Early American Settlers from France


Mme Rene-Auguste Chouteau, 1733-1814
Painting: Oil on wood attributed to
Francois M. Guyol de Guiran. Acc. #1950.84.2.
Courtesy Missouri Historical Society
on the JNEM website

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by Danielle Duval LeMyre

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Gratefully, special thanks to
Marie-Therese Chouteau
and her Mother, Agnes Potter Chouteau
both descendants of Henry Chouteau (1805-1855)
who brought much of the Chouteau story
into perspective for me.
Also, as a reliable source
on the CHOUTEAU family Genealogy,
Missy Chouteau recommends the book:
"Creoles of St.Louis" (1893) by Paul Beckwith

She also indicates that
the local newspaper is the
St.Louis Post-Dispatch

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The story is in several parts: first some information on Marie-Therese Bourgeois Chouteau and Pierre Laclede, then on the half-sister of (Rene) AUGUSTE Chouteau (1749-1829), Marie-Louise (Laclede)CHOUTEAU who married Joseph Marie (Pepin) PAPIN, then we talk about some families of the St.Louis area in the 18th c., including the CHAUVIN connection, some of St.Louis' history, followed by the story of Pierre PAPIN (b.1631) and his wife Anne PELLETIER arriving from France to Canada, and we touch on the sad tale of Gilles Papin (b.1669). At the end there are genealogical ladders to show the different ascendances
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and many relatives in St.Louis, Missouri
and their Ancestors in France
Biographies, History and Genealogy

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St-Louis, Missouri
1740 -1800

Rene-Auguste Chouteau (1723-1776), the Father,
was born in the Bearn, France
and was connected with the prominent
bearnese family of d'Abbadie or Labbadie,
which would marry some of the Chouteau descendants.

RENE-AUGUSTE had one son, Rene-AUGUSTE, with Marie-Therese Bourgeois, (whose Father, Nicholas BOURGEOIS was French, and whose Mother, Marie Joseph TARARE, was Spanish), before he abandonned his wife in New Orleans and went back to France.
His son, Rene AUGUSTE CHOUTEAU, despite his young age (13 and 14), because of his active participation in the town's founding and development, was name co-founder with Pierre Laclede of SAINT LOUIS, Missouri, in 1764 named for the French king Louis XV

A tidbit about Rene AUGUSTE CHOUTEAU's WIFE,
Therese CERRE with whom he had nine children:
St. Louis Glove Democrat article of April 15, 1900:
The whooping indians and the fleeing people so bewildered her, and her instincts of self preservation were so strong, that she dropped the poor baby down in the grass and ran with the rest. Miss Cerre, afterwards Rene Auguste Chouteau's wife, came across the abandoned waif; stopping down and pickin git up, she was fortunate enough to make a successful and scatheless entrance into the village.

Also on the Cerre connection, Didier (Chouteau) PAPIN, 12th son of Marie-Louise Chouteau, married Catherine Cerre

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A 17 articles series about the Millennium was printed in the Newspaper "The Kansas City Star" between 1997 and 1999 and you used to see a detailed site about the Chouteau-Laclede called "Bend of the River Chouteau website"
and another article called "Chouteau's Empire" by SHIRL KASPER, but they are now lost somewhere in the archives of the Kansas City Star newspaper

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Rene-AUGUSTE's half-brother, Jean-PIERRE CHOUTEAU (1758-1849), son of Pierre Laclede, came to St.Louis with his pregnant Mother, Marie-Therese Bourgeois (1733-1814) on a raft, in May 1764, and the twins, Marie-Louise & Victoire were born some months later in 1764.

Marie-Therese Bourgeois and Pierre Laclede (who fathered her last four children including Jean-PIERRE Chouteau, Marie-Louise CHOUTEAU, Pelagie CHOUTEAU (who married Sylvestre Labbadie (click here for great site)) and Victoire CHOUTEAU (who married Charles Gratiot) were not able to marry, (that is why the children had to be given the last name CHOUTEAU), but they still were THE leading family of St-Louis.

