Smith, Frederick Madison
born Jan 21, 1874  Plano, IL
married Aug 3, 1897 Alice Lyman Cobb(died May 4, 1926)
baptized July 20, 1883
died March 20, 1946
educated  1895 Iowa City Academy
1896 Univ of Iowa
1898  Graceland College BA  1st graduate of college
1911  MA  Univ of Kansas
1916  Phd  Clark University

July 12, 1897 ordained elder
1902 taught mathematics at Graceland College
April 18, 1902  ordained counselor 1st presidency
May 5, 1915 ordained prophet/president

The Higher powers of man(1918)
"Zion the Beautiful Beckons Us On"

History of the Church5:608-09
They Made a Difference:301-14
History of the Church 8:351-353
They Sang of the Resotration:185-89
Saints Herald  93(13):337-40 obituary
Saints Herald 93(14):360-63
papers at RLDS Archives

Smith, Ruth Lyman

Concerning the Prophet Frederick Madison Smith
Burton Publ Co: Kansas City, MO  1924

Ruoff, Norman D, compliler
The Writings of President Frederick M. Smith
3 volumes
Herald House 1981

Hunt, Larry E
F.M. Smith: Saint as Reformer
2 volumes
Herald House 1982

Concerning the Prophet - introduction

Chap 1.  At Sister Marietta's Party

Chap 2.  State University of Iowa

Chap 3.  The Class of 1898

Chap 4.  Our Engagement

Chap 5.  The Wedding

Chap 6.  A Cross Country Idyl

Chap 7.  The Fourth Generation

Chap 8.  Last Years in Lamoni

Chap 9.  Another Sheepskin

Chap 10.  Our Ecclesiastical Cousins

Chap 11.  The Man at Home

Chap 12.  Ph.D.

Chap 13.  Publicity
Chap 14.  Ordination
Chap 15.  His Messag