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OK so you want to burn a game,  but have some questions.  Here is the place to start learning.  There are 3 basic game disk image files.  .cdi files(discjuggler), .nrg(Nero), and .bin/.cue(CDRWin).  these files must be loaded into these programs to make the game.

Some of these files are in compressed files called .zip or .rar (and on occasion, .ace) that can be opened with a program like WinRAR or WinACE.  once you get these open and have the actual disk image file on your computer, then you can use the burning program to burn the cd.  There are a lot of different types of burning programs out there, but these are a few of them listed here by 2x and CYBER_MAD who can be found almost daily in Direct Connect's hub.  They helped with the compiling of this information.  Thanks, guys. Be sure to check out all the pages here for any and all information on getting and burning files!

      The only reason i'm putting this here is sometimes CdrWIN gives people hell when burning bin/cue's so this is a different bin/cue burning program.  Ok you will need fireburner installed you can get it from www.fireburner.com (there are some ASPI issues when burning on WIN2K and XP to correct this- download the ASPIinst.exe file from direct connect or any other aspi fix file).  Ok now open fireburner and click file and load cue sheet. the .BIN must be in the same file as the cuesheet or it won't work. Now click options and configure devices.  Change the burning speed to what your burner can do safely. Click ok at the bottom and press create cd and burn.  Fireburner conquerered. :)

     Ok this has has to be one of the best burning programs for the DC system that we know of. ok now how to burn.  First you need to have the program installed of course...LOL.  you can get it at
www.padus.com . Ok now get rid of that pesky tip of the day, click new (the new button on the toolbar) or if the menu is already opened, then click "cd image to cd recorder" (you may have to scroll to see this).  Now to the setup.  Look in the lefthand top corner of the box and click the piece of paper button there.  now u need to no where the file is you want to burn and go to it.  Click it in the box. Make sure your cd writer is selected, then set speed on right hand side to whatever your burner can do easily . You do need to hit the advanced tab and check raw write as well....or it may not do properly on some burns.  No need to change the mode1/mode2 setting i have done it on mode 2 the whole time I  have been burning these and never had one go bad.  Hit start and wait.

    Get nero from
www.nero.com and have it installed if you want to use this one.  now this one is the easiest I've seen.  Just hit new and then click compile cd(not copy) then hit from other cd formats then make from disc image file.  point to the .nrg file and hit burn.  Wait and take out copy when finished.  EASY!!  if it's a .cdi file, make into a .nrg using cdi2nero can find program most everywhere.

Here's one my friend CYBER left off ....CDRWin...this is one that's essential to me to work with .bin/.cue files....and they got a place to show u how to use it too.... 
go here to see how!! This link also shows you how to actually burn the PS2 Games as well as copy them.

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