Because Madame Chouteau was a powerful presence in early St. Louis, when she was ordered to return to her husband in New Orleans in 1774 by it's Governor Unzaga, the St.Louis Lt.Governor Pedro Piernas was reluctant to force the issue with the town's most important and powerful family. Madame Chouteau simply ignored the summons to go back to New Orleans. Two more years went by, and in 1776 Madame Chouteau's drunken husband died in an apoplectic fit in New Orleans,
before she could be removed and forced to return to him.

When Pierre Laclede died in 1778, she was involved in business ventures and real estate. No one, not even her powerful sons Auguste and Pierre, could tell her what to do, and as always, she dominated the social and cultural life of St. Louis. When she died on August 14, 1814, she left a small fortune of some $2,000. She set her faithful Indian slave Therese free with gifts of money, a cow and calf, and flour. She was buried in the village churchyard. Although her grave was marked with an iron cross, it had disappeared by 1835, and her body was not relocated and moved with the rest of the Chouteau family remains to Calvary Cemetery in north St. Louis in the 1850s.

Marie-Therese's son, Jean PIERRE (Laclede) Chouteau's first marriage to Pelagie Kiersereau (1767-1793) gave him two sons:
Pierre “Cadet”(Kiersereau) CHOUTEAU (1789-1865)
August Pierre (Kiersereau) CHOUTEAU (1786-1838)
and Jean PIERRE's second marriage to Brigitte Saucier gave him five children including:
Cyprien (Saucier) CHOUTEAU (1802-1879),
Frederick (Saucier) CHOUTEAU (1809-1891)
and Francois Gessau (Saucier) CHOUTEAU (1797-1838) who married his cousin, Berenice Therese Saucier MENARD (1801-1880);
they had 9 children, including Pierre Menard CHOUTEAU(1822-1885) who became treasurer of Kansas City.

In 1779, the year following the death of her natural Father, Pierre Laclede, Marie-Louise Chouteau married Joseph Marie Papin. She was fifteen years old.


1.Joseph(3)PAPIN, b. Jan.23 1780 - died April 1850
On February 15 1839 he married the widow Bradshaw.
The Chouteau-Papin genealogy tree seems to indicate 3 offsprings, without naming them.

2. Marguerite PAPIN,(1781-1808); married Philippe Leduc,
(Philippe was born in St. Denis parish, Paris, France in 1772, son of Gilles Le Duc, son of Jale Le Duc & Marie Humeler)
Leduc traveled with his mother and two brothers to Louisiana after the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789.
By 1796 he had been hired as the private secretary of Charles Dehault Delassus in New Madrid
When Delassus was appointed lieutenant governor in 1799, Leduc moved with him to St. Louis and became the Secretary of the Province. On August 30, 1802 Leduc married Marguerite, the eldest daughter of Joseph Papin. Leduc had a sad life; his wife died after less than six years of marriage in 1808. Two sons died as infants, and his only surviving child, a daughter named Zoe(1807-1823), died at age 16 in 1823. Leduc did not remarry.

3. Alexandre PAPIN, (1783-1849); married Julie Brazeau (daughter of Louis, grand-daughter of Joseph Brazeau who died March 13 1793 at Kaskasia and his Canadian widow brought the children, Louis, Joseph and Francoise to St.Louis .
Her aunt, Francoise Brazeau, married Jean Bte Chauvin.
Alexandre and Julie's children:
* Marguerite Papin married Henri Masure M.D.,
* Fanny (Chouteau)PAPIN married Larkin Deaver, and their second child and first daughter, Julia (Papin) DEAVER, born in St.Louis in 1833, married twice:
First marriage to Henri Chouteau
then, Julia's second husband was Cornelius HEWITT, born in Philadelphia and they had a daughter,
May (Deaver) HEWITT who married John A WILLIAMS, a US Army Lieutnant and their two daughters were Juliette (Hewitt) WILLIAMS and Dorothy (Hewitt) WILLIAMS

* Alexandre,
* Julie,
* Marie,
* Sophie,
* their sixth child Aimee-Henriette,
born on March 15 1828 was baptized on April 13 1831
married Jeremiah Wilcox.

