This page lists samples that demonstrate some of my work.
I also have another page with more samples.

After identifying the requirements for a project, I mock up an example screen for my client to review.  Most of the time they like what I propose, but sometimes they demand specific changes that maybe you or I would not like, but hey, I'm flexible.

I also have Free Software that is very popular on the shareware sites.


 Favorites database (ASP, table version)
 Favorites database (ASP.NET,C#.NET,XSLT tree version)
 Simple email program (C#.NET)
 Sample "Not Yet Available" page (HTML, Elementary  School)
 Logo dialog with hyperlink (VC++, MFC) D.U.E.
 Stress Test SQL Server (VB.NET, SQL Server 2000) D.U.E.*
 DataGrid Editing (ASP.NET, VB.NET) D.U.I.B.*

D.U.E. = Download, Unzip, and Execute
D.U.I.B. = Download, Unzip, install under IIS, and open in Browser
* = Requires .NET framework Version 1.1