave up, and finally decided to put the source on the internet, so that anyone else interested will add more support to more devices and benefit more people. Good luck.

    1. usbdevtree.exe( in package.zip ) is a handy tool to get usb device information.

    2. If your computer happens to be an ohci computer, you can use this driver via a PCI usb adapter. Of course VIA or Intel's uhci chips are prefered.

    3. If you want to have the usb flash disk accessable, please download and install usbstor flash disk driver as well as the uhci driver. Make sure you have the administrator privilege.

    4. If you want to submit problems you encounter and make it more constructive, besides describe the symptom in detail, please:
       4.1. take a screenshot or copy the sections of your device if it appears in the usbdevtreedlg.
       4.2. your computer's configuration.
       4.3. use debugmon(for NT )to capture message dumped from the driver. this program is at http://www-1.ibm.com/servers/eserver/iseries/access/cadownld.htm.
       4.4. package them and mail to me. ( max size 1Mb each mail )

    5. NEVER try to stop the driver if you have usbstor.sys installed. It is extremely dangeous.

    6. To safely unplug your device, right-click on the drive and select "eject", which will umount the drive in a polite way. If an error dialog shows up, there must be some references to the disk existing elsewhere and unplugging is dangeous.

    7. I have not tested the driver on multi-processor system. Possibly unstable.

    8. You may need to reboot the machine to have the new registry take effect. Thanks to Angel Herraez for this advise.

Known bugs:

    1. On some platform, if DOS box prompts error 31 when "net start uhci", there are two possible reasons:
       a. your computer does not support uhci.
       b. a
bug in uhci driver, due to platform compatibility problem.

    2. Some users report usb 2.0 flash disk do not work properly. (not tested yet ).


    1. Porting Linux-2.6 Mass Storage Support.

    2. Adding OHCI support

Last Update: Oct. 29, 2005
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