4. Marie-Thérèse PAPIN , baptized May 16, 1784

5. Marie-Louise PAPIN , baptized June 5 1786.

6. Hyppolite Leber PAPIN , baptized 1788; married Josephine Loysel, sister of Clementine Loisel who married his brother Sylvestre; they were the daughters of Registre Loisel, born in Canada (son of Registre and Manette Massin from l'Assomption, Lower Canada) who went to St.Louis in 1800 and married Helene (Taillon) CHAUVIN
Hyppolite and Josephine had nine children:
Their eldest daughter Louise-Anne (Loysel) PAPIN, baptized in 1817,
married in 1837 Eugène-Charles Dupré, St Louis Mo and their children were Alphonse and Mimi.
Eugene(Loysel) PAPIN married Mary Booth and had four children: William, Fannie, Joseph, Eugene
Hypolite and Josephine's most productive offsprings were:
Their son Pierre Millicour(Loysel) PAPIN who married Marie de Moulins and had ten children
Their son Theodore(Loysel) PAPIN who married Adeline Vion and had seven children
Zoe (Loysel) PAPIN who married Edward Tracy and had five children
Emily (Loysel) PAPIN who married T.C. Waugh and had three sons: James Waugh (who married Felicite Ogle), William Waugh and Robert Waugh (who married Ollie Hanson)
and Josephine Papin who married Robert C. GREER, born in Griggsville, Ill., came to St.Louis and engaged in Real Estate (children: Robert P. Greer went to San Francisco and Edward continued in Real Estate in St.Louis with his Dad)

7. Pélagie, baptized July 4 1790, died 1798.

8. Sophie, born in 1791, baptized in 1795, died April 22 1808.

9. Pierre Millicour, baptized August 4, 1793. He is probably the same Pierre Millicour Papin, born April 28 1793 who died of cholera in St.Louis on July 20 1849. He had been an agent to Osage Indians in Kansas for the American Fur Company.

10. Sylvestre V.(Chouteau) PAPIN, (1794-1828); married in 1817 to Clementine Loisel, (daughter of Registre, see Hyppolite who married her sister Josephine)
Their daughter Marie-Clementine-Sylvestre-Villeray Papin, born in 1818, married Leopold Carriere in 1838, St Louis. They had two daughters: Clementine Carriere married J Griff Prather (Marguerite Prather, Daniel G.Prather, Louise Prather) and Heloise Carriere married Manning Treadway (Dimple Treadway and Clifford Treadway)
Sylvestre and Clementine's son, Sylvestre V.(Loisel) Papin, (1820-1870) married Emmeline Scoffield. He died in San Francisco.
Timothy (Loisel) Papin M.D. married three times:
- - Mary Gardland ( two children: Vilrey, Mary),
- - Marguerite Brant ( two children: John, Timothy),
- - Linda Yarnall (Yarnell)(four children Lida, Loteel, Henry, Fineste)
Theophile (Loisel) Papin married twice:
Julie Henri (two children: Teophile Jr and Julie)
Emily Carlin (two children: Edward and Lucille)

11.Emélie (Chouteau)PAPIN, baptized in 1796; married François Da Vince Chauvin in 1816.
Emelie & Francois Chauvin had seven children, four of whom married and had children: Marie, Robert, Lucille, Sophie

12. Pierre DIDIER PAPIN, baptized in 1798; married Catherine Cerré
They had four children who were married:
Armentine Papin married H.T.Narcom (7 children),
Palmire Papin who married J.B. Wilkinson (7 children)
Leon J. Papin who married Medora Daggett (8 children)
Alfred Papin who married Virginia McCord and had four children.

13. Théodore Dartigny PAPIN, born January 11 1799, baptized May 12 1803 married in 1822 Céleste Duchouquet.
Theodore and Celeste had four children: Marie, Adolph Papin who married Marie Saucier and had four children, Henri Papin who married Henriette Wilkinson who had nine children:
Henry, Emily, Louis, George, Celeste Papin, Mary, Harriett, Guy, Rita.
and the last child of Theodore and Celeste was Coralie (no descent). Theodore and Celeste's daughter, Marie Papin, baptized June 15 1823, married twice: once with Gratz Moses, MD, (no children) and she was married to Georges W. Atchison on the 25th of April 1839.
Marie and George had three children: George, Henry and Louise Atchison.
Louise married C.Bent Carr and
they had seven children:
Dorcas Carr who married Ernest Bell
C. Bent
Fannie Carr
Marie Carr
Robert Carr
Hazel Carr

