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31 July 2009 16:07 EDT local Toronto time.
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17.July 2006 at 18:30 E.D.T.
-- Outside air: 33°C 49%r.h. 21°C dew point.
Letter arrived from city clerk's office dated July 5, 2006 on the subject of: Policy and Finance Committee Report 5, Clause 2 Provincial Ombudsman's Report on the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) ... City file ref.: 06-PF#5(2)

-- My notes: This letter was sent to All Interested Parties, which includes me because of my presentation on 20.June 2006 on the subject of MPAC reform. Toronto city council endorsed and broadened the 22 recommended items in the Ontario Ombudsman's report of March 28, 2006.

I am pleased that city council is supporting the stand on the issues that I and others have been complaining about.

City council has asked staff to report to the September 2006 meeting of the policy and finance committee on two issues of special interest to me, I.E.,:

...2 (i) on the effectiveness of measures MPAC has taken to meet the concerns expressed by the residents of the City of Toronto..., and
...2 (ii) on the most effective and appropriate means to gather ongoing citizen input on issues concerning MPAC...
City of Toronto, policy and finance committee report 5, clause 2.
-- Notes: The report is available from Marilyn Toft, council secretariat.
e-mail: <>
URL: <>
[Accessed 2006-07-18 at 11:08 E.D.T -04:00U.T.C.]

20.June 2006 at 15:00 -04:00 U.T.C.
I made my presentation to the policy & finance committee of the city of Toronto regarding the reform of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). sketch of volunteers Norma Marshall and Adam Lenskyj at St.Michael's Hospital in Toronto.

25.April 2006 at 21:00 -04:00 E D T
-- Outside air: 5°C 48% relative humidity, 0°C dew point.

I went to celebrate Volunteer Week at St. Michael's Hospital here in Toronto. After the multi-faith service in the chapel, the hospital hosted the volunteers to a reception in the "Marketeria" 6th. floor cafeteria.

I posed for this caricature portrait with my volunteer partner Norma Marshall. We volunteer every Wednesday afternoon in the hospital's Art à la Carte program.

The artist who drew this caricature was Mayan Canadian Héctor Valladares-Aguilera.
05.April 2004 at 7:15 a.m. -0400 E D T (Toronto/ New York time).
-- Outside air temperature is minus 7°C.
We are back in the minus Celsius range! I have been running on 3 kW since 26.March 2004 16:15 -0500.
The function of kW per Celsius degree difference between the inside and outside air is now 3 kW divided by (14°C inside temperature minus (minus 7°C outside air temperature)), which equals in value to 0.1428 kW per C°. I predicted this from the graph of the function.
Here is the outside air temperature graphical image from the weather office of Environment Canada, which I have modified slightly. 
30.March 2004 12:35 -0500 -- Outside temperature is plus 7°C.
This morning I hand delivered my protective appeal to the Assessment Review Board (ARB) located at 250 Yonge Street, 30th. floor Hearing Rooms.
23.March 2004 16:05 -0500 -- Outside air temperature is plus 4°C.
Wow! Yesterday we had a 21 hour cold snap. It began with a temperature of minus 2°C on 21.March 2004 at 12:00.
The outside air temperature then dropped to minus 10°C for four hours beginning on 22.March 2004 at 05:00.
See the impact of this cold snap on the temperature inside my house. Here is the tabular data of the temperatures for today.
The tree services workers came back this morning and completed yesterday's work of removing the tree. Here is picture of the tree stump.
22.March 2004 13:00 -0500 -- Outside air temperature is minus 4°C.
Tree Services arrived on my street to begin cutting down the tree that lost a large branch during the last big wind storm on 15.Oct.2003. The storm broke off the branch and tossed it onto the street, narrowly missing puncturing the roof of my neighbour's house. But the branch did not miss her car. The remaining parts of the tree looked like they might threaten to fall on to the roof of the house.
Here is the picture of the workers cutting the tree down. I think I will write up a story on the subject of trees. The tree story might form a section in my ephemera in the city page.
12.March 2004 22:30 -0500 -- Outside air temperature is minus 6°C.
The reply came in the mail from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). MPAC wrote to acknowledge the receipt of my request for reconsideration that I hand delivered on Monday, 23.February 2004 at 11:00 EST. Here is the letter from MPAC.
11.March 2004 14:30 -0500 -- Weather is +6°C.
It is a bright but overcast afternoon, with an outside air temperature being a balmy plus six degrees Celsius. The last traces of snow have almost disappeared from my view out of the second floor north window of my home. This is the picture of my street where I live.
The raccoon family has been busy chewing away at the fascia board and roofing material of the front porch roof. Here is the picture of the damage from the raccoons. This next picture I took with my Vivitar 55 mini camera of the heavy raccoon tracks on the porch roof when the snow was heavy everywhere in February 2004. I must research the Toronto Humane Society methods on how to evict this raccoon family of three.
I am still working on my function of (kW/C°). This shows how the temperature inside my house changes with the changes in outside air temperature. I just uploaded the graph of this to my GeoCities web site.
This function is a graph of:
(Inside Air Temperature - Outside Air Temperature) = kW/f(kW/C°).
The kW is the rate of heat input to my house. I have been measuring this kW by reading the electricity meter of the Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited. I converted these kilo-Watt.hour readings to the kilo-Watt rate.
23.Feb.2004 03:00 -0500 EDT.
I just completed writing my Request for Reconsideration to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) of Property Assessment Notice 2003. I wrote the Request for Reconsideration with MS Word to create a .doc file. I then converted it to a pdf using the pdf converter in my version 1.1.0.
I will hand deliver my request to MPAC later on this morning around 10:00 EST.
15.Feb.2004 20:50 -0500 EST.
Just as I was thinking that we were out of the cold spell, the outside air temperature dropped to -19°C this morning at 08:00 EST. Here is the graph of the outside air temperature.
1.Feb.2004 15:34 -0500 EST.
It's only -5°C outside, nice, sunny and warm. :)
16.Jan.2004 03:30 -0500 EST.
Well, it became even colder! The outside air temperature dropped to minus 24°C at 2:00 a.m. Here is a graph of the outside air temperature in Toronto, Ontario, Canada of the past 24 hours, which I adapted from the Environment Canada Weather Office.
Toronto, 9.Jan.2004 09:00 -0500 EST.
It's cold today! How cold? It is -23°C. Here is a chart of how the temperature inside my house changes with the outside temperature.

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