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Knights of Everstrut
If you are in the KOE, you should send me your picture so I can place it on the page.
The creator of the webring
Here ye here ye!  Welcome to the noblest of nobles!  Ye have entered the realm of Everstrut!  In this mega-bout-it webring, you'll find sites full of animations, artwork, and lots of other cool stuff.  Hope you enjoy it.  If you're interested in joining this webring, email me the ringmaster!
The Knights of Everstrut webring is operated by Sir Jason of Dement
Links to Sites in the Webring
Biggie's Page
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J's girl!! His fair lady and queen.
Eddie G-Dawg's Page
Sir "Biggie" 
K-Jun's Page
Jsun's Artwork and Etc.
Hankshad the Dictator's page
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The Knights
I created this webring in order to connect my friends sites
Sir Jason of Dement
Sir Edward of Hodges
Sir Biggie of Moree
Sir Steve of Maliden
Sir Hank of the Carrs
Animations: If you like these animations, you should visit the other sites in the KOE webring.  You will find many more!!
If you are caught using the KOE emblem on your site and your are not a member, your name will be publicly listed here as a fraud and you will be made a public dunce.

Please report any misuse of this emblem.
These animations come from my site, Biggie's site, and Kjun's site.  Visit them and see more.
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