On the families of: Atchison,Baronet, Besnard, Bourgjoly, Bourgeoys, Brazeau, Carignan, Carrière, Cerré, Chaperon, Chauvin, Chouteau, Deaver, de Maisonneuve, Duchouquet,Dupré,Guèvremont, Guichard, Haye, Jetté, Lafayette, Lagneau,Larkin, LaSonde Lavignon, Leduc, Loisel, Loysel, Masure, Papin, Pare, Pelletier,Pépin, Racette, Vasquez, Villeray.


Three times the CHAUVIN married in the CHOUTEAU-PAPIN families:
First, two Chauvin-LOISEL sisters marry two Chouteau-PAPIN brothers
At 14, Josephine (Chauvin) LOYSEL (b.1803), daughter of Registre (Massin) LOISEL (of L'Assomption, Quebec) and of his wife Helene (Taillon) CHAUVIN, daughter of Jacques CHAUVIN and Marie-Louise Taillon, married Hypolyte (Chouteau) PAPIN,(son of Marie-Louise CHOUTEAU) on July 18 1817 and a child, Louise-Anne, was born the same year

Clementine (Chauvin) LOISEL, sister of Josephine, married Sylvestre Vilrey (Chouteau) PAPIN.
Emily (Chouteau) PAPIN, sister of Hypolite and Sylvestre (she was the 13th child of Marie-Louise CHOUTEAU) married Francois CHAUVIN (a.k.a. Francis Da Vince CHAUVIN) in 1816.
The 3rd chiold of MARIE-LOUISE CHOUTEAU, Alexandre (Chouteau)PAPIN's wife's Julie Brazeau had an Aunt, Francoise BRAZEAUwho married Jean-Baptiste CHAUVIN.


There were three Joseph Papin: father, son and grandson established in the city of St.Louis (Ste-Genevieve) from 1740 to 1800....

Between the years 1740 to 1800, when St-Louis, on the Mississippi, was still a French settlement of "la Nouvelle-France" (New-France), many French Canadians from Quebec chose to emigrate to this city rather than swear allegiance to England.

The personal story of some of them can thrill our hearts. Our traumas and beliefs are often the same as theirs were; who does not identify with Evangeline, a true story which Longfellow immortalized, undauntingly searching the continent for the one she loved? Is not her courage also ours?

Nowadays, many search for their roots in the past. Though I believe that, in the end, we are all close family, I also spend some of my time in this pursuit. A little further, I have a query for anyone who might have an answer for it.

Marie-Louise Chouteau, born in St-Louis (1764), legitimate daughter of Rene-Auguste Chouteau (1723-1776) but natural daughter of Pierre de Laclede Liguest (1729-1778) and Marie-Therese Bourgeoysa.k.a MME CHOUTEAU, (1733-1814)
was the half-sister of (Rene) Auguste Chouteau (1749-1829), one of the Founders of St.Louis,
and she also had for full siblings Pierre CHOUTEAU, Pelagie CHOUTEAU (dame Sylvestre Labbadie) and Victoire CHOUTEAU (dame CHARLES GRATIOT) Marie-Louise Chouteau was married in 1779 to Joseph-Marie(2) Papin born in 1741. She had a courageous mother Marie-Therese Bourgeoys, who braved the elements by coming on a raft, pregnant with this last child of hers (Marie-Louise) all the way from New-Orleans. At the end of this article is the list of the names of the thirteen children of Joseph-Marie Papin and Marie-Louise Chouteau, but first we will look at the 5-6 previous generations of Papin, since their arrival in New-France in 1653, almost a centurey before Joseph-Marie Papin was born.

Joseph-Marie(2) Papin (baptized in Montreal on November 10, 1741) was the son of Joseph(1) Papin (born in Montreal around 1713)and Marguerite Pépin, who was from Sainte-Genevieve (near the place where St.Louis was going to be built in 1763); they were married in 1740 and lived in the vicinity of St.Louis, which was not as yet existant.

Before we start with the family Chouteau-Papin, and because we are talking more specifically about St.Louis, MO, there is an interesting fact which shows that Joseph(1) had a niece living in Saint Louis, namely the daughter of his brother Pierre, son of Pierre: Marie-Julie Baronet-Papin, baptized in Montreal on September 4, 1754 who married Benoit Vasquez (born Benito Vasquez) Julie was born on Sept.4 1754 - she died August 1825) from St Louis Mo. She was the 13th/out of 16 children of Pierre Papin, dit Baronet, born in 1709 and married in 1737 to Catherine Guichard (daughter of Jean Guichard, dit La Sonde).

Julie (Guichard) Baronet-PAPIN was said to be literate, intelligent, had a magnificent singing voice but she was quite independant, forceful and we might add, impetuous. Nevertheless she was recognized also as being very hard-working and she loved and mothered her sister Felicite, who was one year younger, so the move to St-Louis, when Julie married Benoit, proved more difficult than had been anticipated, albeit her social success, but she and Felicite managed to visit once in a while. Felicite (Guichard) BARONET-PAPIN became the GodMother of Julie's first daughter, Felicite (born Sept 27 1775) who married to Antoine Roy (from Quebec) in the Old Cathedral in St.Louis on Sep.18, 1792
Felicite and Antoine children were: Mary Louise Roy, Jean Baptisteante Roy,Marianne,Josephe Helene,Felicite, Manette Roy, Heloise, Irene

Going back to Julie and Benoit's children
Julie Vasquez was married to Louis Chatillon Coignard,
According to a note in the Vasquez papers Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis, MO. "In 1826 Julie Vasquez and her husband Coignard lived in France."
Francis Xavier
Antoine Francis (Baronet)
Joseph (Pepe)
Marie Antoinette
Hyppolite (Guillory)
Celeste Vasquez
Catherine Eulalie
Pierre Louis Vasquez
1.1.1 Felicite Vasquez

Ancestors in France

(Her Father, Pierre (Guichard) PAPIN, was the 5th child, and her Uncle Joseph(1) was the 6th child of Gilles Papin [Gilles was baptized on March 4 1669 in Mtl, son of Pierre Papin (b.1631 in La Fleche, France) and Anne Pelletier (daughter of Mathurin Pelletier et Catherine Lagneau, both living c. 1600 in St-Pierre de Dreux, in France)] and his first wife Marie-Francoise Chaperon, daughter of Pierre Chaperon of Rouen, France, and Noelle Guèvremont from St-Denis, Evêché de Paris ( both born c. 1645) .


Arrival in CANADA in 1653 -
Pierre Papin (b.1631) was the son of Francois Papin & Michelle Lagneau, both living at St-Nicolas-du-Sable, Maine, La Fleche, France. At the age of 22, in 1653, he was accepted as one of the "recrue de cent hommes pour l'oeuvre de Ville-Marie", namely as one of the 100 men chosen to colonize Ville-Marie. ( the Founding of Montreal) .

He was on the same ship and was known by both M. de Maisonneuve, the founder of Montreal, & Marguerite Bourgeoys who was the founder of the Congregation Notre-Dame and who also created the "Couvent des Soeurs de la Congrégation Notre-Dame", the school for girls. For over three generations the demoiselles Papin would be given preferential treatment if attending any of the C.N.D. schools ( in Montreal, Boucherville, Pointe-aux-Trembles) , because of the directives left by Marguerite Bourgeoys on their behalf. It was a "gage" (measure) of her respect for Pierre Papin.

In 1653, on the ship, the Notary Belliotte "assermented" Pierre and he received 107£ as payment for his future services to the colony.

In 1655, M. de Maisonneuve, in the name of the "Compagnie Notre-Dame de Montreal", gave him land near "la Pointe-aux-Trembles" (in Montreal). In 1665, twelve years after his arrival, he married Anne Pelletier, 19 years old, and they had 8 surviving children, but after their Mother died in December 1686, four died before reaching their teens. Marie-Anne, the eldest of these (14 yrs old), drowned while swimming in June 1687. The smaller kids died the next year. Pierre's eldest son, also named Pierre(24 yrs old), was killed in a combat against the English on October 2nd 1690. His daughter Suzanne passed away at 9 years of age in December 1693, seven years, almost to the day, after her Mother. By then Pierre had only 3 children left from his previous 8:

- Gilles (b.1669)
- Elisabeth, b.1671, dame Charles Dumay ( DeMetz)
- Francois (1676)


For Gilles Papin, the second son, the tragedy of losing his Mother, at 17, and later his siblings must have had an impact on his future choices. For one thing we know that when he was left with six children, widowed from Marie-Francoise Chaperon, he was re-married within two years, in 1715, to Marie-Josephe Besnard, and this second wife gave him another 9 children which were ill-fated also.(see further down)


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First a ladder following the Papin line:

1. Francois Papin (b. c.1600) & Michelle Lagneau ( La Flèche, France)
2. Pierre Papin (b.1631) & Anne Pelletier (Montreal, PQ)
3. Gilles Papin (b.1669) & 1st wife: Marie-Francoise Chaperon (Montreal, PQ)
4. Joseph(1) Papin (c.1713) & Marguerite Pepin (St Louis,MO)
5. Joseph-Marie(2)Papin (b.1741) & Marie-Louise Chouteau (St Louis, MO)
6. Théodore Papin (b.1799) & Céleste Duchouquet (St Louis, MO)
7. Marie Papin (b.1823) & Georges W. Atchison (St. Louis, MO)

A ladder showing the parents of Anne Pelletier, the wife of Pierre:

1. Mathurin Pelletier (b.c.1620) & Catherine Lagneau (St-Pierre de Dreux, France)
2. Anne Pelletier (b.1646) & Pierre Papin (Montreal, PQ)
3. Gilles Papin (b.1669) & 1st wife: Marie-Francoise Chaperon (Montreal, PQ)
4. Joseph(1) Papin (c.1713) & Marguerite Pépin (St Louis,MO)
5. Joseph-Marie(2)Papin (b.1741) & Marie-Louise Chouteau (St Louis, MO)
6. Hyppolite Papin (b.1788) & Joséphine Loysel (St Louis, MO)
7. Louise-Anne Papin (b.1817) & Eugène-Charles Dupré (St Louis, MO)

Ladder showing the parents of Marie-Francoise Chapereon, 1st wife of Gilles:

1. Pierre Chaperon (b. c.1645) & Noelle Guevremont (Paris, France)
2. Marie-Francoise Chaperon & Gilles Papin (Montreal, PQ)
3. Joseph(1) Papin (c.1713) & Marguerite Pépin (St Louis,MO)
4. Joseph-Marie(2)Papin (b.1741) & Marie-Louise Chouteau (St Louis, MO)
5. Sylvestre Papin (b.1794) & Clémentine Loisel (St Louis, MO)
6. Clémentine S.Villeray Papin (b.1818) & Léopold Carrière (St. Louis, MO)

Ladder showing the parents of Marie-Josephe Besnard, the 2nd wife of Gilles:

1. Monsieur LaFayette, tue par les Iroquois en 1695( France)
2. Marguerite Haye ou LaFayette & Joseph Besnard-Carignan, sieur de Lavignon & Bourgjoly (Mtl, PQ)
3. Gilles Papin (b.1669) & 2nd wife: Marie-Josephe Besnard (Montreal, PQ)
4. Joseph a.k.a. Orphée Papin (b.1730) & Thérèse Paré (Montreal, PQ)
5. Louis-Basile Papin (b.1765) & Marie-Louise Jetté (Montreal, PQ)
6. Basile Papin (b.1786) & 1st wife: Marie-Josephte Pichon-Toulouse (Montreal, PQ)
7. Justine Papin (b.1818) & Jos.-Nicaise Lemire-Marsolet (L'Assomption,PQ)

Missing (Besnard) PAPIN children

These missing children were:
Jean-Baptiste Papin, baptized June 24, 1717
Veronique Papin, baptized December 23, 1718
Francois Papin, baptized January 16, 1720
Marie-Anne Papin, baptized May 22, 1723
Ambroise Papin, baptized December 2, 1726

They were the children born from 1717 to 1726 to Gilles Papin (b.1669) and his sencond wife, Marie-Josephe Besnard, in Montreal ?
They were half-brothers and half-sisters to Joseph(1) Papin (born c.1713).

1759 was the year the French lost their New-France possession to the British. These were mixed years, 1759-1765, when so many people fled Canada, their homeland, rather than swear allegiance to England.

Some went to the West Indies (Martinique, Guadeloupe), others went back to France where they still had family ties and property, and many simply went to St. Louis, for it was still full of French families (until the turn of that century). Several still had relatives there or friends. It beat crossing an ocean... and it wasn't far from "home"...

The children were 5 of the 9 children of Gilles Papin and his second wife, Marie-Josephe Besnard.
This lady was daughter of a hero, Joseph Besnard-Carignan, sieur de Lavignon et sieur de Bourgjoly, and Marguerite Haye ou Lafayette whose father came from Clermont en Auvergne, in France, and died in 1695 "tué par les Agniers / Iroquois" (in a Mohawk attack).

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At a glance the 13 children of
Joseph-Marie(2)Papin and Marie-Louise Chouteau:

1. Joseph(3), born January 23 1780 and baptized July 2 1780

2. Marguerite, baptized 1781;(dame Philippe Leduc)

3. Alexandre, baptized 1783; married to Julie Brazeau. 4. Marie-Thérèse, baptized May 16, 1784

5. Marie-Louise, baptized June 5 1786.

6. Hyppolite, baptized 1788; married to Josephine Loysel

7. Pélagie, baptized July 4 1790

8. Sophie, born in 1791, baptized in 1795

9. Pierre, baptized August 4, 1793

10. Sylvestre, born in 1794; married to Clementine Loisel.

11. Emélie, baptized in 1796; married François Chauvin

12. Didier, baptized in 1798; married Catherine Cerré

13. Théodore, born January 11 1799, married Céleste Duchouquet.

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"Cousin, cousine, à ta santé!"

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Read in the Portsmouth Herald an article about
Lily Allen Papin, 1905-2001
by her son Gerard Allen Papin.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Mrs. Lily Allen Papin, of St. Louis and formerly of Rye Beach, N.H.,
died peacefully of old age on Thursday, Oct. 18, 2001.

She was born in St. Louis, Nov. 21, 1905, the daughter of the late Gerard B. and Ethel Edgar Allen.

Her husband, who predeceased her on February 19, 2004,was Pierre Loisel Papin,
a descendant of the prominent St. Louis families, the Papin and the Chouteau, and a lineal descendent of Pierre de Laclede Liguest, who with Auguste Chouteau founded the city of Saint Louis in 1764.

Mrs. Papin graduated from Mary Institute in 1923 and was married in 1926.
Her avocation and passion was interior decorating, which took her and her family
in and out of numerous houses during her lifetime.
During World War II, she served as a Red Cross nurse. She was also an active member of Bundles for Britain, and an avid admirer and staunch supporter of Winston Churchill.

She attained some notoriety in 1945 when she wrote a poem in praise of Churchill that was published in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Mr. Churchill was apprised of the poetic tribute and responded by returning a letter to Mrs. Papin on the House of Commons letterhead.
She subsequently was invited by her aunt Elizabeth, the wife of Joseph Pulitzer, to attend Mr. Churchill's speech in Fulton, Mo., where he first coined the phrase "Iron Curtain."

Mrs. Papin is survived by her three sons, Pierre Loisel of St. Louis, Nicholas B. of Rolla, and Gerard A. of Boxford, Mass.; seven grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.

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about LOLO CHOUTEAU, born in 1849, a son of Frederick and Matilda Chouteau,
grandson of Pierre Chouteau of St.Louis.
Lolo's Mother was of Shawnee extraction and died when he was an infant.
LOLO had two brothers: Fred, who is an artist living in Kansas City; and Peter, a resident of Oakland, California.

Illustration: Marie Therese Bourgeois Chouteau
(Mme Rene Auguste Chouteau).
Oil on wood attributed to Francois M. Guyol de Guiran. Acc. #1950.84.2.
Courtesy Missouri Historical Society >

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